Thursday, March 12, 2009


Recently read an article where the writer spoke of a stalker on his case from facebook..he said the young man was so rude as he believed he could help him get into his "industry of influence"..if this was even possible..the young man's attitude changed all this and he "defriended" him as a friend!..this truly got me thinking as Face book was intentionally and still is a very great idea of brilliant minds but as always the devil will use people to abuse it like he goes about trying to corrupt all good things, God inspires!

There have been stories of all sort on face book...people getting reunited and getting into wrong relationships..even as married people!God forbid this and help us all indeed! Personally over half of my pals on my friend's page are people i know physically from way back..secondary school, university, work etc, others are people i have heard of and admired and others new friends that i met on FB and from the various groups i belong to here. Some of this people have been so nice and have become my FB friends and family..and i am prayerfully asking God to help me discern those that will become physical friends so we provoke each other the more physically to good and great works in business, ministry etc!

Facebook has helped me in terms of its a huge platform to reach people..note; the world is indeed becoming a global village as its a well known fact that President Obama won the last election with great help from the internet...currently, most businesses are not doing traditional adverts but internet adverts and even newspapers are thinking of eliminating papers to turn to internet news where people can subscribe and get their daily news sure they will still manage to keep a small part of their consumer base that will never read on the net..but that will probably be like a 80% internet base and 20% non internet print base..Even a mentor of mine and one of the Finest Missionary of the gospel to ever come out of Nigeria is currently outside the country studying and he was told categorically he must be a world Missionary and be on facebook,lol! so he is reluctantly here now and learning to use it to the glory of God, So let all those who do not want to get on the internet and social network platform know ..that soon and very soon, ogoro..frog MUST jump!lol

Seriouslyly now, the internet has its many flip side..chief amongst which is less interaction with "physical beings in physical situations".. and more of "cyber or digital friends" which is a dangerous trend..People! i cherish my physical and real life relationships o! they are the people that really know me as me! My BFF got me here and i can not thank her enough..i say... she is an award winning lawyer indeed to have convinced me to join i have had messages to be on FB for over 2 years until she really spoke and convinced abi na confuse me to join! regret now and i pray no regret ever!..i still have to work on not becoming an addict though!..So this is how i think we can all do it:

1. I always try to have a to do/priority list daily and i make sure most times i finish my household chores and take a bath and look fresh as a powerful domestic goddess going to her office..only that her office is her lap top on her dinning table!lol!...that table is so crowded sometimes with books, magazines, notebooks that my husband sometimes just look there and beg me to arrange it before he does, so that i dont complain later that my "office" materials are missing!..i have had serious talks with my daughters on missing office materials, and go like: " i have a deadline to post this article..and see what your girls have to them o..before i handle them!!! drama queen..who gave you a deadline?!...hehehee ! lol..Right now..when my wonderful daring second daughter comes round when i am not will hear her elder sister sometimes..shouting..mummy..Davi is going to your

So for those of you at work and go on the internet to get on facebook or other social sites....kindly get that TO DO/ PRIORITY list and get your job done first and meet all deadlines before you end up on the street browsing for another job due to your own fault!Lol

2. Be civil to people you ask for their friendship that you do not know or have not seen for a long time as you do not know where they are in life and what they believe you do not end up being offensive to them with your "stalking " lol

3. Add value to people always..even if you are looking for a relationship..always put your best foot do not see the people, so be positive with words and not be mean and make enemies of someone you do not even KNOW in the real sense of the world!

4.As a Christian..facebook can get you distracted if you are not careful as you will end up not praying as at when due..not when you should be praying, you will be has happened to me and i am INTENTIONALLY doing somethings about it! Little our lives that spoil the vine! it!..

5. As a Wife and Mother, if you are not may start having pls put your head in the game and let it be first things first!Family first o..BRIDGET..Family first o! this message is for me...O Lord help "moi"

Enough of my musing..i look forward to a virtual party soon.. on FB or Skype ! lol....and a real life party or get together with all my Friends and my BFF especially!...more notes on this..gat to run..real life duties call!lol


Bimpe said...

Preach it! Good stuff, may the Lord help us all in Jesus Name.

Chookz said...

Very tue