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Appreciation as a word means thanks or gratitude..But to really put down my thoughts correctly, i have "Appreciation, Gratitude, Honour and Thank You" as the title of this note! and i sincerely pray that God will help me download correctly what is in my heart/spirit concerning this topic. I will define the key words here to help my train of thought and those that will care to read through this note with a heart to get a word from God that will take them to their next level in Jesus name amen!

Appreciation as a word also means an assessment of the true worth or value of persons or things.

Gratitude can be defined as a state of being greatful, a feeling of thankfulness and appreciation.

Honor means esteeming, regarding and respecting someone and "Thank You" is an expression of thankfulness, so you can see that all the other words here means APPRECIATION!

For me, writing this note started a couple of months back when i had four friends to help by sowing a financial seed into their lives, two of the people asked for my help and two did not but i volunteered to help them when i saw they had needs.....
(NOTE - helping anyone is a previledge and should be seen as that, and not something for anyone to attain the status of God in anyone's life..if you do not help, another will, and God will bless the one that helped for helping!..but when you are helped, remember to appreciate God and your helper, so that more help will come!!..When you are a praise singer to God, you get things downloaded to you cheaply..even with works! lol

So my four friends were sent seeds each, the two that did not ask me for help actually confirmed they received it and said thank you repeatedly but the two that were on my case, night and day and got the most seeds, were no where to be found and for weeks, i did not hear from them! I was so upset about their attitude that when my husband who had helped to send the seed asked me, if they had confirmed they all received it; i told him that the two that did not even ask for my help had and the two that asked and i truly expected an acknowledgement and a thank you from have suddenly vanished from my space! lol, i went on and on saying their attitude was bad and so next time, they come to me for help in any way, they will hear WORD! LOL!!!

My dear husband as calm as ever...told me:

1. I did not help them but God used me to meet their needs and so its God that i should expect a reward or thank you from...( Yes, he is weird but thats why he is MY HUSBAND AND MOST FAVORITE PERSON IN THE WORLD! cos if i had been married to someone else..that would have meant..Good for you mother Teresa Bridget!! and dont you ever come to me to help anyone again!

2. How many times have you, Bridget, said thank you to God for both small and big things....most times, you complain about so much that you do not even say thank you to God!...( People, i saw "RED"!!! but on the other hand, he was so right that i felt so ashamed and are right reluctantly but still manage to say under my breath, yes, but they should have at least confirmed they got the seed na!!! )

Yes, thinking through, it all, i really started thinking of myself and how God has helped me and i did not even say 'thank you Lord'! waking up every day deserves a "thank you" and so many other things i take for granted!

With all this at the back of my mind..on expressing gratitude to God, and others for what they have done for me and been to me, i also heard a message on "Honour" and the person talking said that "Honour is the seed of access! and that true honour is a seed sown into the future and when you master honor, you have solved 99% of your struggles in life!..people..i was blown away!.. as i usually do my best to say thank you and honour people in my life per time in my own little way but this was a new "REV" for level!!!
He also gave some examples of two set of people that were dishonourable in their conducts :

1. People in jails are there because they never honored the law by their actions/conduct
2. Samson in the bible was not destroyed by Delilah but by the fact that he dishonoured his parents by not obeying them!..( Note- The commandment that comes with a promise of long life is that of honouring our parents..even if we think they are the worst people on earth, honor them for not aborting you and bringing you into the younger brother when we were growing up, used to take a mirror and look at himself..saying how handsome he is and will sing to himself and my mum..thank you mother..there was no abortion, corruption!!lol,hahahahaha! lyrics from Majek of the prophetic musician to come out from Nigeria..God restore him to fulfill destiny in Jesus name amen!)

For me, its really so easy to forget little/big things that deserves appreciating God for.... another real life example:

I was recently talking about my six month old son and saying his "wahala" was too much ! friend/sister with me was like " Omokpia no"!..tongues in my benin dialect to mean he is a boy child! and i was like and so..?, immediately, i remembered how i engaged God in telling Him, i needed a boy after having two girls and quoting scriptures to buttress my request..saying "You created them male and female" : I have the female where is the male? lol..another word was reminding God of promising me a son called David long ago, before i even got i was like" where is the David as the two girls were named David in the womb until they became Grace and Davina after Scanning/Birth! colleagues then, tire for me!! madam will always ask me then with my big belle "how is David doing? i can say "David is doing great!lol..hahahaha!..(Halleluyah..Thank you Lord, Jesus for my Prophetic and beautiful children/husband!).God is Faithful indeed!

