Sunday, June 21, 2009


Happy fathers day to all the men that visit this blog and to those that will become regular visitors..May God help you all to be fathers indeed in Jesus name amen! This post is dedicated to the Father of all and the one that will be my father forever!God the father, Son and Holy Spirit.And to my dear Husband, who is learning everyday to be a father after God's heart! We..i, your prophetic/biological and spiritual children say we love you greatly and may Proverbs 20 - 7 be yours forever!It is also dedicated to all the Fathers and potential fathers in the Face book group; Next Generation of Fathers..Happy Fathers day once again!

For loving me unconditionally and freely..
For being there for me always..
For listening to me, when others did not even want to hear my voice..
For encouraging me to go on and be the woman you have called me to be
For making me see that i can do all things through Christ that strengthens me
For making my dreams come true and giving me the assurance that there is hope for bigger dreams..

For giving me a voice, to speak for the voiceless..
For saving me from myself..
For bringing me helpers of destiny..
For supplying all my needs per time..
For showing me the way, the truth and the life
For saving me and for my salvation that is forever sure ..

For believing in me above all others..
For creating me in your image and your likeness
For choosing me above all others for the special assignment that is mine alone..
For giving me a laughing, grateful and singing heart..
For giving me hearing ears, seeing eyes and a believing heart..
For giving me an unusual grace to be me!

For teaching me life lessons that has kept me closer to you than ever
For taking me through tough, stormy and turbulent times..
For helping me to discern right from wrong..
For helping me to make choices that have kept me in line with your will
For all the times you directed my path..
For all the times..i could only groan and call out to you..

For placing people in my life that have stood by me to help fulfill my destiny..
For my biological parents, mentors, friends and even those that call themselves my enemies..
For the super special man that you created to complete me, to understand me..
making him my partner in progress and laughing mate..
For bringing him into my life as a friend, father and my special favor!
Above all for making him the father of our prophetic /biological plus spiritual children..
and for making him a man after your heart and your perfect will always..

I dare to call you father..for my husband, friend, mentor and father of my 3 prophetic/biological children!

Happy Fathers Day!

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