Wednesday, April 22, 2009


I was reading one of my devotionals recently and the author talked about the discipline of faithfully holding fort and staying in our positions..He gave an example of Joshua 3 - 13 - 17, where the Priests stepped into the Jordan river with the ark of the covenant..they waited there till everyone had passed before they moved on!

Another account of being disciplined can be seen in Joel 2 from verse 7 - 11, where it talks about an army, that were focused, each had their job and they did not break ranks.

In 2 Samuel 23..which talks about David's mighty men of valour, men that were outcasts and nobodies later became mighty men and King Makers because they stayed in their positions..Three of them in verse 13 -16..even broke out on an errand, just to meet the needs of their boss!

In the book of Ruth, There was a certain man that left his land because there was famine with his family and at the end..he never made it back to his country alive, he died with his son in another land but one of his daughter inlaws by name Ruth..stayed in her position and got rewarded by this singular act of following a mother in law who had nothing to offer her..(so to speak initially).lol

Note - I had to lay a background for my title as i have come to find out that discipline to stay in your place brings a reward eventually!

I have seen men and women that are not meant to be Pastors but because they have been following or serving a man of God/ Pastor and they see the way the Pastor is being treated with honor and respect..they go out of their way and "call" themselves!..some assisted by "Lady Macbeth like Wives" that want to be called "Mamas" and eventually..instead of fame..these people end up in shame! God help us all!

Others are called but in God's timing, there is a waiting period of being an apprentice..but like most artisans we have today....they will serve six months and run away to open workshops/churches etc..a job they would have learnt for years, they will end up truncating the process and end up as Vehicle destroyers and human draining machines as the vehicles end up worse than when they came to the workshops and human beings in those churches with such leaders end up bruised and battered instead of having Joy and being filled with the spirit of God!..God have mercy!

I have seen surbodinates and assistants that are meant to cover their men of God and Pastors running their mouths from both sides and trying to pull down the men/women they go about publicly serving with very high level of eye service but with bitterness in secret..Hey..God help us all! Me, myself and i inclusive!
As i always tell my pals that care to listen..there is no weapon for our backs in Ephesians 6-13, when it was being explained about what to wear..i.e belt of truth around your waist, breast plate of righteousness..etc because i am sure the thought is the next man will be in place..standing the back of the first man will not be seen for the enemy to attack..but men!..every man is on his own and God for us all! ....Na wah!..Hard truth and message..I am sober writing this!..make i laugh!

See the case in Ruth..This man left a land of promise because there was famine and ended up dying because i am sure he was not led by God to go there!..I am an advocate of being led..even to where you live..A lot of people run abroad for greener pasture without a leading and they end up living a sheltered life as they can not come out..when people knock on the doors of where they are staying/squatting, they dock, hiding because they entered such countries illegally..others that entered legally but were never led to do so by in the case of my friends/relatives are abroad so i must go!!..and they end up frustrated, battered, bruised..

I tell most of my pals back at ABROAD is no enjoyment O! except you are led by God..(I am not an ingrate to God and my helpers of destiny)....I so prayed before coming.. as i was one person honestly that didnt want to come and live outside the country because of the isolated lives, i have seen people live here..i am a relationship person..loving all the jist and juicy gossips from my homies plus my City People jists! God forgive me!!lol!..My husband keeps wondering how i manage to read such papers and i tell him ' i have to keep track of people in my line of business!lol..what an excuse!!..anyhow my people in the media get to sell and i am proud to be a shareholder in such media houses!!! yes..i had to laugh!!! Back to my message!..

When i was asked in the hospital if i have ever suffered Post Natal depression..I told the nurse.."NEVER"..Its a little foreign to us we have people helping out with the babies and even neighbours that you do not see all the time will come and help you bath your baby when you arrive home!! true..because if not for God..yours truly would be cooling in one beautiful hospital with all sort of depressant! God forbid bad thing!TUFIAKWA!..
The great part for me is ..Na wetin garri see e take turn eba! Hot water!!!..and so i have turned to my passion of writing as i nor see my normal crowd to jist with!..Again Muyi, my dear covenant sister and BFF..Bless you for the facebook sign up..Cos with my normal kind of life..i dont know how i would have managed without interacting with people in any way!..Hey my beautiful friends and family here..Love you guys for helping me in your own ways to make me feel less homesick..But if the truth be told..i now know the silent code of laughter with abroad people..Holidaying abroad and to stay de different like Khaki and leather!lol..God forgive me for digressing from this sober message!

Ruth's account ended well for the unknown Moabite girl..Because she stayed in a place God had ordained for her..despite all..she followed her old mother inlaw and the favor she got plus marriage to Millionaire Boaz was as a result of staying in her place and not breaking ranks!

Isaac in Genesis 26 would have gone to Egypt if God had not told him to stay and live in the land He, God will tell him..despite this leading from God, he encountered difficultys in diigging his wells but eventually, in verse 22..he dug and and he was left in peace to enjoy his well!..That will continually be the story of those that will trust God for their timing/ everything in Jesus name amen.

My Prayer for everyone reading this, including that God will help us to stay in our places, help us, to be true friends to others that He wants us to be friends to/with, help us not look at others as living the dream and so we jump ahead like crabs pulling down others ..WHEN YOU DO NOT KNOW PEOPLE'S SEEDS THAT THEY HAVE PLANTED PLEASE DO NOT ENVY THEIR HARVEST!

Lets be faithful in serving those God has brought our way..As a Boss/Pastor or leader..mentor people just like Moses, David and even Jesus Christ did with the Apostles..Bring out the best in willing to sow your time and help them avoid mistakes..Dont be those that will say.."Experience is the best teacher when some experiences can be avoided!..Please, lets stay in our places, standing in the gap for each other..

Extra plea goes especially to Christians..Lets not kill our wounded..i.e a person that has done something not be the one to spread it..point fingers..use it as prayer points..(another form of saying i do not gossip but pray for the person!lol!hahahaha! people!Info must pass anyhow!lol!)..Stand in the place of love and restore that one..Give that person hope..God will help us all in Jesus name amen!..EXHALED!PHEW!!!..i DONT KNOW WHERE THIS CAME FROM..BUT I FEEL LIGHT ENDING IT..I LOVE EVERYONE THAT WILL CARE TO READ THIS WITH THE LOVE OF CHRIST!!! Please lets stay in our not break ranks and watch God's reward in our lives for being faithful!

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