Thursday, February 19, 2009


This is the concluding part for the men and putting their head in the game: in the first part, we talked about the man's spiritual life and family life. I will conclude this part with his work life and social life!

Work Life : Every man sees his work life almost as important as their family life as they draw strength from doing what God has put in their hands, this can be seen in Genesis chapter 2 -15 "The LORD God took the man and put him in the Garden of Eden to work it and take care of it". So a man, will sometimes put his work before his family...but with the right balance..he can have it all, this he will do by majoring in the major...puts his family first..let his wife understand how important his work is., step up his game at work and be the best at what he does..through training,strategising, team work etc. As he gets fulfillment from his job and finds it easy to share with his wife and family what he does...the wife in turn will create the right atmosphere at home to help him give his best at work.

Social life : The social aspect of a man is key and it depends on the type of man, you have as a spouse or partner...if he is the social butterfly..then its a man's world of hanging out with his homies and if he is the church type, its his co-brothers in the church that form his clique.
Its adviced that men keep meaningful relationships with other friends to help them on the job, as colleagues,mentors or protege. (A woman should always pray for her husband's circle of friends and pray for friends with godly values that will always influence them positively and be their accountability partners besides their wife, who should be chief accountability partner)....

An accountability partner helps keep you accountable for your actions and help keep you grounded, so you do not go astray...your spouse should be your first choice and then for a man, a fellow man or brother and for a woman..a fellow woman or prayer partner, as added partner beside your spouse!
NOTE - Be careful, who you share your thoughts and dreams should be someone that has the fear of God and is trust worthy indeed.One that will always advice you as led by the Spirit of God and will look out for the common good of yourself and family.

I hope this concludes this topic..though there so much more to say! lol!
Those visiting this site and are on face book, should join the group "Next Generation of Fathers" and help to mentor the children of this generation and the next one. God bless our men and take them to the next level as fathers, role models etc in Jesus name amen.

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