Saturday, February 21, 2009

Bridget's Muse - Happenings in my World!

Time flies when you are having fun! I look forward to everyday as there is so much to be done...these days, its as if the day runs by so fast! twenty four hours is no longer enough! She laughs! For me, this is a season of preparation as this present season is not my destination and i am learning so much, doing so much as i know success is a process and i want to be the best in all i do and put in my best too, i get passionate about a lot of things and its my passion that actually keeps me going.

Most people wonder how i do what i do: being a wife, mother to big baby husband/favorite person in the world, two prophetic daughters and my prophetic son and companion! lol. ( I call myself a domestic goddess as God helps me to make things happen in my home).

I am a blog.....i have this blog and a new one..Bridget-Elesin-laughs, on blogspot..this is a work in progress by divine inspiration!, i am what you call a facebook addict...i do not deceive myself as i am on face book, almost everyday, even if its for ten minutes! lol.

I manage three groups i created on facebook and contribute on some other groups i belong to, its been so much fun doing all i do and everyday i ask God to help me, be a blessing in all ways possible and also to fulfill destiny by being a blessing to my generation!

In my season of preparation, its not been a walk through the park, i have had my challenges coming to my own and finding my voice...but through it all, i have had the love and support of my maker...the love of my life, the one that created me in His image and likeness and has told me i can do all things through Christ that strengthens me! Almighty God....i have had the support and love of family: my husband has been my sounding board, strength,help and the one that saves me from myself!lol, i have my excesses but he loves me despite myself...monkey no fine, him mama like am! lol, my children have been amazing and understanding, they now know my laptop area is my "office" and my first daughter always warns her 'daring' younger sister, not to go near mummy's office! lol.

I have had to threathen them a couple of times, when my second daughter took out eight keys from my laptop and put them in the dvd/cd compartment...i still have three keys off! lol, i have had cases of books and materials, i read missing from the table, where i work because my daughters are in the habit of playing house and putting my stuff in their bags or toy cartons...they are gradually getting the jist, as i have called to talk with them on how important my "office is and their father too did same and now, i truly have my office to myself, except when they step in for me to play...some of their favorite Nigerian songs....i.e Igwe by Midnight crew and Timaya from myspace/YouTube ...shush...their father will "faint" if he hears this! lol, he still can not get my love for my type of music....he believes some of the music are not inspired by God and i always tell him...'who do you think inspires them...God of course! lol. Its just that some are not using the inspiration positively...they will get better...people like Pastor Chris Okotie sang wordly songs then, but today, its a different tune...Onyeka Onwenu, Ebenezer Obey, late Sonny Okosun..and so many Dbanj, Psquare,Tuface and co will sing a different tune too in a matter of time! lol .

Any ways..that has been some of the happenings in my own life but those around me that has got me thinking are

1. The woman with the Octuplet, she is not finding it easy with fourteen children, she had six before and the eight now! The media has been on her case, the doctor that helped her with the insemination...her case is strange as she got the sperm for all the children from a mutual male friend, who she has no sexual relationship with but is now technically father of her fourteen children! America na wah!

2. An old case of a doctor in New York that got divorced from his wife and asked the wife for a kidney, he had given to save her life while they were married...since she was caught in an adultrous affair with her therapist, he asked for his healthy kidney or $1.5 million dollars....This is a funny story but again America na wah!

3. Rihanna the umbrella singer, being involved in a domestic violence case with her boyfriend, another musician Chris Brown, both were to perform at the grammy awards but missed out as a result of this! Only God will save American women from domestic violence..even in Nigeria, its a problem...(am happy to be part of history being made in Edo State then, when one of the N.G.O's helped through one of the legislators to pass the bill on violence against women!).

My thought on this is that women should not stand for this behaviour and such men should be kept in an enclosed place where a machine with cane, punches,kicks, will fight with them and inflict marks on them, that will make them, never to hurt another woman or get two Sumo wrestlers to jump on their head repeatedly, to help shift the grey matters in their heads to the right place....option to choose! am laughing so hard...Bridget! God will save you!

4. Shocking news of the death of Mrs Alaere Alaibe; i got a request from a friend to join a group to honor her on face book...i couldnt join when i saw RIP! i do not know her personally but have read so much about her FREE -Family Reorientation,Education Empowerment N.G.O, she was selfless in her service to humanity, she built an health center with the help of some of her friends in her home town in Balyelsa and helped in educating women that never knew they would ever read in this world...its a pity how some very good people die young!...may be as some people say..."so they are not corrupted! God knows still processing everything and wish her husband and college sweetheart, plus children, God's strength to bear this irreplaceable loss and for her N.G.O children, may God raise people that will continue to run with her vision of blessing humanity.

5. Good news of Tyler Perry's new movie :Madea goes to jail!am excited about it...looking forward to watching it soon! on first name basis with him! my dreams!... next to Oprah Winfrey, he is another favorite american celebrity and mentor of some sort.

He was interviewed by Larry King today: It was written that he was once homeless but now a mega millionaire, he is 39 years old, one of the top five black earners and he said Oprah inspired him to of the best answers he gave Larry, was on making money and he said that he doesnt even think of it...that all he thinks about is being a blessing and helping humanity through what he does! that to me is what life is about!


http://diaryofadesperatenaijawoman said...

Bridget!!!! I laffed so hard reading your verdict on what should happen to men that abuse women! I vote for the Sumo wrestler options. It is their grey matter we need to deal with.

Thanks for the chuckle. I love Tyler too (yes me too, I am his cousin from another nation!!! LOL).

I have watched 'Diary of a Mad Black Woman' so many times, Ima is not finding it funny at all.

Prince Okeoma said...

Hello Bridget,
I must comend ur consistency. I have once wondered how u do a lot of writings almost everyday both here and on facebook. Not just the write ups but the passion u put into them makes ur readers feel u.
This post is funny,and bizare at the same time esp. the divorcee demanding back his kidney. There are many more things he too should return back to the woman as well.I leave that to the judge to decide.
And for men beating up women? I no fit shout!


Unknown said...

I enjoy reading yur blog..u make me