Monday, June 29, 2009


I grew up with parents that taught me how to accept and embrace everyone; rich or poor, i saw them, invite workers; drivers and even casual laborers that work with them to come and eat with them, house helps were treated like one of us.....

My Parents trained us in such a way that we were all involved in household chores, everybody had their everyday chore at home, the guys had theirs as my parents did not allow anyone to vegetate because we had relatives and helps in the house! We treated everyone with respect and greeted ourselves according to our age..including saying "thank you" after a meal! There was no time, we had special meals prepared just for the children of the house, we all ate from one pot and were given portions as we could eat.There was always food at home as my mum will always dont know who will come visit hungry..she will always entertain visitors with drinks or food or even water..but you must not come and leave the house without being refreshed except you insist! lol..

My parents did their best to improve the lives of those staying with us, those that wanted to go to school were placed in schools and those that wanted to learn a trade were also allowed to, as my mum hated to see people idle..We had time for prayers and we all took turns singing songs and praying for the family, neighbours, pastors and missionaries.

We were taught to be helpful, to assist people and also let people know we are from a proper home when we go visiting by conducting ourselves well and helping out with chores etc. I remember a lot of lessons my parents taught me and my siblings and today this has become our lifestyle and reality!

These days, i see a lot of parents leaving the role of teaching their children to others because they are looking for money, children lack all forms of respect and regards for older people, children are left to their own devices and taught otherwise, house helps/maids are treated with disdain and the children of the homes feel they are superior beings..

The sons of Eli in 1 Samuel 2.. are a clear examples of children that were left to their own device.., i see a lot of Pastors, these days ministering to others while their children are left unministered to..small wonder, we are seeing evil in an escalating manner...I see a lot of parents living abroad with children that are so mannerless ,i feel like taking all of them to bootcamp where they will be taught that they are first Africans before they are any other nationality and in Africa, we are well mannered and respectful!
Children are left to be selfish and pampered rotten..sulking when they do not get the latest games, clothes etc by absent parents trying to make up for lost time with the children with monetary gifts..! Small wonders, we see all manners and sorts of crimes from our younger ones!

Its time to deliver ourselves and our children from all circle of ill mannered , selfish and self centered behaviours. its time to train up a child the way he/she should go so that when he/she is grown, they will not depart from it, its time not to spare the rod and spoil the child! Please lets teach our children that every man is created equal by God but we may have different status per season..and everyone should be treated right!

I believe the little boy mentioned in the gospel with five loaves and two fishes was taught by his parents to treat people well and share with the less previledged, and he did just that, helping Jesus Christ and His disciples to feed the multitude.... Lets leave our children, a worthy legacy of compassion and respect for everyman, no matter their social class/status.Lets train them to be well mannered, considerate and be problem solvers ..May God help us all as fathers and mothers to leave a worthy legacy for the next generation in Jesus name amen!

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A wORTHY read for every one. God help us ALL.