Tuesday, May 26, 2009


I was sent this joke by my beloved bro-in-love, and i told him in reply, that this was my personal story right now. I usually tell my friends in pidgin english..that na wetin garri see, E take turn eba!..hot water!!lol.

I have been pushed a couple of times to enable me enter various seasons of my life..sometimes by people but most often times by God...
The different "push" is to enable me fulfil my destiny in Christ..those by some people helped in fulfilling the scripture in Genesis 50 - 20 that what they meant for evil , God meant for good to preserve lives. Those by some other people and God has fulfilled the scripture in Romans 8 - 28, that all things work together for good to them that love the Lord and are called according to His purpose! In all the various seasons, God has shown Himself faithful, just like for Joseph in the book of Genesis, Daniel in the book of Daniel and Esther in the book of Esther (All in the bible..some of us need to read..lol).

As i enter another new season of my life..i know that once again this is God doing His thing and as usual, i submit to His supremacy knowing that its where His will is that His grace will sustain me. I thank everyone that has been; the man, that pointed Joseph to Dothan, a Reuben, Potiphar, the Cupbearer and last but not the least Pharoah in helping to bring me to a place of grace and favor..God bless you all and may God too help to push you forward to your destiny and testimonies in Jesus name amen!..

Note.This time..those names..Pharoah , Potiphar are great names as they ended up as helpers of destiny..so read from Genesis 37 and see what i mean..Know that some of us really need to get pushed out of our comfort zones and we also need people that will be there to be a blessing in their own unique way in making our journey bearable and testimony filled! Again, i pray that we will all be pushed to fufill our destinies in Christ in Jesus name amen!

Enjoy this joke.

There was this very rich Ibo man in Nnewi who had only one daughter.
When the daughter was of marriage age, the father sent news around
town, that all the eligible young men should come out on a particular
day to compete in a test which would determine who was fit to marry
his daughter.
On that set day, all the able-bodied young men came out. Some came
with paper and biro and others with cutlasses and swords. The rich man
took them to his swimming pool and addressed the men: "any of you who
can swim from one end of this swimming pool to the other would marry
my daughter. In addition, I'll give him 50 million naira, a car and a
house so they can start off life well. I shall be waiting to meet my
son-in-law at the other side. Good luck!"

As the young men, all very excited at the prospect of winning, started
taking off their shirts, a helicopter came over the pool and dropped
snakes and crocodiles into the pool.
Immediately all the men turned back and started wearing their shirts
again. Disappointed, some of them said "make de man go marry im pikin

All of a sudden, they heard a splash in the pool. Everybody watched in
amazement as one gentleman struggled his way across, avoiding the
snakes and crocodiles. Finally, he made it to the other side as the
would-be in-law, panting. The rich man could not believe it. He asked
the man to name anything he wanted. The man was still breathless,
panting uncontrollably.

Finally, he got himself together and made his request, saying,
"...show me the person wey push me inside di swimming pool"

Moral of the story: "You don't know what you are capable of doing
until you are pushed!..lol

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