Wednesday, March 11, 2009


YES, Indeed, God celebrates all of us and i especially as its my BORN DAY! LOL, my darling Pastor sent me this beautiful ecard with a message that the Lord celebrates me! and a message..happy born day! indeed, i am happy to be born on this great day the Lord has made..i feel so loved and appreciated that i feel like declaring a public holiday on FaceBook to celebrate!... according to a dear friend on FB..the love there has been overwhelming..helped with my advertised and sensationalised status that change by the day!lol.. My status on FB now reads :

Bridget is saying thanks for all D BDay wishes ! Kindly have a drink on me all ! A drink of D Living Water! John 4-14, John 7-37-41! Thanks again every1.

So do same here as you all deserve the drink! just do me a favor after drinking ..Pray for me..if you can speak in tongues, i prefer you do that as a favor to me while praying, if not, just ask that God's perfect will be done in my life! Find below some remarkable words from some of my FB family:

Happy Birthday My Sister. As I search My spirit tonight for inspiration to bless you, the words that ring in my heart from God are .. 1. This year, be courageous.. this is not an advice, like it was said to Joshua, it is a commandment. 2. God will enlarge you in the eyes of the world around you, you will enter your place. 3. You will win, and win ... and win... because you are not going to be entering the battles, opportunities or conquests alone.. God will go with you! A. A..My Prophet

Bridge, Happy happy birthday. What a total coincidence that I went on your page!!!! Really really wish you the very very best always!!!! E.T, A sister and friend that launched my career in a unique way to a whole new level!

Happy Birthday Dearest! The Lord HAS enlarged your territory... just step right in! There is an open heaven above you... expect a 'suddenly' miracle! Thanks for being such a blessing and example of a true believer! You are indeed a role model! Put your feet up, be pampered and enjoy your day! (Remember to save some cake for me o!) S.L , my friend in appreciating and celebrating Nollywood's finest

Chris and I hope you have a wonderful birthday-G. S..Our family in CA.

Thanks my sister. while the govt talks about recession, u shall confirm prosperity. C.O

Happy birthday to you sis!!!! Keep on touching lives!C.J

Happy Birthday!My prayer for u is that in his infinite mercies God would give you the grace to blog more and open more FB Indeed it has been a blessing to me, so I mean that prayer...G.O, my God daughter.

Sister mi... What else can I say... Happy birthday to u, my God will fulfil and perfect his will in ur life. All that is good, all that is beautiful shall be yours. Make sure u hav fun on dis special day of yours. Shalom!.O.A , my adopted younger sister.

Sis Bridget,dont knw what to pray for u o.I pray the Lord increases ur wisdom,make u a greater person as u touch people with ur words and life.I wish u the very best.U will never lack.Happy Birthday. A.M prayer partner!

My Beautiful sister, you don't know me but all the daily inspirations you've been devoted to, for our personal consumption, has been a big help in my own personal life and there is no better time to let you know this than now. My wish for you is that our good God who knows the desirers of our hearts will surely fulfill yours with all the good ... things you do crave for. The windows of Heaven will open and all the good things of life that our GOD has in store for you will descend and fulfill your heart and bless you and your family now untill the end of time, in JESUS name, AMEN. GOD loves you and HE will continue to love youi and your family as long as CHRIST still remains our saviour. GOD bless you, not just on your special day but all year round and years that follow. J.N A dear brother and member of one of my groups on facebook.

I SAY AMEN TO ALL THE PRAYERS! The list is endless o! Plus calls from Mother-in-love and Younger day is truly blessed! Thanks are all loved and appreciated, whether you made this roll call or not! Shallom

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