Friday, February 6, 2009


I heard a couple of years back, over ten years to be precise that it was the turn of women to take over and turn things around as God had that in mind after the fall at the garden of Eden...The person that said it, was no other person than the late Archbishop Benson Idahosa, the founder of Church of God Mission International, a church in Benin city, considered in my opinion as the Capital of Christianity! LOL!

I was previledged to be in a women's prayer meeting he had on the 11th of March before he passed on the next day 12th of march, it was my birthday that day and after the service, in which he shared so many personal stories to encourage the women, he started ministering to those that came to meet him were he was seated and my friend...that i went with,( I became a member of the church through my friend, when we moved to that neighbourhood as my parents are confirmed Baptist!lol), said i should go to him for prayers since it was my birthday.. and reluctantly i went to him and i told him, it was my birthday and i wanted him to pray for me...and he did..till date i can not remember what he said but i had "chills" all over me as he was praying and i left.

The next day was 12th of March and i could not make the prayer meeting as it was a three day meeting for women which he had called specially and thursday, was the normal prayer meeting of the women to be combined with this, but i could not go as i was in a terrible state because of the news i heard about my grades from my final examination in the university (story for another day).

So later, in the evening, i was on my way home from a friend's house, when i heard he had passed on that afternoon, i went home, so i could ask my sister, that was a student in his university pursuing a diploma in computer science, if this was all i was saying within, was " i saw him yesterday...he prayed for me...he touched me for the very first time!!!..i had questions....when i finally saw my sister, she was not herself and her eyes were blood shot from crying...(i asked her what if she was there!) lol...well that evening was one of the most painful day for us all and others that were part of His ministry, i followed everything that happened and we were praying for the family during our family devotions every evening....(my sweet mum, had brought us up praying, evening prayers initially and then mornings...she had this bell, she used to ring and when she jingles that bell, you have to report for duty at the sitting room! lol).

So many things happened and finally, his wife was made the head of the church by a Bishop that came from the U.S, i was there and saw her shock at the pronouncement...i still have her look that day etched in my mind...and all i could think of...was "women, its your turn"! from Papa's mouth! i had that concealed in my heart...and became fully involved with my groups in church and was very active, serving God, i went with the Help ministry - Joseph Store House to two powerful crusades with Mama: Bishop Margaret Idahosa, to Taraba and Balyelsa, i saw God in action, i saw miracles...and i knew within me that i was a confirmed missionary!lol!

Along came one day....., Dr. Myles Munroe, who was in the church for one of the church conferences, suddenly stopped his message and said women, you are an influence and you must be a positive one...he knelt down on the pulpit begging women to be good influence indeed and not bring the downfall of men! I was wondering, why this...and later i remembered the words... women, its your turn!

From the church, came women that challenged my faith as they came to minister during conferences and was previledged to serve some of them after they had spoken on the pulpit...i met women like Pastors: Fumbi Addo from Kaduna, Funke Adejumo from Akure, Nkechi Ene from Portharcourt, Bimbo Odukoya from Lagos, Bishop Ladonna Osborne from the U.S...and so many others, and i was like wow...girl, you can not do less than these women that are already institutions! (Pastor Funke used that word in one of her meetings that she will rather die as an institution than be just another person passing through the world! That got me thinking!).

With all this...Marriage happened..and i told myself...first, i will be a great wife , mother and minister to my family before preaching to others because i had seen enough of minister's children that were not "it", their parents were busy pursuing ministry and left the children to themselves, so i told myself that its my family first and i took a back sit to church work / ministry...this was after i had spent three years in the church bible school pursuing a diploma in theology/christian ethics...story for another day!lol!
My dad then, used to call me to his room, most mornings to ask me, "what i was doing in a bible school", he wanted me to further my education, do my postgraduate diploma because of my grade in school (had a third class and till date i still ask God why that grade? i be know book small na?....but the only joy i had then and now..was i did not compromise to make the great grade man's way...even when i was not so spiritual...i still saw some route as routes not to be travelled! and i take responsibility for my poor grades despite some obvious "wahala" from the usual suspects! lol). I used to tell my dad then, that i just wanted to know the bible, this was after my youth service in the North and finally getting saved God's way and remaining saved till now unlike my former yo-yo style of living hot today, cold tommorrow! (I also have my dear husband to thank for that...a rural rugged Missionary, whose mission was to save me from myself!)lol!

I finally took my dad's advice and got my Post graduate diploma from the University of Benin, He paid that school fees and i paid my school fees in the bible school with little help from my mum and much help from my covenant big sister/brother and prayer Partners.

I got married with all the blessings of my parents, Godparents, friends, wellwishers and not so well wishers! lol, and settled to my life as MRS! i was just there, still prayerful, still reaching out to people within my reach but never really doing much....when most of my friends called then, they will ask..."you never start your church or dem no make you pastor for church...and i will laugh and say..i am a pastor in my home"!

After two years of delibrate inactivity and not being involved, i finally agreed to start a house fellowship ( after going through the church foundational program for members) in my house and begged my section leader to bring a house fellowship/cell leader, while i assist the person and make my house available!lol. He agreed and we started... and because i did not want extra commitment in any way, i did not grow the house fellowship as i should have, as i felt, more people! more work!...(my pastor must not see this and may God forgive me!) lol!

