Sunday, August 30, 2009

Thoughts on Marriages

I have noticed lately the way some men treat their wives, and noticed that some of these men that treat their wives in undignifying manner are so called men of God (Some are Pastors and deacons) and i wonder what their bibles teach them about marriage. I have noticed that there is difinately something wrong with the church in the area of marriage and my prayer is that God will help us all redefine marriage, His way in Jesus name amen.

I believe that marriage is an institution made up of a man and woman who are ready to give their all to make their lives better by affecting each other positively and help fulfill their God given destinies.

These days, i wonder why i am seeing men, that do not appreciate their wives, do not communicate with their wives, do not treat them with respect as their helpmates but would rather treat them like househelps. Men who do not encourage their wives to fulfill their destinies and who feel intimidated by their wives successes..

I have also noticed women that are not submissive to their husbands, women who pursue their own agendas and those that are bent on being led astray by the company they keep..and so many other vices that time will not permit me to write about..

I truly believe marriage is for Life and is God ordained. So lets go back to our creator and ask for His intervention if we have missed it somehow and if we are doing pretty well, lets ask Him to help us do better and leave a legacy of happy marriages for generation yet unborn.

Do you know - Wife battering, verbal and emotional abuse, adultry, fornication, are some of the tool the devil is using to cause havoc in Christian Marriages ?

Prayer Point - Lets ask God for healing of our marriages and homes. Let us also also pray for any Christian home we know to be in marital troubles, that God will bring healing and sweetness like He did in the marriage at Cana.John 2: 1-11. God help us all.

Action Point - Please Kindly appreciate your wife and husband, let them know its an honor and previledge to be part of their lives. Lets us all learn as couples to be accountable to each other..lets be honest with our spouses..just as it was said of Adam/Eve that they were naked and not ashamed! Genesis 2 - 25

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