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The books "Gifted Hands and Think BIG" were two books that i read while growing up and they were books that inspired me to be the best of what God has destined for me to be...I read the books then and even thought of becoming a surgeon like Ben Carson director of pediatric neurosurgery at the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions, who is living proof that perseverance, prayer, and self-respect, combined with a devotion to acquiring knowledge, can overcome any obstacles in one's way.
He has performed several surgery of seperating siamese twins - cojoined twins especially those joined at the head!.. in the book, Gifted Hands, he chronicled his life story and talked of his mum, who was a single mum but yet pushed him and his brother to do more with themselves and not just end up like most black children in America to take the easy way out by turning out badly or a jail bird with the excuse of no father to bring them up!(Note: The black woman everyone knows, is a fighter and will always fight that their children come out tops and the best with or without a man!- I will come to that issue on subsequent post on "The family, keeping the main thing, the main thing)!

I was led to write this post as i watched Cuba Gooding jnr, Oscar winning actor of the 1996 film Jerry Maguire, on the View being interviewed by my "Viewlicious women-Whoopi, Joy,Elizabeth and Sheri..Barbara was away today. Cuba came out to be interviewed looking very hot on a pink shirt and jeans trouser...Elizabeth commented on loving his pink top and he said he was comfortable with his sexuality! So beautiful, and i said "aha" as i am crazy about my husband wearing his pink shirts...i intentionally pick such colors for him as only a real man can pull off those feminine colors and still look like a man!she laughs!

Well.. he got talking about his new movie and the role of portraying the real life Dr. Ben Carson, this was after he had spoken affectionaly of his family..he has three children with his wife, two teenage boys and a daughter that is just three years old, who he says rules the house...they indeed feel her presence!lol.
He said in playing the role, he could put himself in the character as he too was brought up by his mum, when she got divorced from his dad and she pushed him too to become the award winning actor he is now.

I can not wait to see the film but indeed i want to use this medium to celebrate all those amazing single mums in my life..that has never given up on themselves and children, though their men bailed out on them...i have seen their pains, silent tears and felt their joy..but amazingly..they have done great jobs in bringing up their children with the help of God, who has constantly been their present help in times of need! I salute you all for seeing motherhood as pure service to God by bringing up godly seeds...the beauty of their lives is, they have stayed strong and not one day..have they poisoned the minds of their children against their dads! That to me is the best gift, they have given the children!

I have a wonderful man that has been a blessing in taking care of our three prophetic children..yet i still feel i need super extra help and yet, this amazing women are doing this challenging job of parenting alone with help most times from relatives and friends...some do not even have that kind of support but God! who indeed is the best support! Like Ben Carson, your children will do so well, that the world will notice! God be with you all and know, you are all in my prayers, even if you do not get to read this, but as many that will read it, in this situation, know you are not alone...God is your husband and a better father than any earthly man! least He gets to cope with all of us in the world dayly without slumbering or sleeping! Love you L.A angel without wings and her two adorable children/sister, my friend/family in CA, my big sister/confidante in lagos , my big sister and Dream supporter in Benin, my aunty and prayer partner in Port-harcourt, my cousin/friend in London...You are all amazing women that i have learnt so much from and all i can say is "God will give you beauty for ashes indeed!

Enjoy this synopsis on the Gifted Hand movie and be the first to see it when it gets to your area or when it comes out on DVD!

LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) – TNT's "Gifted Hands" is one of those longform projects that has Emmy written all over it.

It boasts near-flawless direction from Thomas Carter, a vivid teleplay adaptation by John Pielmeier and uniformly magnificent performances, particularly from star Cuba Gooding Jr., who puts himself back onto the Hollywood map here in a way he hasn't since his Oscar-winning turn in 1996's "Jerry Maguire."

Gooding portrays the real-life world-renowned brain surgeon Benjamin Carson, director of pediatric neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins Children's Center and author of a best-selling 1990 autobiography.

It's taken nearly two decades to get Carson's inspiring story to the screen, but Gooding does him more than proud with a portrayal at once sensitively wrought and quietly moving.

In lesser hands (if you'll pardon the pun), this biopic could easily have drifted off into maudlin sap, but Gooding keeps the character of Carson centered and human and the film honoring him wise and surprisingly graphic. (The surgical procedures are showcased in all of their bloody glory, but not so much as to cross the line to gratuitousness.)

Affixed with the "Johnson & Johnson Spotlight" imprint a la the classic 2002 multiple Emmy winner "Door to Door" (and produced by members of the same team), "Gifted Hands" follows Carson's inspirational tale from his childhood as a pudgy and angry kid struggling in Detroit's inner-city projects through his rise to the top of the medical profession.

Early on, we see Carson as a kid wracked with self-doubt and confusion in a household with a mother whose education stalled in third grade and a father who chose narcotics over the family.

But his mother, Sonya (a terrific rendering from Kimberly Elise), is shown early on to have been a proud, devoted and tireless dispenser of tough love to her two boys, repeatedly drilling home the point that there was nothing they couldn't achieve if they used their brain. We see that her own brain, however, turned on her, resulting in bouts of clinical depression she struggled to control.

The film is framed by what proved to be Carson's most challenging and celebrated case during the early years of his career in the mid-1980s: the separation of conjoined twins attached at the back of the head. The dramatization of that first successful operation in which both infants survived is moving yet commendably understated. The music doesn't crest to a climax so much as sustain what is shown to be a modern-day medical miracle, one of many that Dr. Carson would cultivate.

If there is a criticism one can level at "Gifted Hands," it's the utter sainthood that envelops the surgeon as he goes about his daily heroics during the film's final third. A modest and unassuming portrait this is not, despite Gooding's efforts to bring the character back down to Earth. Of course, a guy who is entrusted with pulling off regular feats of wonder with small children had better possess a healthy ego, or he's not going to get too far in the world of delicate pediatric neurosurgery, so the lack of authentic humility is perhaps inevitable for a doctor who's received the Presidential Medal of Freedom. But the film is so good that a little immodesty is not only acceptable but understandable. And after years of struggle to cash in artistically on his Academy Award notoriety, Gooding is back in the ballgame. Show him the money!

Reuters/Hollywood Reporter!


empower yourself said...

I first got to know about ben carson when i was in 200 level. I have since read 3 of his books and a docuementary on His achievements. His books are a collectors item

Anonymous said...

ben carson was brave an his mother was a failure lol