My dear "MFP", will always say then that " i am very unreasonable in my demands and i will tell him; 'God get many children'..leave me and my He is the one answering and not you!..He is so crazy about his girls as 'he no send me and my bid to have my promised son'!!!,,so now when i tell him, my son will buy a cruise ship and name it..Bridge-it..or Bridge over Troubled Waters, he will tell me..Good for you!! lol, lol!

Bearing all this in mind plus the husband encouragement/ appreciation program on the praying wife discussion board, coupled with two messages i heard last weekend - (28/29 March), i told myself that it was time to take my appreciation to another level and to show gratitude and honor to God and those that have contributed in every way to bless me or even done me wrong as they too have helped in catapulting me to where i am now!..they have been responsible most times for setting me up for my next big breakthroughs! lol! Appreciate the "Goliaths" in your lives o as they are the ones that will put you in the spotlight and make you noticed for true honour/reward in Christ and before men!..

I will end this note with a story my dear sister and friend Vivian shared with me..she said:

A woman went to a Dibia to ask him to get her husband to favor her as her husband was so "somehow"..put anything you like there ! lol! lol! Mlol! and the Wise Dibia told her, she must get the hair of a mad man for him to prepare a medicine that will make her husband favor her, she told the man, she will not be able to get a mad man's hair and offered to pay the Dibia to get it himself..The Dibia refused and told her, if she is serious about getting her husband to favor her, she must get the mad man's hair!Q.E.D Lol!

She then remembered a mad man near her house and decided to try and get his she started by waving to him, when she passed him, greeting him, by being nice and gradually buying him food and things until the mad man became her friend over the time he became comfortable with her and knew her as a friend..she got the hair from him and joyfully took it to the Dibia to prepare the medicine, but on getting to the Dibia, he told her..there was no medicine to be prepared with the hair..but a simple lesson for her to be nice to her husband who is a Sane man; appreciate him and He will favor her! What wisdom!..So its time for us all to learn the habit of showing gratitude, learning to express appreciation and saying thank you!..
May God deliver us all from being "appreciationless", "gratitudeless", "Honourless" and "thankless" to HIM (Check out Ezekiel 16-43) and others that have been blessings in anyway to us and lets remember God's words that says in all situations, we should give thanks to God as that is His will for us in Christ Jesus..1 Thessalonian 5 - 18..

NOTE - When people forget, their source of blessings, they forget to say THANK YOU!

So i promise not to ever forget to say thank you to Him that is my Saviour and the lover of my soul, my waymaker and i join my Brother/ Spiritual son Noghayin E. Omoruyi to say :

The Lord is good '' all the time ..ancient of days ..d i am dat i am ,d prince of peace ..jehova sharma .. jehova elohee . d everlasting king of glory..d lion of the tribe of judea .d ominipresent, ominifaithful,d king of kings,d prince of d world.. d light dat shineth in darkness..excellent jehova ..oba no so oba ..olodumare..eze ne eze ,baba God i salute you!!!d ogidigadan ,d talk na do, action father, lily of the valley ,d shining morning star kabiyisi oh!!!ogie no so ogie,okutatebite...awesome God, mighty God.the one that has never lost a battle, the one that never makes a mistake! Always faithful, always loving, forgiving , my alpha and omega, my beginning and my end forever....The song in my spirit is a song in yoruba..which i may not be able to write correctly but which i will write here and sing

Oluwa, eyin la to biju, Oluwa..eyin la to biju..Aribiti, Arabata..Eyin la to biju Oluwa!..continously o!!!..someone interprete for me correctly..o! Thanks to everyone that is a blessing to me..thanks for all you mean to me..i am a fertile ground and your kindness to me will be repaid in full by God, who i serve! you all..!

Note - The story of the ten lepers that got healed by Jesus Christ, only one came back and was made "whole" meaning while the others still had their leprosy marks to show that they once had leprosy, he that showed appreciation had nothing at all to show that he ever had leprosy, all because he came back to say thank you! Luke !17 - 11 - 19.

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