Monday, January 12, 2009

Pandora's Box-Waiting for your change to come!

I wrote this post for the "Praying Maiden, a group for single ladies on facebook but i decided to of course bring it here as a bonus post! lol! so you my esteemed reader can benefit from the lesson behind the story.

I watch a lot of Children's television programs because of my children, and my second daughter's all time favorite program is Barney, which i get to be part of,even if i do not want to watch but the consolation is always the hug and the 'i love you mummy' i get at the end of the!Another thing i get, is the lesson behind every one of Barney's program and most times, the lessons learnt are so life changing! that at the end,its really a blessing watching all the children program!lol!

The recent one i watched, was an episode where Baby Bop, one of the characters in Barney, was waiting to be surprised as her brother B.J was planning a surprise gift for her, but she was so curious to see her gift that Barney decided to help her wait, and take her mind off seeing the gift before time.This he did by telling her a story about Pandora's box, this happens to be a greek myth but i will not bore you with all that but just take Barney's simple story of Hope!........
Baby Bop had this box that she wanted to open but she was told not to by her brother and friends but in her usual curiosity and over anxiety to see what was inside the box, she opened it and out came a plague of blue spots on everyone! She was sorry about this but it was too late! She regreted it and Barney as usual consoled her and told her there was hope! and from the closed box, came a voice telling her to open it again but this time, she was reluctant and when she finally did , out came a butterfly that helped to remove all the spots and told them there is always hope in waiting!

The lesson for me was so profound as i can say i am a very impatient person some times and when i want something, i want it now!But the lesson from the drama was that Barney' s story helped Baby Bop wait and she got her gift from her brother/friends and a happy ending! For all those waiting on the Lord for a husband,job, healing, promotion, a child for those that are married etc, there is always that stage of anxiety of wanting the gift or a change NOW and I mean NOW!But the truth of waiting is that God helps to keep us hopeful and work on us to better appreciate the change or gifts we are expecting!Imagine if my very young 4 year old daughter is asking me for a real car because she can drive, of course i can not give her even if i can afford to do so, as my giving her that gift before time may lead to huge challenges for her and even me!So the proper thing is to create hope in her mind and tell her there is a place for waiting and that hopefully, she will get to the approved age when she can drive and be responsible for taking care of her car herself!
So in relating to the stage we are in now as Single sisters, we should take a cue from Barney and get busy with other things that are productive while praying to God to help us and make all things beautiful for us in His time!as the Bible says in Proverbs 13-12, that " Hope deferred maketh the heart sick:but when the desire cometh, its a tree of life!So i will encourage us all to keep waiting and trusting God for our change to come and our levels to change in Jesus name amen!I await your comments as usual and trust you will wait for your change to come joyfully!


empower yourself said...

Patience is as essential as faith in receiving from God. This is a timely piece.

"Patience and gentleness is power" Leigh Hunt

Oluyemi Adeosun

Dipo Tepede said...


I am totally impressed with the way you write and how you pick things from everyday happenings.

First, I have learned to put children's program on most of the time for the sake of my daughter and I may get nuggets like the one you just got.

Second, patience is an eternal virtue that will always give you blessing without sorrow.

Third, I am just like you in NOW syndrome; God will give me the strength to be patient.

Wonderful post!

Dipo Tepede