Saturday, February 7, 2009


This article was posted for a group, i belong to on face book - Praying wife, but i believe, it will bless us all and so..i posted it here as bonus post for us to learn and be blessed! On the group discussion board, i wrote it under a topic: WARNING - WHAT YOU WILL READ NOW WILL SHOCK AND BLESS YOU!, and as i told my husband, its a way to sensationalise the topic and attract everyone's attention there, just like the newspaper guys do! lol! Enjoy and leave a comment if you can!

I joined Facebook, precisely last year August and for me, its been one of the best things that has happened to me as i see it as a great way to reconnect with old friends, network with them as well as get new friends and above all, a tool for ministry, where i reach out to people God has called me to reach! i can not reach out to everybody..some will love my message, some will simply hate me for it...
Even Jesus Christ came to die for the world: He was sent to the lost house of Isreal but yet, it was those He was sent to, that helped in crucifying Him ...ALL GOOD! as God's purpose was fulfilled as a result of that!...pls do not crucify me o!!!lol.

Seriously now...i have heard stories about the internet and i know some of my friends that wont be caught died on face book...God forbid, even if they die, and their obituaries are placed on facebook...they will wake up and beg the creator of such a page with their names to take them off and die again!lol!hahahahaha!, for real, i was in this category until my dear friend convinced me to try it and if i do not like it, i can always get out of facebook!

So now, i am on facebook and loving it, but the stories i hear, gets scary by the day....married women and men reconnecting with their EXs and cheating physically with them on their spouses...people scamming others, single girls getting lured into relationships as a result of chatting with unknown virtual friends and crazy pictures being put out by those that want their five minutes to fame by all means.....(by showing all and posting as profile) pictures!....

Its sad that what was intended as something good is now being abused but like other things God created....when the purpose of a thing is not known, abuse truly becomes inevitable! its crazy out there and sad.
when God created the world in Genesis 1, He said "this is good" but the story is different today, all inventions of man, was inspired by God, (even if we are not believers in God), but the abuse of those things have turned them to satanic inventions....NOTE - satan can not create anything, he just corrupts what God has inspired and make it look as if he is in charge!and he is in charge of those that give him attention and follow him on his jolly ride...I am not one of his candidate for such i place him where he belong always with the word of God!

The need fo this admonition was inspired by God and He wants us to know that "a wise woman builds her home, while the foolish one tears it down"...i know so many of us are having a hard time in our homes..but know that, God brought you to this group to help you through the counsel of other women that have gone through your own experiences and came out victorious by the word of God, so there is hope for us reconnecting with an ex, and chatting and whining your life story is not a solution to your problem/challenge, going to meet him and being involved physically is not a solution...even being involved virtually is bad enough cos as a man thinketh so he is!

Pls lets not destroy our homes by giving the devil a chance and blaming him or facebook / the are first led astray internally before you commit the acts physically...No man is perfect i know, but you can try and help yourself....

As a rule, i do not get on face book, first thing every morning. When i noticed it was addictive, i started schooling myself to get all my household chores done first, take charge by getting everywhere around me in order, take my bath as if its my office and i can be seen! lol! and then, i turn on my computer to do what i am suppose to do with the various groups i belong to, as well as reach out to my friends.

When i noticed also that it was difficult chatting and thinking at the same time, (and also getting too gossipy sometimes...shush!, i enjoy a good gossip now and pals, keep the jist flowing. lol)...i turn to off line status most times and just post my articles, check out my friends..(hard to reach everyone but am trying)....make comments and shut down to face my blog or do other things,

I also do not get on face book most saturdays and sundays, so i can spend time with my family and give them undivided not there yet as per putting a check on myself as i have found out, i think better in the evenings and late nights...but am trying to also break that habit, so i can have a good night rest..."collect some body heat from my favorite person in the world" and be up and sharp to take on the challenges of the next day...i am getting better by the day!lol

So my appeal is that we minimise or stop self destructive habits that will give us challenges and lead to problems in our lives..if you have issues at home...the computer may be a safe haven at first but staying there forever will not take the problem away, it will only magnify it, get in the word of God instead, reach out to people with Godly wisdom and above all, ask the God who created you through the Holy Spirit to help you and set you free!

Please lets help ourselves and live, and do right...we will all be held accountable for our actions now or later ( i know somebody, that sends some chat messages that are too "much" for her to handle to her married female accountability prayer partner, so she will help her, get off the mode of being lured by rascals into unholy relationships as she is single. You too can get an accountability partner to help you with such issues) ...lets be challenged to live a life worthy of emulating..we are all "Work in Progress" and God will continue to help us and grant us the wisdom to live our lives as wise people and women indeed! Love you all always!

NOTE - I have done a bit of editing here but just on a couple of words and i would like to add here, for my blog readers only: for mothers/fathers, that they should check what their children are up to on face book, though its one of the friendliest children site because of what they allow but "revealing/suggestive pictures" is giving face book a question mark! Also if you can set up a timer on your computer, it will help your children and even you, not to spend 'forever' on the computer!lol. God grant us wisdom at all times.


Chookz said...

I always like reading your write-ups they are a breath of fresh air...

Facebook was the beginning of my problems so my wife and I are off it for now...

I need to link to some of your pieces and use them as inspiration

Bridget Elesin said...

My brother Dabizniz,thanks for your comment. its well as regards your challenges as God has brought healing to you and yours! Feel free to link any post you want as God inspired the posts/writings to inspire others! God bless you greatly and help you to see 1 Corinthians 13 His way!

Toyin Odufeso said...

I agree with you 110% - the internet can be used for God and the old bad Devil. Unfortunately, the Devil is using the internet to sneak into Christian homes. It is almost an epidemic amongst teenagers because parents are either too busy or believe they will get over it. Worse of all most Christian parents do not acknowledge the problem for fear of being labelled as carnal or failures. We should all remember the popular cliche "Speak the truth and put the Devil to shame". May the Lord help us all for it is only in speaking up that we can help each other.

Toyin Odufeso

Bridget Elesin said...

Aunty Toyin, This was a comment i posted on praying wife on facebook, after people had made comments on my post.

For the children, i think, mothers with older children that are on face book or can even use the internet, should start checking out what their children are up to and you can do this by bringing the computer to a central place, where everyone can see what they are up to, and also, they should be timed, as its not healthy for children especially to stay 'forever" on the internet, so let the children tell you when they want to access the internet and also have a program to time them out...say after 3 or 4 hours at most! Children are now being bullied in the internet and a boy recently committed suicide on the internet with people watching him over the internet, so pls take the computer off the rooms of your children and even the TV, they do not need, so much stimulation and the corrupt ways of the world in their lives and in your homes! God help us all!

Note, i learnt of teenagers asking for permission to use the internet from your house, during our christmas holiday and i intend to enforce that with my own children when they come of age, another friend also spoke of a fire wall called "net nanny" that will help build a fire wall when the children want to go to a website not permitted on the computer, we can google and buy it, as extra security! Thanks for your support and your comment