Tuesday, March 24, 2009


This year started on a very high note for some of us as we heard from various pulpits what the year have in store for us..in the two churches i attend..one on the internet and one physically!lol, i was told by my pastors that the year will be a year of Miracle,Signs,Wonders and Change...a year of Manifestation,Fulfillment and Actualizations of my dreams...

At the beginning of the year, when i told a dear friend this, she told me that we must not take this words casually but make sure we pray and see it manifest..i was amazed as i thought she was not the "spiro" type like me..but her comment and steps..for us to actualize the prophecies made me know that, the year will be that of miracle, signs, wonders and change indeed and we have been prayer partners till date, gradually ticking off answered prayers on our praying list!

Now, its almost the end of the third month and most of us have not seen anything..we expect..the truth that you can read this note is a testimony that you are a miracle,sign, wonder to be alive and be able to read! yes i know this is not what you expect to hear or read but we are making progress..

To see the manifestation, fulfillment and actualization of all the prophesies we have heard at the beginning of this year, we must get ready to place a demand on heaven as we have our part to play..it is what we ask that we will be given, what we seek that we shall find, the door we knock on that will be opened and the things we bind on earth that God will bound in heaven plus loosing those things which we lose on earth..

For some of us, we are not ready to place a demand by praying as we do not want trouble..well let me give you this story..i was led to pray one day and i woke up praying and going from room to room praying for my household.. the next day..my lovely daughter that is teaching me patience had the "best" of her tantrums and yours truly was challenged!lol

When my husband came back, as i was telling him my ordeal, i was crying..and he was like..why are you crying now..i told him i was pained that all this time, i did not wake up to pray, she behaved well and now that i prayed..her tantrum increased..so i have decided i will not pray again!!..God forgive me!lol.

It was serious and i was afraid to pray..so i will not see what will upset me further..then my husband, BLESS his heart! gave me a scripture that God has not given me the spirit of fear but of love and of a sound mind..and i was able to figure it out that the devil wanted to friaghten me by putting things my way that will make me doubt God and His love/ Help for me!..i now noticed that anytime i say things on healing, he will bring sickness my way to test me..but the God that i serve faithfully has helped me to understand that the war fare to get all i want from Him is here because of the devil, so i should let him..stupid devil know I AM IN CHARGE as i am seated together with Christ in heavenly places far above principalities, powers and oppression!..i have been bought with a price which is Christ Blood and that demarcates me from his evil wind.that blows no good!

Knowing that, its only on earth that we can engage the old fool in his tricks has made me more determined to wallop him on the head everytime and keep him perpetually on the ground where he belongs on the boxing ring as both the trainer, referree, time keeper etc are on my side to make sure he is forever beaten blue and black!..so how do we do this and keep at it..so that there is a manifestation of every single prophecy coming to pass...

1. I am saved by His blood and so, every curse that was upon me to stop me in my tracks has been taken over and blessings released..check Deuteronomy 28..all the blessings and curses imaginable are there..i have chosen the blessings and so i walk in that truth and knowledge of God's word!

2. I am praying like Daniel until my change will come and be seen..even if you are working, my dear people..be a walking prayer..get into the word of God, profess, prophesy and proclaim it while claiming your blessings!

3. I am shouting like Blind Bartemaus, I HAVE REFUSE TO SHUT UP, my change must come

4. I am pressing on to touch Him daily like the woman with the issue of blood..i have suffered enough..i cannot be a child of the Great physician and be looking for a physician!

5.I am doing my best to flee all appearances of evil like Joseph and also trying not to bow to sin like Shadrach, Mesharch and Abednego (Abed negro!lol)

6. I am dancing like David and praising God in all manners..its my turn to dance o..even out of my clothes kpakpa..Michals..of this world beware as the curse will still come on you if you think i am undignified in my dance steps!

7.I am believing like the thief that was on one side of Jesus that knew he had sinned and deserved punishment but believed in Jesus enough to ask Him to remember him in this kingdom...men see thiefing favor..as he became heaven bound that day!..hallelujah!

8. i am eating the word like Elijah was feed by ravens..as indeed, the months are long..9 more months to go..

9. I am stopping Chronological writers as in the case of Jabez to say Lord bless me indeed and enlarge my coast , help me not to cause others pain....Activities must stop for the King to listen to His children o!

10.I am telling God at your command like the Centurion as I understand command as a true soldier of Christ..so at His written word that i have eaten and digested.."ogoro must jump o"!..frog must jump!..(am a Nigerian and those that cannot understand my idioms must come for special lectures!lol ).

11. I am wrestling like Jacob..even if..my leg is touched! God forbid..why was His BODY BROKEN ON THE CROSS..so that mine will not be broken anymore..He must bless me before i leave Him!

12. I am COVERED by His Blood like Joshua the Prophet, God has rebuked the devil with his accusations on my behalf..and i am spotless and deserving of His favor/blessings jabarata!..I am like Esther and Mordecai....the hamans that are cohorts of the old fool will be buried in their gallows..if they do not step back..

13.I am like Peter in the book of Acts, after the out pouring of the Holy Spirit..as i pray in the spirit..in tongues, am strengthened in my inner man plus i know i am praying the perfect will of God!

Its all round victory and there is no STOPPING ME and you if you believe!

NOTE - if you are not saved or you were saved but currently not feeling right with God..your opportunity is here o..just say simply.."Lord Jesus, come into my heart and be the Lord of my soul..forgive my past, heal my heart and make me seat together with you forever in Jesus name amen..

congratulations on being the King's child..now you will see what Kings see and hear what they hear..so get into the word of God and find all this "people" i wrote about!..lol!hehehhehe..you think its easyto do the work alone..get into the word my friend!lol..Indeed We will testify..we will not be made mince meat by the devil in Jesus name..Christ is our Saviour and He is a rock, those who fall on Him are crushed and those He falls on are grounded..Our Testimonies are sure..this is the year indeed to see manifestations..that i am doing this is a sign that it is true!..i await your testimonies!

NOTE - The picture above is my anger picture! lol..My anger is directed at the old fool...am also shouting on myself and vexed in my spirit..there must be a MANIFESTATION THIS YEAR O, OUR CHANGE MUST COME IN JESUS NAME AMEN!


Anonymous said...

mine! oh mine! this is WORD! REV!
Either the devil likes it or not,this year is surely my year of all round fulfillment in Jesus name and I MUST SURELY TESTIFY!
My Sis,more ink in your pen or do I say more keys on your keyboard! Whatever,big well done!!!!!!!!!!!

Prince Okeoma said...

Spot on Sister Biddy!
Like the apostle Pual woudl say, a great and effectual door has been opened unto me but there are many adversaries.
I do tell people that the devil and his demons can not shut this door, bcos Jesus said in revelation that He has the keys of David such that when He opens no man can shut and when He shuts, no man can open.But mark my words, all they can do (if u permit) is to ensure that u don't enter in through that door but they can not shut it.
We have been blessed with all spiritual blessings in heavenly places the Bible says but we need to enjoy them here on earth and the responsiblity is ours to ensure they are transfered to us here on earth. Daniel's answer was realised but was in the heavenly places. He persevered until they manifest to him here on earth.
May we not faint until we see our (godly) desires all become flesh in JESUS NAME!