Tuesday, February 3, 2009


I love watching any film by Tyler Perry as it has a lot of values and with his background of being a Christian, there is always that Godly touch to his plays and movies, which resonates the message of Hope and belief in one self and the family. I recently saw one of his movie "Meet the Browns" during our Christmas family reunion and people, was i blessed...The story was so real, so nice, so funny..that i had to watch it over and over again! Lol, I will recommend it this season for those that are into movies!...am learning to watch as compared to my former ways of reading books...this is for a good cause in future...will share it soon!She laughs!

I got the title of this post from the film...when Angela Basset who is the lead actress and played the character Brenda Brown, a single mother with three children, out of job and desperate to take care of her children, met a family she never knew and later inherited a shady and ruined house from a father she never met! She left the town and later came back after a series of event...She laughs, am trying not to share too much, so you can go and watch the movie or buy the DVD!

Her looks when she saw the house was that of disgust! and as we were watching and commenting on what an inheritance..my Senior Brother-In love made a comment..That in every trash, there is treasure! Men, that stuck to my brain like superglue and i had this knowing internally, that with time, that will be a title on my blog!
She later came and that ruined house had been renovated by her family and love interest in the film and was a palatial mansion! What a transformation.... Trash has become treasure indeed!

Looking back, i have seen people indeed that were told they would never make it in life..they would never amount to anybody...they would never have a voice...doing incredible things for God and humanity!

The late Bishop Benson Idahosa was left to die in a dumpster/trash place by his dad because he was sickly as a child... a trash later became treasure and till date, you can not talk of pentecostalism in Nigeria, without mentioning his name, prosperity teaching, Television ministry was all part of what he helped to pioneer and reinforce in Nigeria and beyond the shores of the land.

Albert Einstein a scientist and the winner of the Nobel prize for physics in 1921... was once told he was dumb by a teacher but time proved that he obviously knew more than the teacer, and so was bored stiff with his/her teaching! lol.

How many more people can i give as examples as a lot of people have been belittled by words, situations, circumstances e.t.c but today are living testimonies that you can be anything you want to be as long as you believe in yourself...you can turn from trash to treasure ...

Another great example is Otunba Gaddafi (Isaac Durojaiye), a man that pioneered the use of mobile toilets in Nigeria...he says "shit business is serious business" ....just to let you know that he is making money from human waste which is trash and smiling home to the bank as well as empowering people that are employed to work with him, he has turned trash to treasure!

I recently got a call from a dear brother and friend of mine, who is an inspiration to me personally, he called to tell me, he is now a graduate and to say thank you to me for supporting him, i was blown away and i begged him that he should please permit me to tell his story to encourage someone...who is thinking he/she can never amount to any thing in life because of his/her peculiar circumstances but i want to let you know that " only you, can limit you" as with a belief in yourself, faith in our Lord Jesus Christ and planned actions, you will become what you believe! as taking the first step will release supporters of destinies that will help you achieve your dream and bring it to reality!

He, my friend, started in my former company as a gateman and from there he became a cleaner...i met him as a cleaner and what i noticed, was his dressing and right attitude, every morning, this amazing young man will wear a suit, and come to the office, by the time he gets to the office, which was very early, he takes off his suit and wears a shirt and trouser to do his cleaner work, he would clean with a positive attitude as well as help in running countless errands, from helping wash cars, to buying food, do photocopies, run the generator, carry event stuff etc, he was like a man friday but he did all he did cheerfully.

He also contributed to our monday weekly prayer meeting for the company then and his contribution was always a blessing with his prayers unique as he is from a pentecostal church in Nigeria known for saying halleluyah as they pray!...but boy, he was a blessing and represented his church very well...there were times, when he was attacked because of happenings in his church and yet, he would argue his case, winning some and losing some but everything was done with a smile and respect for people!

From being a cleaner, he won various awards, including best cleaner award and was later promoted to admin staff and also became an asset in the operation team, as he started managing events too.. he was a big blessing to me as he made my team list most times, as he was always so resourceful, understanding, patient and a true blessing as a prayer partner when we had crucial jobs to do.

He was doing all this and enrolled as a distant learning student in one of the universities in Nigeria, he combined everything and with goodwill from people that believed in him, within the company and outside, he is now a graduate! Am so blessed and previledged to know him and like i told him, this is just the beginning of what is to come as i know he is destined for greatness! As Donnie Maclurkin, the gospel singer said in one of his program on Trinity Broadcasting Network "That everybody can not be famous but everybody can be great"!and yes my friend is not just a great boy but he will be famous as i know within me, this is not an ordinary person...he is destined to shine as from his trash...he is now a treasure!

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