Thursday, January 8, 2009


Hello all, its indeed our year of Manifestation,Miracles,Signs ,Wonders and Divine change!This is a very crucial year to everyone financially as most countries are in recession and finances are limited but for us that live according to the economy of heaven, we will always have supply to our needs as the God we serve is the owner of the world and all the resources contained in it!The earth is the Lord's and the fullness thereof!So this year when people are complaining of bad times, you will have enough to lend to Nations!Its in His word, the bible!This year, those that know their God shall indeed do exploit in His name and this year, more than ever before, he will be raising Money Missionaries, people that He will bless with billions to reach the world for Him, to support Missions and Pastors, to the unsaved and unreached!
His plan is always to bless us and help us be a blessing too, so this year, some of us will be like the Shunamite woman, who gave accomodation to a man of God and was blessed with a child in return, some of us will be like Mary, who took a costly alabaster oil and put it on Jesus's feet,Some of us will be like Lydia who made clothes of purple for others!
This year is loaded!as those in the kingdom will be saying there is a lifting up when others outside are saying there is a casting down and even if we are already in the situation of the Prophet's wife, who lost her husband and the creditors came calling, am talking to you as a prophet now that there is something you have to make the oil flow, you will get so much oil that you will borrow people's container to put more in Jesus name amen!am not kidding, take my word for it!Some of us will be like the Queen of Sheba that brought gifts to Solomon! taking a gift to your pastor/deacon because their words have been a blessing to you!Am excited about the money we will make this year!NOTE-Genuine money as God is a God of idea, and will give you ideas that will set you up, he will give you the connection that will bring the jobs and money in Jesus name but you must know that the money,God will bring is for you to be a blessing to another, to set up orphanges,hospitals,homes for the homesless and battered!So get ready for WEALTH,Kingdom style!
I was watching Oprah Winfrey show today as this week has been her best life week, where discussions have been on weight,health, relationship,money etc.Today,8/1/2009 was on money/Finances and i was amazed when her guest host-A woman known as Suzy Orman, a trusted financial expert asked the audience to stand up and tell each other how much they owned, at the end, the audience of 225 people, had a debt of over two million dollars!Shocking!and as you know, America is a credit society where you can even buy the bed you sleep, on credit!I told myself after watching the program that i must share what i learnt and what i already know with us!
This year, we must empower ourselves financially, even if we are domestic goddess or stay at home mum, we must find something to do or live below our means and make some savings that will tide us over if there is a challenge.I have worked with NGOs,Churches and seen families with financial issues not being able to pay their bills, i have seen women lose thier husbands with Finance being a major problem!So please this year, we must pay attention to our finance!
Some of the things i learnt are
1.Be truthful with your debt
2.Pay off your credit debt, especially those in countries with credit card!I will advice us to have debit cards instead of credit or lessen the credit cards to two or three!(Imagine people having twenty three credit cards!)
3.Never exceed your credit limit
4.Start Saving
NOTE-Have a Action plan to spend, sit down with your expenses and seperate it-Your NEED and WANT!if its not a NEED then do not buy it!
5.Save enough to cover eight-8 months expenses incase there is a challenge...job loss etc.
6.Plan to invest, know the stock market for yourself and learn to read the market and reports, any money you need to use in the next five years must not be put in the stock market because if the stock crashes, your money is reduced!so put excess money that you do not need in the next ten/fifteen years in stock, so no matter what happens, you will get your money when things normalise!
Finally she asked people to take a pledge, which so many found impossible to do!
1.Do not spend any money for one day
2.Do not use your credit card for one month
3.Do not eat out in a restaurant for one month!This was the difficult part for some as Americans eat out a lot!
i believe we can all do this, for my Nigerian sisters
1.Do 1 and 2
2. cut out aso-ebi and all unnecessary jewelries and clothes
3.Do not compete and buy what your girlfriend or neighbour is buying, there is time for everything
4.Save money no matter how small
5.Everybody,this is a year, you must pay tithe!it is commanded, ten percent of every money you get....pls school fees, your grocery money is not part of it, your salary,pocket money and monetary gifts, pay ten percent of it, pls do not care what the pastor is doing with it, its between him and God!if you can, learn to sow seeds for projects, do so and learn to give to worthy causes, you will never lose your reward in Jesus name amen!Pls comments are welcome.Lets us tap from your knowledge.

Note-DOWN LOAD SUZY ORMAN'S BOOK ON 2009 ACTION PLAN BETWEEN NOW AND 16TH JANUARY 2009 ON .You will not get the downloads after the 16th of January.After this time, look for the book, which is about ten dollars or N1,500 Nigerian naira!
I wrote this for Praying wife in facebook but its here in my blog as bonus post!lol.
From my post,you will notice i do not have the part of scriptures i talked about in buttressing my points, i did it delibrately, so we can all go and search our bibles for ourselves!its the truth you know that will set you free!Enjoy searching the bible this year and get the truth for yourself!Indeed the word works!

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