Wednesday, March 4, 2009


This is a bonus post and was sent as my daily devotional message to the men in "Next Generation of Fathers", a group God inspired in my heart to create to help the men of this generation be what God has destined them to be while also helping to mentor the next generation and restore the family to God's original plan...Enjoy the story and learn the lesson behind the story..if you are on face book and a man..then this is a group for you to join....a woman..let the men and brothers you want to be a blessing to, know of the group and join! God bless us all as we concern ourselves with those things that are important to God!

Drums rolling! lights on and off...the mode is that of high tension on the evening of the oscar award ceremony. Some Nominees that won were so surprised that they felt like fainting..i.e the lady that won the best supporting actress..Penelope Cruz for Vicky Cristina Bacelona..said this as she was surprised...and the list goes on...

This past weekend, my family had the oscars re-enacted...we took my visiting younger sister and her family to hollywood boulevard to see the walk of fame and Kodak theatre where the oscar award ceremony held just a couple of days ago.....during our walk, my brother in love wanted to get some souvenirs for his siblings/ friends back at home and we all walked down the street to look for some shops where we could get a good bargain of any Hollywood souvenirs..

On our way, we saw a shop with the oscar statuette and my brother in love wanted to know how much it will husband told us to wait while he finds out what it will cost.. as we had more buggies/pram than human beings!lol..joking, but we had three: a twin one and two singles as we were four adults and four children!

He came out and handed one to my brother in love....who became surprised at being handed a statuette, and was looking speechless..on it was written "Hollywood Best Uncle"!..he held it and did not know what to say....two men came out of the shop to see his surprised face and were laughing that my husband got him just as he said!..LOL..He finally replied that he was not expecting it as what he expected was to know the price and not being handed one...his wife was touched..and teased him about him being speechless and unprepared...we all had a good laugh at his expense and the wife now turned to my husband to say what about me?...she finally said jokingly since she did not get one, she will make sure his, gets missing! lol.

I wanted to say thesame in "hey wait a minute..dont i deserve one too...but i did not as i was enjoying the moment and somehow did not want to spoil After getting some T-shirts as souvenirs and walking to see more stars plus take more pictures, we finally left for the car park at about 10.30pm and we all entered the car.....and my husband was about entering his seat to drive, he dropped a bag on my lap ....guess what was on it.......yeh you guessed right! My own oscars with HOLLYWOOD BEST SWEETHEART WRITTEN ON IT! i was touched and then i started felt good as if i really won an oscar...i won o!.. for me that was the high point of our hollywood walk and i felt like a million dollars because my husband did something so simple but yet so special!

I learnt two lessons from that day..

1. Be happy for others and it will become your turn to celebrate

2. Be still and know that God is God and will bring about your change and victory..imagine if i was on my husband's case immediately..i dont know if i would have been given my own oscar statuette that is now standing on a prized spot on the stand beside my bed...

Do you know: Feeling appreciated is one of the strongest human desire!

A lot of little things can make a big difference in the life of your loved ones.

Prayer point..ask God to give you a grateful and appreciative heart.

To help you appreciate God Himself and everyone that has been a blessing to you!

Ask God to help you to know when to speak and when to keep quiet..and rely on Him for your status/level to change!

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