Friday, August 14, 2009

God's character

God is God yesterday, today and i am glad to announce to you, that God's character remains the same forever..He is, I am that I am..With Joseph, He revealed to him his plans for his life through dreams and with Samson, His life was told, his parents. One's life ended well and the other not so well but yet God remains God! My prayer today is that the Omniscient - All knowing God will help us all fulfill our assignment on earth and above all help us to end our lives well and strong.

Do you know... God is Merciful, Gracious and compassionate - "The Lord, The Lord God, compassionate and gracious God, slow to anger, abounding in love and faithfulness..." (Ex. 34:6).

Prayer Point - Ask God, to make you more like Him in all ways..That You will decrease and He will increase in you in Jeus name amen

Action - Lets take time to meditate on God's character.. God is independent, unchangeable, eternal and omnipresent. He exists as a spiritual being, having no form or dimensions, and is omniscient (all-knowing), wise, truthful, faithful, good, loving, merciful, graceful, patient, holy, at peace, righteous and just, jealous for His own honour, wrathful towards sin, perfect in every way, beautiful beyond comprehension, and is glorified through the revelation of Himself.(Source

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Meditate on God character? Nice thought!!!