Saturday, March 7, 2009


I have had this post saved, just as a header on my blog for some days now and has been thinking through what to write, so i do not end up having the topic up to part 10! lol.. and just this afternoon..i was having some quiet time and the Lord gave me an amazing scripture..which i am quite familiar with, but impressed in me to read it in my Message Bible translation and i was truly blown away..and the summary of the whole matter of this topic was to write my personal life making women to put their head in the game!! Thats tough..considering.."i am a work in progress" and a young wife and mother..young Christian..; born again for over 20 years but just living the true life of a Christian woman for about eleven years sounding ancient! lol..So pray that i get through my excuses stage and write as told! But enjoy this write up in response to "being submissive", that i wrote on the praying wife discussion it not funny when you sow a seed, you reap made my blog and saved me a postponement of my story.."Lord forgive it doesnt turn out to be disobedience"! Enjoy this and lets all step up our games as wives mothers etc.. Please share this with as many women you know as i know they will be as blessed as i am, reading my own post! lol.

Sister E and others..thanks so much for your insightful contribution..for me : every woman should understand that they "stoop to conquer" matter, your level of education, wealth, parental background, knowledge long as you are married to a the man younger, older, less educated, less wealthy, poor parental background, jobless etc..the bible says; wives submit to your own husband in Eph5-22-23 and Colossians 3:18-19, (pls kindly read in any other translation and the Message bible too for more insight...i need to hug the person that translated the Message are called to be submissive to your husband as a result of love and devotion for him just like Christ submitted to God the father!

1 Peter3 - 1- 6 settles the issue of the Praying Wife that wants to husband is not i can not submit!! God is too much as He gives you no excuse..not to anything your husband is, and is making you want to you rebel...these verses takes care of it! lol..

I Peter 2 -23..Takes care of whatever our husband can be on planet earth....(God forbid)..Wicked, uncaring, unloving, selfish..etc..God still says "be submissive" by keeping quiet like Christ did!, So your good conduct, character, behaviour will change him with the help of the Holy Spirit! 1 Peter 3-1-2 further buttresses this point!
Your example in your home as a Praying Wife or even a married woman that is a Christian is to conduct yourself as Christ did.... Praying ceaselessly for God to help you truly submit..if you have the problem of submission.

I will end with this true life story a darling friend of mine/prayer partner shared with me..She told me of a woman in her home town that her husband for no "just cause" told her, he was going to take a second wife..she could not do anything as she had no say in the matter..she waited and the second wife came home and she did all her best to make her and her husband settle well in the home, she cooked, cleaned, and was a peaceful first wife or Iya Ile!
After months of doing this..she begged her husband to allow her, go visit her parents for a couple of weeks...the husband allowed her and she less than two weeks..the husband came to her parents house and on his knees begged her to come back home cutting short her holiday in her parents house...

When she got back to her home, everything in her house was upside down as everywhere was unkempt..the compound, house,..even her husband was slim as the second wife was practically useless and could do nothing!!.. At home, the second wife later apologised to her for coming in between her and her husband and begged for her forgiveness and left the home..without being driven..(No juju used o! for some that are thinking that!....her conduct and native intelligence saved her marriage).Her husband later begged her to really forgive him as he could not imagine what he was thinking, bringing in another wife when she was truly a gem of a wife..!..Even neighbours were happy to see her back : as i am sure..she had a positive effect on everyone she encountered..doing good and just being a wife! So sisters..submitting may be tough for some of us..but its the only way as a Christian wife as its commanded by God!

Note..Its a personal prayer for me that i learnt from my cousin that my husband will truly be the head in my home..richer, more educated..not necessariily educational but taking initiative, making choices and taking i will NEVER in my life think i am the head of the home..and sisters, God has been faithful in answering my prayers as i truly see my husband as my Mentor, Priest,teacher, and Head in all things! Shallom!

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Salt said...

You know me so you know that one of my wifely mantras is 'I stoop to conquer'. And I can tell you now that I learnt that it must be so the HARD way!

But am glad I did and the best things is that actually when I stoop that is when God can actually see my MGM and work on him. When I am all puffed up and standing. I am in the way. Blocking God's view. So how on earth could he ever work on him when I was in the way?????

I like how you pray at the end of some of your blogs so I will do same now.

'Dear Lord, Thank you for our husbands and our marriages. Lord, help us to release our selves to you so that you can touch our hearts to you so you can make us the kind of wives you want us to be. Humble and Beautiful. Inside and Out. Help us to submit to our Husbands as only you can. Help us to build our homes. In Jesus Christ's name. Amen!'

God bless you Ms. Bardot.