Tuesday, July 14, 2009


I sent this to a group on Facebook called the "NEXT GENERATION OF FATHERS", i pray that as you read, you will be inspired to take action and pray to God whose name is..Jehovah, to make you just like Him!

Hello everyone, i trust your week has been great so far, if yes, God will make it greater, if no, He will still turn things around and make it great in Jesus name amen.

I was thinking of what to write today, when i heard clearly that God is a progressive God !..and i started a conversation in my head of how He created the world and everything in it and He progressed from day one to day seven! Even when the first man failed, He showed Himself strong, took charge and still made progress with Adam and Eve outside the garden..from there, i thought of Abraham, and how God called him and how he made progress, in all ramification; finance, servants, children etc..
Check out the story of Joseph and even David or is it Esther the Queen or even Job, who lost all and finally, in Job 42 - 10, it was said when he prayed for his friends, God gave him twice as much..thats progress, despite all he went through..Halleluyah..i see someone reading this note that has been through a lot of hardship lately..as you pray for others, you will recover all in Jesus name amen!

DO YOU KNOW - Jesus Christ lived a progressive life..Luke 2 - 52 confirms it!

Prayer point - That God will make your life progressive just like in Job 42 - 12 and 16 in Jesus name.

ACTION - take stock of your life and see, if you have been progressive..any area you feel needs the progress of God..check God's word ( the bible) and settle it in prayers. God help us all in Jesus name amen!

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Salt said...

My Sis, true. So when one sees a lack of progress in an area of one's life or even worse - regression - then someone better realise that something is wrong. very wrong. With God, its backward never, forward ever.

And what's more, the moment we stop moving forward, progressing, chances are we are already backsliding....its not even about stanging still anymore. This has been my personal experience. Its like riding a bike, you need to peddle. if you stop, the bike will keep moving for only so long, eventually it will stop and you will fall off! Me? I have started to peddle again.