Wednesday, June 17, 2009


I have been in my fatherland for some weeks now and what i have seen is enough to sound the battle cry for intercessors!..

Most people will say, "she has come again with her intercessory prayer do you explain a case, where able bodied young men, jump infront of cars/lorries to collect fees they call local government permit fees/tax, risking their lives and the lives of there no better way to collect this fees/tax than to do that with wood, nails etc..

How do you explain a case where kidnapping is now a normal thing..people kidnapped are those trying to make a genuine living or those trying to set up a business to gainfully emplore others..while those that have plundered the land walk freely....

How do you explain a case where the blessing /treasure of a land is now a curse..with people being killed daily, no genuine development in the area, youths wasting away and people's livelihood are being threatened..who will save my generation...

I have had so many questions that i have decided to have a QUESTION Dr. Mike Murdock said.." The question, you ask will determine the quality of your the fact that we are either the creator of the problem or the problem prayer is that i will be a problem solver in Jesus name amen!

How do you explain..a city with so many educated and exposed men, still looking ancient..maybe that title the ancient city of ..... should be dropped, so the city can be delivered and become developed in every area!..

How do you explain women being abused physically by their husbands? How do you explain cases of men that just got promoted and started receiving "some lean change" only for them to start keeping late nights and running after women while their wives worry endlessly about them, questioning God about the prayed for breakthrough that has made their husbands mad!

so many questions in my heart and i asked God..why all this..and what i heard clearly was i sought for a man..and when i could not find any..i brought salvation myself!..

Its time to stand in the gap for this land..lets stand and say..not on our watch that this generation will be wiped out..God said if my people who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray..i will heal the land..2 Chronicles 7 - 14.

God help us all to know that what affects one affects us all! God bless our generation in Jesus name amen!

NOTE - Its not by might, not by power but by God's spirit!


Salt said...

This country of ours is under siege, there is no doubt about it. And there is much to do but none of it will achieve anything lasting if we do not pray. I hate to think of what would have been happening if a few genuine prayers were not being sent up to heaven! Cos the truth is that Nigerians know how to pray. Just that we also know how to do evil. So most of the prayers are just noise.

For me the point you raised that is beginning to be a burden for me is this whole attack on marriages. Its like our married men have gone mad! Now, it is almost like the abnormal has now become normal and acceptable. Sometimes you just wonder where to start the prayer from.......Hmmmmmm....this generation may be lost oh but lets begin to work towards saving the next one, for your chidren and mine! God help us!

S. Milin' said...

Yes, Bridget, I agree that the need for believers to be united in prayer on behalf of their countries is here and now! Humbling ourselves is a great place to start... Bless you, sista'.