Friday, January 23, 2009


I posted an article on the 18th of December titled "No competition" and in it i was trying to explain every person's uniqueness: that you are unique as a person doing what you do, being who you are and there is no competition about that truth! Even if you have an identical twin sibling, you will still be different from him/her and above all, you will both have your different and unique finger print as no two person on earth carry the same finger print! Our unique God has made each of us different and unique in our own way. You are indeed one of a kind, a priceless master piece created by God in His own image and likeness.

Just knowing i am unique is a great feeling and for me, i have seen another side of my uniqueness: My being able to put my thoughts on paper to express myself is a unique trait,Come on Bridget,you may say: there are so many people doing this! i agree, but they are not me! They do not think in the line i am thinking or express themselves the way i do and vice versa, so we may get thesame topic to write on but we will write it in our own different way/ style and write from our own personal perspective and story.

I always use to joke that i was not talented, because i can not do what most ladies terms of girly stuff like baking, beading,sewing ( Tried that once and i loved it and will like to learn how to truly sew), weaving hair, make up/painting of nails etc, my 3 biological sisters can do most of this but i consider myself a joker trying to do some of this. I know now you can take time to learn most of these things if you want to but if the truth be told, i am not a very patient person when it comes to things i in my own opinion consider as non essential!She laughs - I am suffering this now as i can not make my daughters hair and i pay some crazy amount just trying to make them look nice, most times i threaten them that i will cut their hair when they are giving me a hard time trying to do the few easy styles i know but thank God for their dad, who has always saved them from my claws! More Laughter!!!

The things i mentioned above do not come natural to me, so its definately not what i was created to be doing except i decide to really learn and tell myself...You can do sure after some struggles, i would finally be able to do all of this and much more stuff i have not given a thought to!

The things i can do naturally or that come easy to me are plate washing - story for another day!laughs, household chores, reading, writing, listening to people talk, and talking/ mum use to call me a lawyer those days, as i can argue my point to a conclusive end! I am also a creative thinker or a dreamer as some will call it.... (i get brain waves as we use to call it in my company TQA Communications Ltd, those days...what we do besides event planning/management was selling ideas, so you need to think and see the possibility of your thoughts and ideas in proposals that you will sell to clients! So most times we were paid to think of ways to creatively market products through events by our clients).

All the above are easy for me, so i see them as my own niche, a place where i am most productive and will function without struggle! Imagine a Tiger Wood trying to play basket ball, am sure even if he can, he will not be as fantastic as a Micheal Jordan, or Magic Johnson, and vice versa!
I recently tuned in to a public channel where i heard the Author of Rich Dad, Poor dad and other financial books speaking... he was actually rounding up his talk but the few minutes of what i heard was life transforming!

He - Robert T. Kiyosaki said "find the spot where your genius comes out" , He said his, is being on the street, as he can not find himself doing any office job, he talked about Mick Jagger that went to school as an accountant but came out as Rolling Stone! Tiger Wood as a genius on the golf course. Do what you know God gave you the best genius for! isn't that amazing?, just hearing this from someone i consider a financial mentor was truly liberating!

I know of people, that went to school to read a particular course and today are doing something else in the area of their strength, passion and genius! There is a male Medical doctor in Nigeria, who today bakes award winning cakes! Fela Kuti, the late afro beat legend was sent to school to read medicine and ended up reading music which made him known all over the world!...There are countless examples of men and women that read one course and today are doing something else, i.e I read Geography and Regional planning as a first degree, and got a post graduate diploma in public administration but i have never worked in that line, the degree gave me a springboard to launch myself and today, i am doing what i love and truly have a passion for. As Robert Kiyosaki said...Intelligence is not doing what you are told but finding your own environment, just as Oprah is a genius on Television, Ali Baba, a genius, as a Compere / Comedian and Tu face Idibia is a genius as regards singing, you too can be a genius in what ever God has deposited on the inside of you!

“One is not born a genius, one becomes a genius” (Simone de Beauvoir)
According to some,geniuses are born while some others believe it can be learnt! whatever you believe, live your best life now discovering your uniqueness and niche! I will conclude with this message left on my Facebook wall by Dayo Olomu, a mentor of mentors, an Inspirational/Motivational Speaker,an author and publisher. (you can read more about him in or

"You are a unique creature. You have an unusual gift and potential. You have a unique history. You have a unique temperament and experience. You have a unique footprint and voiceprints. You have a unique talent, capabilities and skills. You have a unique DNA. Some have even suggested that your DNA carries with it the wisdom of previous generations. You have a unique genetic code.
You have a unique destiny that only you can fulfil. Above all, you are endowed with the seeds of greatness".


JesusFreak said...

Wow..This is nice

Thanks for spurring me on again with the words of one of my mentors - Robert Kiyosaki..

God bless

empower yourself said...

We are all talented. Thats certain. Articulating the talent and given it commercial value is another story. Becoming a legend/celebrity as a result of the talent usage is even different.

great thoughts