Monday, February 9, 2009


I first saw this post on Praying wife group which i am proudly a member of, and it was written by a dear sister, who is a member of the Praying wife group too and also an officer of this group ( I formed a new group on face book called Next generation of fathers and the group is basically to help men and fathers, take up their responsibilities as Priest,Voice of Authority/ Hope and a Visioner in the lives of their children!, women are tired of being fathers and mothers at thesame time).

When she first posted it, our responses was: is this real? if you are a woman, go and join the praying wife group on facebook and read more comments and other life transforming posts!

For the men, this is a new level...all God has asked you to do, is love your wives even as Christ loves the church, while the wives are told to submit to their own husbands.
I feel indeed that except a seed of corn dies, it abideth men remain alone and vice versa even in a relationship, because none has truly died to self. May God help us all, as we read and digest this post and be inspired to be there for your wives and the mother of your children!Let 1 Corinthians 13 be our foundation to love more, this season the world acknowledges as a season to love! Enjoy and leave your comments as i intend to have a special men/women bible and put this proverbs 32husband after the proverbs 31 wife/woman (The bible says men as inspired by God wrote the i am giving this serious thought as its truly an inspired writing! Men, may not see it that way though,Amen, Dipo, i await your comments especially!she laughs).

A Perfect Husband Who Can Find? (Prov 32 Husband)

He is the most lovable and Romantic husband on earth
He loves his wife to death and never finds any wrong in her
He honors, respects, cherishes her utmostly
He drops whatever he is doing immediately she walks into the room to give her all the attention she needs
He disables the remote control!
He listens to her with ALL his senses and keeps eye contact!
He understands her way of communication – Even though it doesn’t make sense sometimes
He is so patient to hear what she has to say from the Beginning to the End!
He forgets all about work immediately he walks in through the door, rolls up his sleeves to finish the house chores
He is a great cook!
He eats healthy and exercises regularly
He is very handy and does not need to be reminded to replace a bulb
He has never given his wife any reason to nag or whine
He is very tidy - picks up after himself
He gives her the best foot rub and massages every other day
He spends quality time with her whenever it is needed
He verbalizes his appreciation to her on a daily bases
He shares his feelings, thoughts and struggles with her and never shuts her out
He is always very quick to say “I am sorry honey”
He is very humble – pride is not his best-friend
He is a man of integrity
He is never in an angry mood – “shut down” is a taboo!
He never raises his voice at her - his words are ‘seasoned with salt’
He walks on eggshells when it is the “time of the month”
He understands when she is not in the mood for sex and opts to take cold showers instead!
He understands when all she needs is a cuddle and listening ears
He takes her out on dates, once every week, just to be alone with her
He is the best lover and poet ever
He surprises her everyday with little notes with sweet nothings or somethings?
He never forgets her birthday and their wedding anniversary AND buys cards and gifts ahead of time
He is envied by all his wife’s friends
He is very proud of her and boast’ about her all the time
He has utmost confidence in her and respects every opinion or idea she brings to the table
He values her dreams, visions and goals
He never lusts because he believes his wife is the most beautiful woman in the world
He never compares her with another woman
He puts her first before any other
He is like a fierce lion when it comes to protecting her
He is very prudent and wise with money, so his wife has never had any reason to wag a finger!
He lives by example – and his wife call’s him blessed!
A perfect husband, who can find?
(Laugh it off wives, “if wishes were horses, beggars will ride”)

BUT, wait a minute, didn’t the bible say, “Husbands, love your wives, just as Christ loves the church and gave himself up for her……..without stain or wrinkle or any other blemish”- Ephesians 5:25

Hmm, question it.

Anyways, thumps up to our husbands who are making an effort to achieve some of these qualities…GET OVER IT - THERE IS NO PERFECT HUSBAND! Jola.

NOTE - Take a hint and do some of the stuff the perfect husband did, this valentine season, your wife will be blessed and your children will be happy to see daddy and mummy in another level!Enjoy.Bridget

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Prince Okeoma said...

But do u think this is exhaustive?....
What about:
He washes her clothes.(after all he is a good cook)
He accompanies her to the labour room.
Sincerely speaking, i subscribe to most of the content though women are known to be much better at some e.g. managing money. So the revers should be the case

very thoughtfull an article.