Sunday, April 12, 2009


Only the Resurrected Christ gives Hope!

I recently got a call one early morning that made me so charged up..i could literarily hold the devil by neck and toss him again to the hottest part of hell where he belongs! baga!!!!!

As i listened to my friend talk and started encouraging her from God's word..i became so charged..that she was asking many times have you read the bible in its entirety? how come you know so much scriptures and the right words to say per, Holy Spirit effizy! No be God!..i told her honestly that i have only read through the entire bible once..this was not easy especially with Chronicles..but i am happy i did that then..but now..all i do to retain the words i read is to have a bible in my bag all the time..i read it sometimes i have to wait or when am somewhere and need a word fast! lol..i also make sure i read the bible when a pastor is preaching and calls out a verse of scripture..reading my own bible with the pastor helps me retain that scripture and the Holy Spirit also breathes life into the scripture that i learn new 'revs" from the verse or verses!( I have also tried bible tapes as i drive to work or work at home)

Well, to continue my friend's jist, i remember quoting portions from Ezekiel 37 about the valley of dry bones that came together and became a mighty army because Ezekiel was commanded to speak! I reminded her about the Shunamite woman that got blessed with a child and when the child died after some time..she left with the child to tell Prophet Elisha his life! she advanced towards the Prophet..his servant stopped to ask her, if all was okay and she said "it is well"..the boy was already "dead die"..according to Zebrudaya..!lol..but her faith told her, its either the man of God brings him back ..or, she got him back and it was indeed well! God used a bad situation to prove his power(Check it out ..2 Kings 4 - 12 -37).

Note - there was also a case of a man that died and was being taken for burial and the burial troupe got rattled by raiders and they threw the man into a grave which was later discovered to be Elisha's grave and the man came back to life!.. na wah..this time..their rattle story is squared! lol..Elisha's double portion from Elijah was to the bone! Maximum anointing for exploit!!..i dont envy people but i covet this anointing!lol...Elisha worked for it o..he saw and got it and used it..apart from the bear issue with the small children calling him bald head..!lol..his anointing was fire!Cannt touch this!..Thank God M.C Hammer is saved na Gospel song o! lol! Elisha's anointing was the one that kept the oil of the widow and started Christain borrowing as the woman was told to borrow as many jars from her neighbours..borrow not a few indeed! was Elisha that proved that people can eat poisonous leaves and live! he also feed about a hundred people with a few loaves of bread which Jesus also did..He was also instrumental in telling Naaman the leperous Officer to go take seven dip in the river and got cured of his leperous state!

I reminded her of the case of Lazarus in John 11 :1 - 46..his case was an account that made even Jesus to weep!..people..Christ was a man like you and i..the weeping Jesus Christ! lol..according to people there, it was a sign that he truly loved "Lazzie" or Lazzy Boy" who was a supporter of his ministry with his sisters, Mary and Martha..but for me, am sure His weeping was the fact that they knew the word but were not using it as the verses before his weeping said he was moved with indignation and was deeply troubled...troubled by their accusations that if he had been around Lazarus would not have died and moved to tears by the emotional suffering of His friends..but God that delights in stinking situation for His glory..the one that knows that delay is not denial but to stretch our faith in Him and relie on Him completely went there and spoke out, after the stone to his grave had been removed and told Lazarus to come forth..and he died, bound with all the grave clothes..and it was a declaration to lose Him and let him go! Hallelujah! Indeed, He is the resurrection and the life!

Note - someone once joked, that if Jesus had not called Lazarus by name, other dead people there would have come out too!

So what is that situation that to you need settled ..The resurrection and the life is here to bring life to the situation by name.. no matter, how bad and smelling..just like the mourners and Lazarus sisters said to Jesus..He will be smelling by now..but the Resurrection and life proved Himself and God's name was glorified!

In the beginning in Genesis 1, the earth was without form and void..when God spoke, things arranged!..people how much more can i say..Know Jesus, Know Life! NO Jesus, NO LIFE!..A born again Christian is like the main actor of a film that never dies, no matter the storms, life threathening situations etc.. like the end..he walks out with a swagger saying..i am Bond..James Bond! much movie! lol..

For stinking situation can bring a child of God long as you know the word of God, you know God and have your mouth to speak those words to your will be TALITHA CUMI Indeed! As in Mark 5 - 41..Damsel will arise..though dead! Happy Resurrection season!

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