All those that came to become member of my house fellowship group, came on their own, from the church or seeing the banner (of cell meeting holds here placed at my gate). I finally told myself that the few members i have, i must do everything within my power to impact, so they can impact others for Jesus, i also supported Missions work with my husband but while he was very active in church (but in his usual quiet way).... i was "just there" but because of the house fellowship, i was considered a leader and worker! a very reluctant one though!lol, but we still had our crowd of people that came to us from time to time, that we reached out to in our ways.

Finally, Baba God decided to intervene in my life...started by an invitation from a dear friend and my husband's protege, to go for an all night service in Canaan land...kind of a business fellowship held by Bishop Oyedepo, after the service, we could not sleep despite the fact that we were tired..we heard mind blowing testimonies...and finally we were led to sow a seed, couple of days later..painful at that time but we have never recovered from that day!this, plus other seeds and painful sacrifices with a true heart to serve God/His mercies plus sure triggered the next season i entered!

We changed location, late last year...that again was another testimony and God's faithfulness at play... and again...i started seeing the unusual...meeting unusual people...being challenged...being stretched in all ways....screaming within and one day, i blurted out to a dear friend and pastor...that its as if God brought me to my new location to kill me!!!, she laughed, and said i shouldnt see it that way but that 'He probably seperated me to prepare me'!!! deep and reassuring words!

Since then, i have had talks with countless friends and its still the same talk of Purpose... and most of them tell me, they too have been on their personal soul searching journey and ...they want more...they think they should be doing more... they think, they are not living for God or doing enough for Him...they are not feeling fulfilled...they feel so empty! and its coming stronger than ever..."women its your turn to arise and bring mankind back to God", its time to rock the cradle and rule the world again, through your husbands,children, friends and any one God has called you to impact ....

Your husband may be the reason, why you are still hesitating to do more than what you are doing now, the children may be another reason... but i believe you can do more and start from where you are...face book for me was a struggle...i started getting invitation over two years but recently just joined as my best friend insisted that, was just what i needed, because of my hyper networking life!lol, but till date, i do not regret joining face book as its now my own avenue to reach people for God...(to win some for Him, while maintaining my Job as a domestic goddess , wife and mother!lol), i added this blog and am currently living a secret passion of mine openly.... but i still feel i am not where i should be yet..I have been praying lately that: "Lord i want to leave this world empty of everything you have given me to be a blessing", i want to walk up to you in heaven, not with buried talents/gifts but with traded ones and profits to go with it! still praying...still searching...still believing but i know things are happening and God is setting me up....for what? i do not know!...i am looking for answers, God's way and trusting that at the end...i will be able to say and know of a truth...this is exactly what i was called and saved to do!!!...This is my story....and i am best at being me and this is my own way of being me!

NOTE - God is raising women and the devil is trying to pull down older women in ministry, with seperation from husbands, divorces, sicknesses etc! its time for us to stand in the gap for our sisters in the Lord with a calling, so that we all fulfill purpose!
We are all created for a purpose, find that purpose and live it according to God's perfect will for you! God bless us all!


Prince Okeoma said...

Sister Bridget,
To be sincere with you, I have never been in any ilussion as to the power and influence that women wield as well as they favour they can attract. Little wonder the Bible says that he that finds a wife finds a GOOD thing and obtains favour from the Lord.
No wonder Eve effortlessly influenced Adam to eat that apple.
Let me say, most of the antagonism by men against women is a subscious fear of the power and influence of a women.How do i mean, a female colleague of mine once told me of how antagonistic a certain male DHL staff was to her when she visited thier office tyring to sort out issues with them. I immediately asked her if the guy was married, she said no. I laughed and told her that was the reason. He was trying to conceal something but thru the wrong
The emotional aspect of women(they know hw to be emotional about something including worshiping and serving God) make them great spiritual forces. Though this also makes them susceptible to deceptions of all kinds.
I agree! it is thier turn if only they can rediscover their true position and purpose of creation and make the most of it.
I am happy for Sis Biddy and pray that your light will so shine beyond your widest imagination.
Good is for you, in you and by you.


Prince Okeoma said...

Pls overlook my errors and omissions in my comment

Bridget Elesin said...

@Royal Prince,My brother,your message is clear & correct, despite the "computer wahala" & you are so right, my brother, God has indeed blessed us beyond our imaginations, but a woman that will conquer her world, must stoop to conquer, be under authority and be submissive, as you can not have authority & influence, until you obey authority!
If only, most women know that God has called them for something higher, indeed they will serve and learn to become, what God has destined for them!

empower yourself said...

When you use your personal experience as an example you make yourself vulnerable but much more you inspire, motivate and encourage other people. Thank you for being a living epistle.

I see you as an institution already!

Bridget Elesin said...

My bro 'empower yourself', your comment hit a nerve, as this was the hardest post/article i had ever written, i started on face book notes and it took me hours to even come near to post it, after i finished, i left it till the next day, after my husband had gone through and told me that if God inspired it, then it must be for a reason because, this was really putting my life out there...i have been having personal struggles on the purpose of my life recently and this was just a way of God truly putting my life on the altar to die and to recover it! question to God has been..why this burden?, why the writting?, urgency to do more..why this responsibility that i am not truly ready for just yet...and all i can hear is I HAVE BEEN READY FOR IT, RIGHT FROM THE FOUNDATION OF THE EARTH BEFORE YOU WERE CREATED...JESUS WAS NOT TRULY READY TO DIE, BUT I WAS READY FOR HIM TO DIE TO SAVE ALL. and now my dear brother, its my turn and yours....May God empower us and give us the grace to follow through to the end in Jesus name, so that indeed, we will hear thou good and faithful servant...enter into my rest!