Monday, May 18, 2009


This note was inspired by two mentors of mine. They both had issues that had them in a corner where all they could say was " where did i go wrong"? what did i do, to deserve this? I deserve to be treated better by the person that has betrayed me.....They were down but thank God, they had Godly people and friends around them to bring them out of the state of depression the devil was leading them today, i am that friend, in your life, telling you no matter where you are now, there is a reward for faithfulness..Your case may be..

That you were betrayed by the man you love with your whole heart and both of you are headed for the divorce court..

Your case may be, illhealth, sicknesses, you can not explain, and you have spent so much..wondering God where are you as those..that abuse their bodies with all substances..are healthy and okay while you are the opposite of great health!

You may be like my friend that was telling me recently..Sister, i have been married for years now..I married as a virgin, i have been serving God faithfully..and this is years down the line, no child to call my own..where is God? Is this my reward for Faithfulness..

You may have been sidelined for promotion and your entitlement..and after serving faithfully, you are wondering why you? and what you did to deserve being in one spot for years when "eye service people "not working get promoted!

Yours may even be like my friend that has been a faithful single sister in every sense of the Christiain word.."FAITHFUL".. waiting for her Prince while her wayward friends and cousins get married.

or Yours is being caught in a situation that is giving you concern, making you feel ashamed, an habit, that is mocking your Christain testimony etc..

Are you in Ministry and despite prayers, fasting are still leading just your family as no body is joining and also no money to do the things you want to do for the Lord?

Have you been laughed at by relatives, friends and people telling you its "church, know, where is your God as you are still in the same spot"...

What is your case?...Indulge me as i share one of my personal story..

As a person and the daughter of a woman that believes that we all have our roles to play in making things work out where ever we find ourselves..i got into the habit of being very helpful, and became like a background person doing things and making things happen..

I multitask and can take on multiple roles, doing other people's jobs without thinking twice, so that we can achieve success..i later noticed that it became a pattern in my life that others that did not put in as much effort will be praised and celebrated while i am just there, ignored for the next job to come and be called to work..a case of Princes walking while beggars ride on horses..Ecclesiastes 11 - 7..(From Verse 5 to 7 is the story of some people).
The final straw was a case when i went out of my way, doing so much, and eventually people that did not even lift up their hands to do anything except showing up for the event were thanked with flowery words!..For the first time in my life..i felt "BAD"..for myself..then i knew it was a case for" Dr. Jesus" i went into prayers to break that pattern..not because the people did not want to appreciate me but because the devil wanted to fight my testimony and relegate me to the backside like David and the sons of was God that destroyed that pattern that people began to acknowledge my works...

So its time for you own prayer to break every pattern that has made you to ask, if this is the reward for faithfulness..or if this is how your life will be at a place where you are Jonathan' s son who was left in Lodebar until David remembered Jonathan's kindness and brought him to feed at his table 2 Samuel 9 to see the full story..another case is in the book of Esther, where Haman was promoted with no reason for the promotion, while Mordecai that saved the King was forgotten until the King could not sleep and he brought out the books and Mordecai was remembered..after prayers the story from Esther chapter3 - chapter 6..

The answers to breaking this patterns that has made you ask questions can be gotten from Isaiah59 - 15b- 21 and finally in Job 22 : 21- 22.

Know that this season all things will work together for your good and everything that is happening now will be for God to show forth His glory and praise in Jesus name amen!

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