Thursday, April 30, 2009


I have been doing a series on prayers for a Group, God inspired me to create on Facebook called Next Generation Of Fathers... i and two of the officers of the group, who are Co- administrator with me, send the group members a message everyday to help them live their lives for Christ..This is my message for 30th of April 2009. I believe you will be blessed as you read and put the written word of God to test!

The reason, most of us do not see answers to our prayers is because, we do not hold God to His general promises He has made in the bible or hold Him to specific promises He has made to us in the place of worship, prayer, meditation or through His prophets!

Most of us take some of the promises in the bible for granted..take for instance Genesis 8 - 21..where God, after smelling Noah's offering, said never again will He destroy all living creatures as He did with the flood..again in Genesis 9- 11 - 17, He said it again and gave the rainbow as a proof to that promise!..i was telling myself..that if i had been caught him in the "tsunami" flood that took lives..years ago..i would have escaped like James Bond..abi na Bridget Bond!lol..cos i would have reminded "JAH..I MAN MADE A PROMISE, I BELIEVE, I MAN MUST KEEP..AND ME MAN WILL ESCAPE THIS AND SWIM ASHORE!..LOL ! Truthfully, thats how i pray my own..most times, my husband tells me, i am unreasonable in my demands..and i tell him , its not him, i am praying to and if i am unreasonable, God will know how to answer..and people..this unreasonable demanding prayer of a woman has been getting away with a lot from her very REASONABLE GOD! LOL!

Americans will say.".read the fine print"!..which most Africans and Nigerians do not do!..we get a phone, we start using without checking the owners clauses and all..i am guilty too and finally, we do not get the complete benefits of the phone and all that is in the print..same thing with our bibles..a book that our manufacturer; God, inspired men to write with all we need to succeed in life, but we end up not reading it and live below standard of what God has planned for us! As long as the devil can keep us distracted from the word and promises of God, he can keep us from living the life God has destined for us!

Do you know 2 Corinthians 1 - 20 says "For no matter, how many promises God has made, they are "YES" in Christ. And so through him,the "Amen" is spoken by us to the glory of God".

Prayer Point - Pray that every single promises made in the bible will be ye and amen in your life..if God said there will be no barren in the land and we shoud be fruitful and multiply, so shall it be in Jesus name amen!

Action: Please read the fine print..the bible has all you need to succeed and prosper in life..Mark 11:22 - 24 agrees to what i say!2 Chronicles 20 - 20 nails it!lol

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