Sunday, March 22, 2009


I have been thinking lately of my role as a mother and the responsibility that comes with it..i have three adorable and prophetic children and to me, its an honor and a previledge to be called Mummy by them..every day i see them..i thank God that despite my complaints..i have this three that keep me on my toes everyday..They are my boss as they tell me what to do most times..they are my followers as they follow the instructions i give them sometimes..! They are my cheer leaders, as they are always ready to tell me, i am beautiful when they believe i am looking nice!..They are the ones, i read to most times as they take after my passion for reading..sometimes, they look through the books as they are still too young to read most of them and read their own stories straight from their imaginations!lol

They have taught me a lot of life lessons especially my middle girl Davina!! God!..that child is a blessing!..i have decided to call her that always as her Dad calls her "Blessed girl"..I use to call her.."one woman riot squad " and she proved that name over and over again..indeed dynamite they say come in small packs!lol..with her angelic face..she will look you in the eyes and dare you to do anything to her..i have learnt true patience with her..i now know how to negotiate, wax musical albums, dance as a clown and make faces just to make her do what i Apostle Paul..i have become all things to Davina, just to win her! The beauty of her is her heart for loving people, she is one happy child..that loves dancing, food..she can eat any spicy food that even adults will not dare to eat!lol
She will hug me like fifty times a day especially when she is watching Barney! She looks up to her big sister and they do a lot of stuff together, while Grace gets away with a lot of stuff..Davina leaves her trails and suffers the consequences most times, of both their actions as Grace will back out when told not to continue with somethings....Davina will continue as if you never spoke..fantastic 2..agewise!..hahaha!lol.. When it comes to her turn to pray..most times its God bless my mummy..bless my mummy, bless my mummy!lol..what a child!

Sometimes when her "wahala" becomes too much, i ask myself..why did i not just do like the oyinbos and stop at my peaceful Grace..that would rather cling to her dad..and come to me most times they have a fight!..Some people call her "She-Daddy" as she looks so much like him..quiet but the life of the party!! a girly girl..that loves make up, nail polish and all the razzmatazz that ladies do that I, her mother, is not into! sure she got it from her aunty, my younger sister that stays with she loves makeup and looks forward to training as a make up artist!lol...

Grace - "Wise girl" is indeed Mama's help as she can keep the attention of her younger ones while i attend to other things in the house..she loves singing, dancing and many times..her dad will watch in total shock as she wriggles her waist to Miley Cyrus- Hannah Montana's music on TV! got to a point that her dad..stopped her from watching as she started mimicing Hannah's style of talking!lol..thank God she got cured!..but that was an eye opener to what we allow them to see on Television now!

My boy David...that they call my "American souvenir"..which his Dad does not want to hear me or any one call him! mama's boy and companion, he is called "Great Boy" by the Dad. He can cry the roof down if he doesnt see me.. he is very active and can be very playful..i look forward to him and Davina's play together in the nearest forsee "royal rumble" between them..but you never can they are really into each other! lol

Motherhood for me has been redefined with my present position of being a full time domestic goddess..i have had my valley period and mountain top experience..i have told God sometimes that the blessings of God makes rich and adds no this ones will not give me sorrow..when i am torn between trying to do so many things at thesame time for them..i run around doing the things telling myself," i can do all things through Christ that strengthens me!..i come up almost on a weekly basis with scriptures to keep my mind from going the route of why am i a mother?..i dont know about you but gets really overwhelming and challenging as they do not come with a manual and NO TWO CHILD IS THESAME!!..what will work for one may not work for you have to dig into the word and ask God to inspire your mind to know how to treat them right!

Just a couple of days back..Grace gave me the scare of my life..she came back from school..met her younger sister sleeping ( Davina goes to school.."Eze"..goes to school!lol, thrice a week, ), she went to her room and the last time i remember seeing her was when she entered my room..her sister woke up and asked after her and i told her she was in my room..she went there and came out saying she was not there..people..i went round the rooms, toilets, closets and did not see her..checked the locks..all the doors were thought was is this rapture?..God! i started praying..within temperature had gone up..i don't know what took me to a chair in the living room..i saw her curled and hidden..sleeping there..! i was so thankful to God..i was almost crying..God..what kind of story would i be telling if it was otherwise..God forbid..may we not see evil where our children are concerned in Jesus name amen!

As a mother, mother to be/intending mother..we have our parts to play to raise these blessings of God as Godly seeds..whether they are biological or a are a mother a nurturer, a destiny shaper, a friend, leader etc to children around arise to your God given role and be the mother that you have been called to be right from the foundations of the earth..a mother to love, encourage, nurture, teach, rebuke, interceed and see that the ones God has blessed you with as caretaker will not be lost..model Godly behaviour before them, teach them Godly values, expose them to the right things that will broaden their knowledge base..feed their little minds with the right materials..teach them to appreciate people and show kindness to those around them and those that are different..teach them to know God, love Him and serve Him till the end of their time on earth..God will give us grace to be mothers indeed...

In Motherhood..God of the valley, is God of the mountains!
When things go wrong, He makes them right!
God of the Good times, is still God in the bad times and
God of the day is God in the night!

Indeed He will beautify our lives as women and as mothers and as many that truly desire a change in status..This is your hour of answers to your will testify before the end of the year as Children are His heritage and the fruit of the womb His reward..There will indeed be no barren in the Land!..Happy mothers day with love....I celebrate all my girlfriends, covenant sisters and mothers in the Lord..whether mother's day is today or not..everyday is mothers day as we are on duty 24/7! you all and look forward to when all of the children will leave us and our husbands alone!..i will take in the grandchildren but tell the children to give me my space as i saw enough of them while growing up!!!lol!

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