Thursday, March 5, 2009


Another Bonus post..Enjoy o Jare..for being a supportive reader... She laughs!
I grew up with a praying mum and we had a family altar or rather we gathered to pray every evening in my mum was more or less the Priest/Pastor as my dad, most times, was not at home to join us and when he was at home..he does the cameo appearance! lol..once in a blue moon or when we had a guest minister visiting our home! lol.

That my dad allowed us freedom to worship God despite his not being born again initially helped us all to be what we are in Christ now...My mum started with the evening devotion where we all took turns reading a devotional manual plus the bible and explaining what we learnt from our reading and we also took turn praying....we were all lead and back up singers..from there..she took it to another level and started a morning devotion..which was not very funny to some of us that loved school bell woke us up most mornings and broke up our jisting sessions most evenings..some times the bell ringing was a nuisance..especially those days I in particular was seating on the fence with my Christian faith but i later changed and became very serious and an honorary pastor of our family altar...most of my siblings too had their days as Pastor! lol

While i was in the University and during my Youth Service days.. I was known for my night travelling..with Luxurious buses or even taking the last taxis at the park to my destinations..some of my friends that knew me then use to call me "Ekene DIli Chukwu"!! one of the branded luxurious buses known for travelling at night and my response was always..." My mum is praying for me..because i know that by 9pm, everybody in my house will be in our parlour/living room praying for those not at home plus known and unknown missionaries sure thats why we all became confirmed missionaries! lol..some of us are still on our own mission!...BUT NOT FOR LONG!

The family altar from my parent's house has continued in my husband's house as he too has praying parents...theirs is raised to power 2! lol...if you travel to visit his parents..they will first of all, sing..."You are welcome in the name of the Lord...and so many other songs then pray before they entertain you as a guest and if you are sleeping over, be ready for another prayer session! lol...very refreshing!

So the family altar has continued in my home and we pray every morning before my husband leaves the house..initially it was just two of us but now we include the children...we started evening prayers but the life in lagos did not let it morning is our best time...and the beauty of our family altar is you can not pray if you are we quickly resolve all dispute, so our prayers can be answered...! and i believe without a doubt..that this is one of the bedrock of our home and its something that must be revived in other homes as it as been a blessing; praying with my family and sharing testimonies and praise reports...

The recent one shared by a close friend of my family.. who i got recently reunited with via face book and exchanged phone numbers with... he, my friend called me and we were talking, he asked after my mum and said he can never forget her..because she prayed for his marital destiny while he was staying over at my house years ago and today, he is blessed with a Godfearing and virtous wife!

So this amongst others is the reason for the recently created family Altar event.

Find below...The notes for the event created: NEXT GENERATION OF FATHERS : NGOF FAMILY PRAYS!

"Its said that a family that prays together stays together! I decided to create the family altar event as inspired to help us start a family altar where family members can fellowship by reading God's word and pray together for at least 15 minutes daily, morning and/or night...( I heard recently that the statistics for a family that prays together..out of 10,000 couple, only one divorces and those that do not..1 in every two couple even if the statistics can not be proven..what have we got to lose....nothing.. and everything to gain as we pass on our faith to our children and other family values. Lets pray and keep our families together..The book of Psalm 78 - 5 - 7 , 2 Chronicles 7 -14 and Deuteronomy 4 -9 will be the basis for our call to prayer and restoration of our family altar".

Share your family altar stories or leave a let me know how you feel about the reviving of the family altar!


Chookz said...

I pray mornings and evenings and yes I do believe where two or three are gathered....God is there
It's important to lay a foundation and since we can't pray angry like you said we have to resolve issues

Salt said...

Yes, I am hanging my head in shame cos once upon a time not so long ago we would not leave the house in the a.m without praying. I cannot even remember what happenend. Life I guess. I tell my older ones to make sure they pray before the sleep and do their open heavens. I on the other hand pray with our last son and do our Psalm 91 together. But this is not the same as a family altar. As soon as my MGM comes back I will bring this up. We must go back to where we belong. No matter the fact that we all leave the house at different times, this must be done. Thanks Ms. Bardot for throwing this up. You are right, the dividends of this altar are priceless.

The family that prays together scares the living daylights out of the enemy!