Friday, February 13, 2009


My darlyn younger sister Abies, got married today according to our traditional laws and customs to her best friend Peter, (who is celebrating his birthday today) and will be walking down the aisle on Valentine's day with her as man and wife forever!
Its a pity, i wont be there physically but i will be there in spirit!lol! I called her this morning and was singing the edo bridal songs to her...she was laughing happily and saying she truly wished i was there with her...

I called her later, after the ceremony and we had a long talk...talking about all the challenges she had been through to get to where, she is now...she is our family's testimony and a true blessing! She is a sister and a friend indeed, she lived with me for some time after i got married and will always come around during her break from school to help take care of my daughters, her nieces, she is soft spoken, will go to great length to help people. She laughs a lot and her laughter is so infectious....She truly is a great woman of God, a miracle and a testimony of God's faithfulness.
Her Husband-to-be is like her twin brother, a wonderful young man with a glorious future in Christ and a terrific sense of humour...I knew his mum and younger sister way back in my church but never knew, we would be inloves one day! His mum is a very God fearing,Prayerful and loving woman.So i am glad my sister has been found by the man God ordained for her.

I had to send her and her husband-to-be a mail, from my husband and i before her wedding and took permission from her today to put it on my blog as it was a private mail to them, but i have decided to share it to bless someone this season and show the world that it pays to serve God as He has the final say in our lives! He will glorify His name in our lives all the time as He doesnt need any man's permission to bless His children!I pray this letter blesses you and let it be a prayer point for my readers that are married and unmarried to pray for themselves and also pray for God's will to be done in Christain marriages!

Dear Abies and Peter,

With great joy in our heart, we write this email, only God,knows how happy we are that in a couple of days, you both will live as and wife forever! We wish the two of you the very best...its a journey of a life time and the best journey God Himself instituted and its a journey the two of you will not regret by God's grace.

As your sister/brother inlove and friends and people who have been in this journey for almost six years, we have this advice for both of you, we would have loved to do it in person but distance will not permit it so...but thank God for the
Know that February 14, your wedding day is just a day for the ceremony and it will be glorious indeed. After that time comes the reality of being married, So you must both learn to live as one at all times...these are some of the things that have helped us to make a success of our marriage thus far and as the years go by, we trust God to download more success revelations that will take us to a higher level and see us through the years until Jesus comes.

1. Its a marriage based on God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit as core foundations
2. Its a marriage, based on love and trust for each other
3.its a marriage where we are selfless and put each other first after God
4. its a marriage of mutual respect
5. its a marriage of submission and total obedience to the word of God and ourselves
6. its a marriage of accountability: where we are accountable to each other as regards finances, movement,friends we keep etc
7.its a marriage where giving to the things of God and humanity is our watchword..we are blessed to be a blessing!
8. its a marriage of friendship where the 3 L of marriage is practiced: love,listening, which is true communication and laughter
9.its a marriage where we bless and take care of the needs of both parents and our you honor your parents, your days are long and family is key as they are your backbone anytime any day!
10. its a marriage of prayer and we pray together every morning as husband and wife
11.its a marriage of support and encouragement to excell and be the best God has called us to be
12. Its a marriage where we are first our own best friends and have a circle of like minded friends and people
13.its a marriage of a welcoming home to family, guests and visitors
14.its a marriage of husband protects me from family members and friends and keep me as a positive person in their mind and vice versa
15. its a marriage, where words are carefully chosen and thought not the best at that yet but Tunde is a good example of it
16.its a marriage where we give of ourselves selflessly in enjoying our marital indeed marriage is honorable in all, the bed undefiled!
17.Its a marriage where we have decided to bring up our children in the fear of the Lord and love them to fulfill their destinies in Christ.
18. its a marriage where we tell the truth , no matter what
19. its a marriage of divine forgiveness and advanced forgiveness too
20. its a marriage where we go the extra mile for each other and celebrate our days together..we dream, plan and look forward to greater things each month, year etc
21.we believe in outings and take time out to enjoy ourselves as its one life to live and we enjoy with eternity in view
22.We save money and plan for the future together!

its a long list but am sure, if you put most of this in practice and add to your own unique and peculiar style, your marriage will be sweeter, richer and better than ours...we are not afraid to bless you and wish you greater things as we know...we are blessed to be blessings and the house of the latter is greater than the former.
We wish you both well and are praying for your lives and new home together as man and wife! God will protect you both, give you cheap victories, keep you safe from the devil and your enemies, you will both be fruitful in your mind,bodies and everything God has blessed you with, you will not compare your marriage and selves to others are you are eternally unique and different from others. you will raise Godly seeds and be instrument of God's praise on earth!

we love you dearly and we await all the testimonies. Go to
my blog and read more on marriage. its

Happy married life and we wish you the best always. Peter,welcome to the family as our latest brother-in-love and Abies, be the best wife ever! God is indeed faithful in your life!love always

The Elesins
Bridget and Tunde
Senior Sister and Brother-inlove

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Amen said...

Abies and Peter, God bless your union, and teach your how to love and cherish each other always.
May He bless you with things money cannot buy.
May He give you the grace and wisdom to bring out the best in each other always.
May your days be filled with laughter and all that nourishes the soul.
Lots of love and best wishes from someone that cares deeply.