Thursday, April 2, 2009


I did not plan to start my Notes on Facebook and Post on my blog this month by talking politics but God had plans for me....I was sent a group invitation by a dear friend Al, who happens to be one of my face book pals that i will want to make a real friend as he has been such a blessing with his inspirational write up, messages,post/links etc.
Al, i am sure is not a Nigerian but Today..I make him officially one for the love he has shown by being a blessing to those of us that are his African siblings..I am looking for a befitting Nigerian name for you Al, and in due season, i will gladly welcome you to your Motherland..Nigeria!lol..

I am now a part of SAVE NIGERIA ON FACEBOOK, though i do not know the creator but i want to honestly believe it is Dora Akunyili and her team at work...lets join this group and make meaningful contributions that will build our great Nation Nigeria and truly save it from bad leadership, disorderly and chaotic environment, lack of the most basic of all infrastructures and restore the pride and dignity of Nigerians living right..both home and abroad!..

People, its time to save Nigeria indeed and believe God for the best for our great Nation ..find below the first post on the Save Nigeria, discussion board written by "moi" goddess turned Change/Hope Agent/Politician!!!!!..My husband will need to pray...! Politics..his wife..!God, why me? lol!hahahahaha!


Being sent an invitation to join this group by someone who is not a Nigerian shows that indeed God will save Nigeria by Himself!

As a country, we are blessed with so much but i keep wondering why we can not be like other great Nations with the right leadership and most of the basic things in place..I weep internally when i see Nigerians abroad wanting to come home but the fear of fighting for their lives to stay in their motherland has kept them away..their questions are is the crime situation, what of energy, good roads, right to express themselves, quality services by both private and government parastatals, options to choose instead of monopoly of basic amenities..and i tell them..we all, together have to build Nigeria from scratch, contribute our quota (s) and make it the Nigeria of our dream and the most enviable Nation on planet earth!

If we can be said to be the happiest people on earth a couple of years back with no energy/light "forever" and the lack of other basic things which countries smaller and less endowed than us enjoy..then this happy people can happily do something about their situation and make the country a truly happy one in all areas!: economically, financially, morally, physically, infrastructurally..etc

Let start our rebranding Nigeria by:

Loving one another first..esteeming each other better than ourselves, because when we love ourselves in words and in deed, one person will not carry all the money in his State and lavish on himself and his family while others suffer and die from bad roads, lack of hospitals etc..then from there,

Lets restore order..lets all learn to be orderly in doing things, have courtesy and respect which we are known for as a people..young and old, men and women should live and learn to respect each other and be orderly everywhere they go..Take turns doing things..

Lets tackle the energy /light situation, as almost everything in Nigeria starts and ends here!..If independent power companies can be allowed to take over and save people from different generating plants/equipments that has led to deafness and even death of Nigerians, help save Nigerians from buying diesel/fuel at an alarming rate plus the danger associated with storing such volatile material at home.... if we can start with this three..then we will indeed see a Good people..Great Nation ! God bless Nigeria!

Happy new month of Increase on all sides to all my faithful readers, this month God's grace will help you to excell in all you do. Psalm 115-14 will be your portion and that of your household in Jesus name amen!


Salt said...

Madame Presidentess!

And God will hear all our prayers for this our country. Cos we have so much potential. I am wearing one cool tee shirt like this made by a Nigerian who recently came back home to set up his business. I love them cos they have such cool slogans like 'Gbogbo Bigs Girls' or ' No shaking' or 'too murch morney'. My point really is that we have talent out there and the only way to get them to come how like this guy has bravely done, is to make the environment condusive.

I was thinking the other day that I need to stop blaming our leaders and all of that cos even we the 'common people' how much better are we behaving in our own lives. would we be any different if we got 'up there'.

So let us, like you said, ask God to touch us so that we show love to others and behave in a way that demonstrates that we care for our neighbours (do not make a u-turn where there is no real turning, do not try to cross the expressway when there is a foot bridge nearby, do not go peeing whereever you feel like. do not think that the best way to solve a traffic fracas is to park your car in the middle of the road and start fighting! Do not bribe the police. get your papers. etc etc etc . In short, hehave the way you behave when you are outside Naija for those who travel. I am always amazed at how we all fall in line out there. why cannot we do same for our own Motherland?

Anyway, well spoken my dia and God will surely save Nigeria! We will be great again!

N.I.M.M.O said...

Save Nigerians - Nigeria does not need saving.