Saturday, February 14, 2009


Its Valentine's day and today the 14th of February,is a day for lovers all over the world to celebrate their love for one another. For me, love is to be celebrated the film 50 first dates with Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler: every man needs to show how much he loves his leading lady every day as even the bible says "God's mercies are renewed every morning". So each new day should come with renewed love, new forgiveness, and everything new!

As the new day dawns and people celebrate all over the world, i renew my love for my most favorite person in the world!, my friend, brother,priest, pastor, mentor,laughing partner, sounding board and helper/supporter of my dreams, my lover,husband and father of my three beautiful and prophetic children, who i met during our National Youth services almost eleven years now and accepted to be in a godly relationship with eight years ago during valentine period that year; "accepting to be his valentine 365 days of the year"!.
I wrote this piece on one of his birthdays but added some things as this message is new indeed!lol! Do same or much more for the leading man and woman in your life! Enjoy your day and above all your marriage!...God indeed will continue to preserve Godly marriages in Jesus name amen!

My dear husband,

I have known you as a person for almost eleven years and this year 2009, will make it exactly ten years since you came into my life as a friend wanting to help and to share. i appreciate you for all you have been to me...first a friend, then a brother, a mentor,a teacher, a father, husband and a lover.
We have shared our hopes, our dreams...we have been through good times and challenging times but through it all, i have come to love you more, to respect you more and to thank God more for giving you to me as my husband to love and to cherish forever!

As we celebrate another year of valentine, i believe, God that we both serve, will do new things that will make us testify of His glory this season and forever, we will see his help like never before and we will hear more clearly as He takes us through a whole new experience of His power and His love.
I thank God for the years we have seen as husband and wife and this happens to be the sixth one together, i look forward to more progressive years and i wish us all the joy and love that only Jesus can Bring! These are some of the reasons why i love you:

1.You are a man after God's heart
2.You are caring
3.You are responsible
4.You are loving
5.You are a true friend
6.You are a giver
7.You are a listener
8.You are a helper of destiny
9.You are sensitive to the things of God
10.You can laugh at yourself and laugh with others
11.You are very thoughtful
12.You are very considerate and kind
13.You have a teachable spirit
14.You are forgiving
15.You are an encourager
16.You are supportive
17.You are a great son to your parents and mine
18.You are a great dad to your biological and spiritual children
19.You are a great brother to your siblings and mine
20.You obey God
21.You are a mentor
22.You are a teacher
23.You are an example of a role model
24.You are an epitome of humility
25.You speak right
26.You try to do and live right
27.You are reliable and dependable
28.You have an excellent spirit
29.You are very understanding
30.You are a Brilliant growing man
31.You are a wonderful husband
32.You are a sensitive lover
33.You are a Faithful husband
34.You are a treasure and a gift to this generation
35. You are an excellent provider, my dear husband and a blessing forever!

Love you now and always, know that by God's grace, i will always remain the woman that God wants me to be for you and the woman of your dreams!

Love always,
Your wife,Mother of your lovely children,Partner in Progress and Ministry,Helpmeet and love of your life
"Beauty"! Bridget

NOTE - Pls no scrapping of the N.Y.S.C O! LOL


Amen said...

That is so sweet!!!!!!

spiritualdigest said...

God bless you for this post!

Hope Adodo said...

Bridggy we really do have a lot in common. I agree completely with you, please no scrapping of NYSC oo!!! After missing a year and two batches of Youth service God directed my steps steps indeed to meet Tokunbo, my husband... That was truly saving the best for last, because i know no one else would have been perfect for me.

Bimpe said...

WOW! Awesome Write-up. I am falling in love over and over again. Somebody help!
Good job provoking couples to always renew their LOVE

Anonymous said...

Fantastic write up. I must also commend your consistency. Welldone!

empower yourself said...

This awesome. I am sure your hubby will be blushing....Please let your husband post his comments about you on your blog oooo.

Overwelming praise

Salt said...

All I can say is 'Wow'!

I thank God for you and your hubby. Cos I tell you, only God keeps our relationships these days. The enemy seems to have a special mandate to go after marriages.

But as God's hand is so obviously on yours, may it ever remain in Jesus name.. Amen!

And may Jesus continue to be the only 3rd party in your marriage. So it is and so shall it be. Amen!

Bridget Elesin said...

Thanks everyone for leaving your comments!This post has made my hidden readers to become visible!lol, i thank you all for supporting this blog and this post especially. @ Hope, dear, We may have to start a movement to keep the Youth service o!lol,
@empower yourself..."He says he is a growing man and hopefully, he will get to do exactly what you asked! lol!...May God continue to help us all. Appreciate you all greatly and may God keep our marriages and our lives in Jesus name amen!

Anonymous said...

Wow that was beautiful. I can bet how swollen headed your hubby must have been after reading this. May God continue to bless your marriage and may it continually be an exemplary to others in Jesus name. Amen

vic4laryn said...

Thomas Dexter Jakes on his thirtieth anniversary in ministry remarked, "If somebody else says you are wonderful and the people you live with don't,then you have failed.It is far more important that the people who know you the best think well of you because they get to see every part of you." I feel the same way too.Good work bro Tunde!

Unknown said...

awwwwwww,,,,,,,,,,,,,,so so sweet.