Tuesday, January 6, 2009

You can begin again!

My husband was called to lead in a session of prayers during our cross over service in church on new year's eve and after a while, he said something like "even if you are angry with God that he did not meet your expectations, its time to move on and let go!This was like hitting me below the belt!and yes, i had issues with God!May He forgive me as i am mere mortal!
My issues were things that did not work out right, prayers, i felt He did not answer, Things i wanted to see happen that did not happen as expected!All this got to me and was in my heart until i heard those words and i finally told myself,that typical of God, He is giving me another chance to begin again!To have a positive attitude again, to believe in my dreams again, to believe in myself and others again and to know that if He comes late, He comes BIG!
The truth is that most times, the people that want less are settled easily and quick but those that want more may get it slow but its sure to come!the strength you need to carry an elephant is different compared to the strength in carrying a tortoise!with all this going through my head, i believe, i am ready for the year,I am ready to develop myself in all ways that will create the desired result, i want to see this year 2009 manifest itself as prophesied but to see things happen the way we expect, we must be ready to walk/work the talk!

You may have had a challenging year 2008, you may have had issues like i had or even more than mine, but the truth is, its time to get up and begin again, you may have had doors shut at you last year, its time to rise up and go knocking on more doors this year!you may have written applications,proposals and you got no call in response, write more and submit more and believe that this time, it will be a different story!
I know,its not always easy to begin again but when you think of the reward of getting what you want at the end, it serves as a booster to get you going!This year 2009, we must stay focused until our desired change comes!A man called Jacob in the bible that was a known trickster/fraudster- he tricked his brother of his birthright and also tricked his father Isaac to bless him, had an encounter with a man and wrestled with him, that despite his hip bone being out of joint, he continued until he got the blessing he wanted!To begin again this year, You must have the following at the back of your mind:

1.You must not build a monument of your past failures, if you do so, you can not begin again,forgive who ever you believe has held you bound, forgive yourself and others, live a guilt free life, be determined to release any unpleasant event and move on.

2. You must keep company with people that are ready to begin again and are going some where to happen as those that are not ready to begin again are going no where and will encourage you to do same.

3.You must be focused as to what you want this year, if you need to train yourself on some certain areas you are deficient, then do so, i.e to stay healthy this year with a desired weight, you must be ready to pay the price of eating right and exercising and you must remain focused to see results

4.Be ready to celebrate every progress you make this year and also celebrate others as they make their own progress no matter how small

5.Commit to an accountability partner that will help to see you through as you begin again, somebody you know has your best interest at heart, for the married ones, make your spouse your partner in progress or a fellow lady, if you are female and a man, if you are male but nothing stops you from keeping the opposite gender as an accountability partner, if it works for you that way!

5.Be ready to mentor someone or show someone how you got your result!Be a blessing and help someone to begin again!This indeed is our year of Manifestation!

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empower yourself said...

Happy new year,

True! No point in cring over spilt milk. I have made up my mind to trust God for the best in this year. Come to think of it God deserves to be praised.

Oluyemi Adeosun