Wednesday, January 21, 2009


With the wind of change and message of hope sweeping the world as a result of President Barack.H.Obama's inauguration as the 44th President of the United States of America and the first African American to be so sworn, the issue of President Obama's message of hope and change is now on the lips and hearts of people all over the world...what they saw with America's democracy is now resonating in the nations of the earth and people that see a possibility of challenging the status quo in their individual areas have now gone to the drawing board to think and position themselves for their own message of change and hope and see that this message becomes reality in their lives and country in due season!

For me, the past five months of faithfully following President Obama's story has seen me reading his book, The Audacity of Hope...which i borrowed from a dear friend and yet to finish. With a message from my friend, recently that she wants to re-possess her book, i have had to make out time to try and finish reading the book as well as follow up his story on CNN and other news and information shows plus magazines and i have come to the conclusion that for me, its a spiritual journey of self discovery and President Obama serves as a road map to this journey, not just for me but for many others that he has given hope to believe in their dreams.

After his inauguration on the 20th of January , i received a post from a website i subscribe to and the topic posted by Deolu Akinyemi on was "God ,Please give us Leaders". His post was provoked by watching President's Obama's inauguration and his prayer was for leaders that will deliver the future in Nigeria!

O' boy, i was further provoked and challenged to do something, as i strongly believe we have Obamas and even people greater than President Obama in my beloved country Nigeria, but the question is: where are they? what are we doing to support the few credible people that came out in the last election?! Why are we allowing recycled corrupt leaders to lead us in this modern age and time? and why are we living in Nigeria like people without hope and sighing "Ee GO BETTER" when we can actually do things right by getting involved to make sure a new Nigeria is delivered to our children and generations yet unborn.

For me, this was a time to put action to my words, make Nigeria great again and a desirable country for her citizens in diaspora to come back to and help rebuild like Nehemiah in the bible, because if the truth be told, we are the ones that will still rebuild the country as no one will come and do it for us!

With all that thoughts in my head, i went to bed and woke up suddenly from my bed at about 2.30am and the first place i went to, like someone sleep walking with a craving was my computer and i found myself starting a Political group on facebook known as "HOPE AND CHANGE ALIVE NIGERIA (H.A.C.A.N)" . It is a group that will keep hope alive and help change the system in Nigeria, for me its time to challenge the status quo, and to do this we must all get involved and do what is right by mobilising people to take a look at the country now and where we are meant to be, if not for bad leadership that has plagued the country for years.

i cry internally at the situation in the country in terms of security, social amenities, energy-electricity and power supply, all this and more is the reason why no Nigerian should sit back at this time and resort to the usual "siddon look na dog name posture" as even a dog revolts when provoked!

Its time to deliver Hope and change to our country and like many others all over Nigeria, President Obama has inspired everyone again that this is possible if only we all get involved and start educating people, mobilising them to overhaul the political system in Nigeria and to deliver right leadership that will bring about true democracy, Hope and Change. The call is for everyone to go to the roof top and call out to each other like a woman in the throes of birth pang and birth the vision of a better Nigeria where we will be proud to say we are Nigerians, where carrying the green passport will be a blessing and not a curse! where our professionals that are helping to build other people's country will come back home, to a developed, peaceful, organised, orderly and safe Nigeria and sigh indeed there is no place like home! and join in rebuilding the nation!

I look forward to a new Nigeria of our dreams, like Martin Luther King Jnr's dream, it took over 40 years to see his dream come to pass but it did come and some people of his generation saw it happen.....Time will tell how long ours will take but i know it will be sooner than we think and indeed a New Nigeria will evolve! Arise O'Compatriots, Nigeria's call obey!God bless Nigeria!

Find below a link to the site on facebook so you can join this revolutionary crusade for hope and change in our great country Nigeria!

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