Tuesday, July 21, 2009


I wrote this for the group Next Generation of Fathers on facebook but decided to share with those that are not members..if you are a man on Facebook and you are not in that group, honestly, you need to be there to network with men that God has called to be fathers indeed by His special grace..I hope you get blessed by this post..leave your comments if you can/will and do me a favor; PRAY like never before if this describes you!

A name is a means of identification and people are named for various purpose and reason. A name can become deformatory and even abusive. A lot of people have been given names that have caused them pains..i.e Jacob as a name means Supplanter, and Jacob proved true to his name until God gave him a new name Isreal which means Prince or God strives or El persisteth! He, Isreal became the father of the twelve tribes of Isreal as a Nation.(Check out Genesis 32).

So my question to you today is what is your name? what name have you been called? do people call you names because of your circumstances, situation, condition, temperament, have you been named because of a mistake in your past? what ever the name is..i have got good news for you, if its not a name that God has called you then know that God has a special name for you, which Isaiah 62 - 4 calls "Hephzibah", God's delight is in you, so He has named you Himself..that you are no longer forsaken, no longer desolate, but His delight is in you! Hallelujah!

Do you know..Joseph was called a dreamer but he became a Prime Minister, Moses was called a murderer and he became a deliverer, Rahab was called a prostitute and later became an ancestor of Jesus Christ, our Messiah, Even Ruth that was called a childless widow, became an ancestor of Jesus Christ, Elizabeth was called barren and she became the mother of John the Baptist one of the greatest prophet to walk on planet earth/ a forerunner for Jesus.Saul was a serial killer but he became Paul the apostle and wrote more than half of the new testament..

Prayer point - Ask God to change your name and like Jabez, who was called sorrow did in 1 Chronicles 4 - 10, pray for God to bless you indeed...

Action - If you have been called a name due to no fault of yours, God will change it but if you are so named because of your ways, then its time to make a delibrate change..ask God to help you turn from your wicked ways and teach you to do right and live right. God bless us all indeed!

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