Sunday, January 18, 2009

True Beauty!

This post took me over one week to write as i had to think through it carefully.I started it before three other topics that i posted on this blog as i could not really flow in the direction i wanted, until one morning while having my quiet time, i had a witness in my spirit that it was a post to be written for the Praying Maiden on face book, a group i belong to, to reach out to single and unmarried sisters. Enjoy the story as a bonus post on my blog and above all, learn the lesson behind the story!

I recently saw a Reality TV show by this title with Tara Banks as the Executive producer. Its a show about ten very beautiful people, males and females of various backgrounds, the current season has a beauty queen, a vitamin shop owner, a fashion buyer and some other ordinary everyday girls and guys with very beautiful looks. They all live in a mansion and are being judged by their host, a lady, another lady that is a super model and a guy based on their beauty in and out. They are given various challenges/task to do and the people that fail the task are up for elimination in the 'hall of beauty' by the three judges but the twist to the program which the contestants are not aware of is that, there are hidden camera's to see how they behave when faced with issues of intergrity, character,empathy etc.and based on how they react, their inner beauty is judged and the one that is found wanting amongst the last two contestants up for elimination is finally sent packing!

The beauty of the show is the contestants do not know this twist as its hidden from them and only the person to be eliminated gets to find out the truth about the competition at the point of elimination after the second contestant has been left off the hook for passing a delibrate test on their way to the hall of beauty to be judged for elimination.

So far, two people have gone home, in the first episode, the last two people that were up for elimination as a result of their poor beauty score were told to meet the judges at the 'hall of beauty', but what they did not know was the fact that they were also judged on their reaction at the clinic where they were scientifically tested to know their beauty score, to see what they would do with other contestants files that had been neatly arranged beside the contestant's chair to be screened while they waited for the doctor and his assistant and those that had a look at other people's files failed the test as it was a violation of invading other people's privacy by reading their files.

The last two contestants after being assessed scientifically with their beauty scores below the beauty pass mark, where tested further on their way to the 'hall of beauty' unknowingly by the producers using a man that had a tray of coffee wanting to enter the building at thesame time with them, of the two ladies for elimination, one walked in and left the man to his fate and the other walked in but allowed the man through first, while one was sent home, the other was sent packing after being confronted with evidence of her looking though other people's files, insulting the judges/doctor for her poor scientific beauty test and also of walking past the coffee man without helping! What came to my mind then is what is really true beauty? is it the flashy beauty on the outside that we see or the inner beauty of character on the inside that resonates as compassion, love, godly conduct on the outside?
If you read the account of Rebekah in the bible in Genesis 24-, reading from verse 10 will give you a clear background of what happened with her and Abraham's servant that went looking for a wife for Isaac among his people. Rebekah came in as an answer to the servant's prayer and after giving him water to drink, she went further to help him water his camels! What an answer to prayers! Her good conduct won her a husband! Read verse 15 to 67! Long read but worth it! Note that generally speaking, in life, our inner beauty always stand us out at the end. Indeed men see the face but God looks at the heart - 1 Samuel 16 - 6 - 7, i sincerely pray that i and everyone reading this post would not be found wanting in this aspect by God in Jesus name amen!

I look forward to your comments on what true beauty is?

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