Saturday, May 9, 2009


Hey Sisters!! happy mothers day..its been a rare honor and previledge, being a woman and now a mother..God has been so faithful that i am amazed, if men were God, i would have still been in the waiting room for my turn, but because He is God by Himself, He has blessed me beyond measures not looking at my past but seeing the future He has always had for me right from the foundations of the earth..and for that i testify..that nothing shall seperate me from the love of Christ forever!..for those in the waiting Patient..because the doctor you are waiting to see is Doctor Jesus..He will still take your "case" as He is forever dependable and faithful. He may take His time to see you, but see you He will and you will leave the waiting room smiling with your bundle of Joy to the glory of God!

I got inspired to write this piece as i gave my two daughters their bath this we entered the bathroom, My first girl, was already shouting, "mummy; i will brush my teeth myself and of course her sister echoed her!!! They had to take turns bathing with the water dish and the usual story was Gracie is not sharing, Davina is not sharing..its my turn!!!lol..This is the latest in my house on sharing stuff and taking turns..its been on for a while but we all had to learn it "big time" on our way on a trip to New Jersey recently..

I had to pack for the family while preparing for the trip and so i had no time to "MFP" came from work and as its typical with some of our wonderful men..he was on my case..hurrying us away as he is a master time manager..! lol..While waiting for take off at the airport lounge..he went to buy the girls a drink each and chips..being hungry and almost seeing " hunger red", i begged him, when he got back with the girls to get me a hot drink at Starbucks and a sandwich..when he left..i dipped my hands into Gracie's chips bag to share with her..and thats where the drama started...she caught my hands midway like someone that caught a rat and refused to let the hand go..telling me to drop the chips..a lot of eyes were looking at us and i was trying to tell her jokingly that love is sharing....She held it until i dropped the chips,laughing mischeviously, she then moved away from where i was...people, if i was fairer in colour than this, i would have been RED!Lol

Their dad returned with my drink and a it was my turn..! she laughingly came over and wanted to know what i was having, her sister too did same, and this time..mummy became a baby and i told her i was not sharing..Davina was ..telling me..Mummy, its good to share! lol..sermon!!!, for the first time..i was very reluctant to share, just to teach them a lesson..I finally shared my muffin but not the drink..!lol...

The Sharing story continued again, three days ago, when we were at a fast food place and while we waited for our hostess to go attend to her baby before placing an order for our food, a staff of the restaurant, who was cleaning, got into a conversation with Davina..and she was telling her, that she wanted Sprite, Fries and Chicken nuggets..i was laughing at their conversation..Only for the lady to bring the food as she ordered and same for her sister too!..I was amazed and asked the lady, the cost of the which she replied nothing..and that she had one like Davina too! I was stunned!..I thanked her and the children too said thank you to her and tucked into their fries...
As mummy, i wanted to pull same stunt i did with Grace on Davina and she refused to share..Only for Gracie to give me, her fries and she told Davina.."Sharing is Caring"!!..whoa..i was stunned..I wanted her to say it again..if i heard sharing is caring or sharing is scary!!lol..and she repeated it..Sharing is Caring! and shared her fries..I smiled and gladly took some fries!!..but my joy was so evident that i shared it with my hostess when she finally came back to the seat...Children...!!..They can just make you go crazily happy with their words sometimes!

Being a mum has not been a walk through the park... as sometimes i complain so much, that i beg God later, when i have cooled down, to let Him know, i am not taking His gifts to me for granted!!lol..despite this..i am glad i have three adorable followers with two of them saying they want to be like mummy when they grow up! lol...Motherhood has been a journey with its low points and high points..sometimes, i tell myself; its as if i am putting my entire being on line to care for these little ones..but my consolation has been..i am not alone in this, God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit is with me plus my MFP( My most favorite person)..and all the numerous helpers of destiny, God has brought my way from time to time to help care for His gifts..! Thanks o!

I will end this post with two amazing testimonies, i heard recently; one yesterday and the other today..the people involved were the ones sharing their story..The first sister had to wait on God for her baby.. she and her husband were not in the same city because of work... so they had a lot of scheduling and planning to do as regards family life..she said after almost three years of marriage, while in the place of prayer, God inspired her heart to get the picture of a baby....she did just that and got a beautiful picture of a baby and placed it beside her bed, praying almost everyday about her own baby, continuing, she said, her husband, who was not scheduled to visit her later showed up to say his office agreed to give him a break instead of when he had planned to visit..and guess what..She got her request as the baby..was conceived during that visit to the glory of God!..(Who says God is not a perfect planner!)

The second sister, said, she was told by the doctors, that she will never have a child..with the doctor's report, she told herself..whose report will i believe..God's report or the doctor's..She chose God's report and as i write..she has two lovely children and is pregnant with the third!!!Hallelujah..(is there anything too hard for God to do?)..So as many trusting will be a joyful mother indeed as God that said it is alive to bring it to pass and those of us that are believing God for our own Prince charming..and the little princes and princesses that will follow..God is in the house to bring it to pass turn by turn!!lol..i too had my waiting period but praying to deliver the children, God has given me back to Him, serving and praising him forever!!!

So happy mothers day to all the ladies in my life..whether you are a biological mother or not..YOU ARE A MOTHER..cos God made you so!!! (If you ever played with dolls wjhile growing up and played house with you as mummy..then congrats..mummy to you desire, so shall it be in Jesus name amen!lol..

So share your mummy story and celebrate yourself..Be happy and tell the men that you deserve to be treated to something could be your guy cooking and serving you breakfast in bed!!!, babysitting for at least three hours!while you eat, read the papers, a mag and nap a bit!! eyes rolling up!!! heavenly thoughts!!....Anyways, if you know this can only happen in your dreams..just let him know, you want an unusual mother's day, so your "crew" should come up with creative ideas to make your day!

NOTE - STRICTLY NO PEDICURE BY "CREW" MEMBERS...So you do not get your feet in a state,that will make you remain at home for the next two weeks as a baby sitter!!!lol..hahahaha..pls share your stories!!

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