Friday, January 16, 2009

Bridget's Muse -Story of Heroes!

I was watching CNN this morning and listening to the press conference by the Mayor of New York, commending the quick action taken by those that rescued a hundred and fifty five - 155- persons from a U.S Airways jetliner that plunged into the Hudson river yesterday January 15. The Mayor was full of Praises for everyone that was involved in the rescue, from the first boat owner that helped, to the scuba divers,paramedics, police,fire fighters, name it, all of them were commended but above all the Pilot of the plane was seen as a hero that saved lives and has inspired millions in the world! One of the Survivors, said "his wife still has a husband and his daughter a father because of the pilot's quick thinking and actions taken by rescuers as people would have died if they were not quickly rescued from the very very cold water.

The conclusion of all the commendation, letter of appreciation and the key of New York to be given to the Pilot as an honor of his heroic act and quick thinking points to the reason why America is seen as God's own country! The Americans do their best to attend promptly to situations that affect their citizens, They are quick to appreciate and showcase heroic deeds, quick to commend those making a difference and quick to celebrate ordinary people doing extraordinary things!
The Governor of New york, Gov.David Paterson believed this was a miracle on the Hudson, while the US Airways chief executive Doug Parker expressed gratitude to the people of New York City for helping the passengers and crew of Flight 1549. It was a miracle indeed for the 155 passengers as besides one victim with two broken legs, there were no other reports of serious injuries to the passengers aboard!
Indeed the rescuing of the Passengers and crew was seen as an amazing drama and am sure, typical of Americans, someone is already putting pen to paper and in due season, the story will be told to the world as a true life story film! with Captain Sullenberger ,57 of Danville California being the real life hero of the movie!

My final conclusion on the whole story was a prayer that African Nations will have things in place to respond to emergencies, appreciate the lives of its citizens, appreciate those making a difference immediately, so others can be inspired and aspire to do good, and finally investigate what truly happened just as the Americans are doing, and learn from the whole experience! Its truly a story of Heroes....., Ordinary men and women that got involved in an extraordinary drama allegedly caused by birds!- Am sure my African kindred will have a refreshing angle to that bird story!lol! I rest my case and thank God for his miracle and a second chance to life given to all survivors!

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CelebratingExcellence said...

Thanks for those words, i pray for the day where we will begin to place more value on our own people back home.