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I saw the message below in a mail sent to me..unsolicited mail initially but because i love reading, i left it and i have been blessed from time to time with the messages from the Man of God..

On this topic, i have been a prayer; that God will continually bridle my tongue as i am a talker!lol..when i understood that death and life are in my tongue, i resolved to speak life into my situation always, no matter what i am going through or feeling..i always tell myself this "too" will pass..i also ask God in counselling people to know what to share or not to share, so i do not compound the person's problem with my tongue! This is very key for Godly counsellors!

I have learnt to speak God's words concerning my situation per time..i search the scriptures, and pray with the scriptures that suits my challenges..i.e when believing God for a child..Genesis 4: 1, say your name and your husband's name and ( NOTE - BOTH OF YOU MUST do the sleeping/laying) plus say God will help you bring forth your desired child!..Look for scriptures if you are believing God for a spouse and read to yourself..Genesis is a great place to start..Adam and Eve, Isaac and Rebecca plus the book of Ruth is a great help , On restoration, Job 42 - 10 is an all time favorite, on Wisdom, the book of Proverbs and the book of Kings are a great help. On healing, find the words in the book and say it with your mouth/your you do this God will use your tongue to bless you and yours in Jesus name amen!

I pray that God will heal our tongues indeed more than ever before..if you do not need the healing, i need a "BENDEL BABE", all such talk like you go wound o, i don die o, no make me laff die etc must stop! husband has been praying for me on my talking..i am better now compared to when we got married..(I have never heard my husband say anything negative since i met him..i am not kidding or exaggerating..i tell people if its by right words that people enter heaven, my husband is no 1 candidate..problems are challenges..i jokingly call him Mr. Challenge most times..imagine being hit by another driver and you are saying the person is challenged and you let him go!! treatment is words!..not fit for facebook and five fold ministry if!..the words yes!..five fold ministry..i dey talk am, i never do am yet!lol.."Slap" fivefold ministry as taught me by our best man..i copy right! see why i need the if you have a bridled tongue..pray for me!lol..ahahahaha..i am serious o).

NOTE..So many of us have sold ourselves cheap by giving our stories to the enemy with our tongue..Imagine if Esther had said, she was a Jew initially..Haman would have killed her first before wiping out the she did not even shared it with her own husband that she was a Jew..not a license for women to keep secrets from their husbands o..BE WARNED!..LOL). Enjoy reading this hard truth and be a doer of the word of God!

Bridle your tongue

In the book of James 3:7-9, we are told that all kinds of animal can be tamed but the tongue can no man tame. The tongue is one of the most powerful organs in the entire body. You see the tongue is very small when it comes to size; it is so powerful that death and life are in its very power. If you want to succeed in life, business, your job, destiny, and ministry you must learn how to control the tongue.
A Tongue that is not controlled can be full of destruction, craftiness and all evil. An unbridled tongue loves devouring words. It delights in lying and it is the home of trouble and iniquity. Flattering, backbiting, wickedness, deceit are other features of an unbridled tongue. A tongue that is loose talk too much and it can be under the full control of the devil. An unbridled tongue is like fire that destroys. It makes man totally unclean. It is a dangerous
trap, a deep pit and a restless evil. Just take a look at these scriptures: Ps 52:2,4; job 15:5; Prov 17:4, Ps 109:2; Ps 120:2; Ps10:7; Ps 5:9; Prov 25:23; Prov 22:14. According to all these scriptures, we can see how dangerous an unbridled tongue is!

I had the problem of an unbridled tongue and its result was very painful. I had to deal with the spirit behind it in warfare prayers. I have given the control of my tongue to the Holy Spirit each and every day. James 3:2

A man with an unbridled tongue is living a loose, uncontrolled and dangerous life. We need to control our tongue by dealing with the spirit behind unbridled tongue and allow the Holy Spirit take over our tongue. In the name of Jesus, I rebuke every spirit of an unbridled tongue out of your life and destiny. All the damages done to your life by the Spirit of an unbridled tongue are repaired now. Satan lose your hold from God`s property right in
Jesus name. Holy Spirit by your Power take over the tongue
of your people for the very glory of God. I speak grace, sweetness and blessings upon your tongue now and I release into your life and destiny the grace to use your tongue well in Jesus name Amen.

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The picture here is to represent the many words in the air and choosing to speak the right words to yourself and others will make a huge difference always!

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