Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I have been having a terrific time playing hostess to my sister and her daughter that came from another city to visit my family and i, the last time i saw my sister was two years ago and she didnt have a daughter then...she gave birth to her beautiful doll like daughter last year and her daughter is about five weeks older than my son! I was so thrilled to see them last week and we have been having a blast, going round, catching up on all the memorable events in our lives and family.Her husband was to come with her initially but he could not make it because of a professional examination he is to take end of February/early he needed time to read for his examination and he has been calling the house everyday since they left home unlike his once or twice a week usual call! lol

This has been the reason i have not been able to blog as usual...but its been a terrific time well spent! I have missed my blog sha!!! lol! This week, we planned a couple of outings and i wrote an outing table to show how we will spend each day: On monday, we ended up staying at home after we had planned an outing and tuesday, we had a lunch date with our divine divas, my son's Godmother and her BFF - Best friend forever!
The lunch was for 1 pm, but trust Naija girls, with three children to get dressed...we ended up at her place, which is like two blocks away from our place about 2 pm... I had called to tell her we will run a bit late, not all my fault though..but we made it eventually and trust Godmama as i call her; she announced to us that she had finished eating lunch as she couldnt wait for her Nigerian family as she was really hungry! She welcomed us with that and a big smile..her friend was still eating and we all hugged..and spent the most amazing time ever with two of the most real and down to earth women i and my sister have ever been previledged to be with.... (these women are above fifty years and have the most amazing bodies on earth..they keep fit and are living life fabulously!).... we had lunch spiced with various husband had come to drop my older daughter from school with us as he had to go to a class that he attends weekly...., so he he refused to come upstairs with my daughter since he was told it was an all girls affair except for my baby boy! so he left telling me he will stay late in school as he had other classes to attend online as this class will be ending that day to resume another session in two days !

So after our delightful lunch.....with nail painting done for the girls by Godmama and a story time by her teenage daughter who is my baby boy's best girlfriend and big sister (She is fantastic with children and he is always calm when she carries him, sleeping in her arms most times..which is very unlike him! lol), we said our good byes after planning another date and went home! Since we were stuffed from our lunch dates.....we decided that dinner will be low keyed..cereals etc and i will microwave dinner when my husband arrives and decide on what to eat from various Nigerian pre-cooked meals in the fridge!

The girls and my sister went to bed and as usual, i turned to my computer to send my daily message to one of my groups on facebook!, I did not take note of the time..until my husband walked in with his lap top bag. I greeted him and asked him how his day was and if he had finished with his online which he said "yes" and walked towards the kitchen...i told him we had a loy keyed dinner but i will fix him anything he wanted..and his reply was i should go ahead but make it small! I was on it, when he asked me if i had checked the mail box for letters as he was expecting a letter from his school....
i told him "no" and he took the mail box key, went out while i was getting his dinner ready and came in with my sister's husband!.....when i saw him, i was just screaming!!!!!, i could not believe my eyes...i hugged him and went to give my husband a well deserved playful knock on his back!...boy, i could not believe both of them pulled that off, right under my nose!!, i went to wake up his wife..screaming and she was stunned and later said..."shey i told you!...she had suddenly asked me in the afternoon if her husband was coming and i told her i was not aware of it and asked her, if he told her he was coming to which she said no! lol! but she had a strong feeling he was up to something ..when i asked my husband..if he was expecting anyone..he cleverly dodged the question and reminded me about his late coming that evening..not knowing he had headed for the airport after school to pick up my brother in love to the house!

I was so amazed at everything.... and was just saying my husband's name over and over again and finally told him that "shey" he knows if Christ had come a couple of hours back, he will be on a thin line between heaven and hell as all liars will go to hell! lol! laughing he told me he did not lie and had as a matter of fact told me, he will be having his usual class and will stay extra time which he did...the final journey to the airport was after all he told me, he would be doing!!! lol! My brother-in-love supported him by saying he was just following orders to perfection! lol!..i told them i was calling my tell her, her sons in love were coup plotters! she laughs! was a nice and happy reunion and we were all chatting and playing catch up..even his daughter woke up and was pleasantly surprised to see her dad! My sister said..she would hold unto her husband's clothes so he doesnt vanish and everything turns out to be a dream! We had an hilarious night before we hit our beds finally! What a night! Find below seven quick tips that will spice up your romantic life in marriage:
1. Romance can be learned, it helps to spice up your marriage and keep both of you from you make a love deposit everyday by the small things you do i.e surprises etc... your love lives will improve greatly. NOTE : Know your spouse love it gifts, acts of service, words etc.
2.Cultivate friendship and communion with your spouse, make your relationship real!
3. Touch your wife in a non sexual way everyday!...a neck rub, hug, hold her hands..etc..its said that a woman needs twelve meaningful touches every day...not just in the bedroom! lol
4. Affirm your and death are in the power of the tongue...let your words bless your hearer and who better to bless than your spouse!
5. Make what matters to your spouse matter to you...his/her favorite sport, hobbies, their jobs etc. Be interested in what they are interested in!
6. Make time to be alone with your spouse...both of you come first before the children, so plan a get away weekly, monthly or at least twice a year! Make that a must!... and let nothing come between your date night or time with your spouse
7. Try new things together, be adventourous, with food...restaurants, movie something together you have never done before.
I await positive feedbacks from those that will try the tips above...i am learning from Godly pros in marriage on TV /real life and putting these tips in practice...some of a pro in it already...winks! get aways and trying new things are my favorite ! lol..

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Salt said...

Ms. Bardot! You scared me! When you said you screamed when your hubby walked back in my heart skipped a beat! Thanks Heavens though, it was just the suprised BIL that had arrived. Phew! That was a good one and I agree with your sister. I too always sense when my hubby is up to something but still am gobsmacked when I find out what it is though.

Yes, am glad that you have come back to the blogsite sha. I was beginning to despair cos each time I checked my blog I would still see' updated 3 days ago or 4 days ago, etc. LOL. Good to have you back.

The cell phone is a pain sometimes BUT I know no other quick way to send little loving reminders to my MGM during the day than via smsing. He is so busy most of the time so calls are not practical but he always replies my texts and you can bet we are always both smiling like cheshire cats at one time of the day or another during a typical work day.

I am trying to carve out the 'way time for 2' and this year by the grace of God, we will go away alone (even if for a weekend) without the childrenses!