Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Vision Speaks!

Time truly flies when you are having fun and for me, writing has always been fun!I remember back in the days when i use to go everywhere with a note pad and a pen and just scribble down things, most times, when i am having a conversation with my friends, i will write down a heading on my note pad as time with Miss A or B!and some of them often times wondered what i was writing and will make remarks have time!!!with this bemused smile on their faces, but i kept at it and some of my older friends noticed and commended me...any way, i kept at it without even knowing what i was doing myself, other than to tell myself that i loved writing!she laughs!I recently just discovered why i did what i did then, taking notes while watching a movie,listening to a sermon, watching a cartoon,talking with people etc and i realised it was for a purpose and this is gradually being unveiled...,

I started my blog, as a result of commenting on other blogger's sites, especially,two of my all time favorites, Dipo Tepede and Deolu Akinyemi, you can google their names and read for yourself their amazing posts/write ups, i call Dipo my mentor in blogging and Deolu my Prophet in blogging! These guys are truly amazing when it comes to analysing issues, i have been liberated from ignorance most times by their posts/write ups. Another reason for starting was joining face book and i have my BFF-best friend forever,Muyi to thank for convincing me to join face book, it was the last thing on earth i wanted to do at that time but now am glad i listened! lol!

My blogging has made me to start scribbling again on my note pad and interestingly, i discovered things i had written on this particular note pad over six years ago and it literarily blew my mind! So many notes from sermons in church and on Television,Myles Munroe and Joyce Meyer especially, I also saw some notes i took while watching Oprah Winfrey show where she had a guest Dr.Gloria that went about with a mobile clinic in deprived neighbourhoods to treat sick children ! All this and many were in my note pad with dates attached to them and i was truly amazed at how much i had written without knowing the reason why i was writing then...but now i know and am understanding in bits! lol!

The one that truly amazed me more and sparked up this post was the note i took down while talking to a friend of mine, who happened to be the Sisters leader of my Youth Ministry in Benin while i was the Vice President of the Youth Ministry then and it was dated October 22, 2002 and underneath the date, i wrote, "men need help, real talk, Man of Purpose conference" and listed out some names of speakers in that with financial knowledge, spiritual etc, i also wrote something similar for sisters. I am pretty sure if i asked her now what we were discussing to prompt my writing down this, she will not have a clue but i can remember because i wrote it down and today, i know why those thoughts came and was written down.

I recently started a group on Facebook called the Women and Men of Purpose as a result of what i had written down over six years ago and the reason why i did this was to fulfill my life time dream/goals of leaving everyone i meet better than the way i met them and more than ever, i see a need to reach out and touch lives in this uncertain world to borrow from my blogging mentor's post Dipo and to point people to a very CERTAIN God. That People will live a purposeful life by giving and reaching out to a fellow human being, because i truly believe life is all about living,loving and giving and this is one way i have decided to go about it and l look forward to people that will join me and others in the group to live each day purposefully by being a delibrate blessing to another! Its the dawn of a new day in my life, as i know without a doubt that i am on a missionary journey...Jah movement as i use to joke with my beloved Inlove...he knows himself!lol, and i pray that at the end of it all, someone can say "i had food to eat because you feed me, i had shelter because you provided a place for me to lay my head, i have clothes on my back because you gave them to me and i am who i am today, a better person, because you cared and stood by me! join me in this journey of faith on facebook and be a blessing for indeed the Vision is for an appointed time and will speak at the end!-paraphrased! Habakukk 2 vs 2-3!Shallom!

Find below the link to the group on facebook

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