Saturday, January 10, 2009

Bridget's Muse-My View!Hot topic!

I love watching talk shows and one of my all time favorite is the Oprah Winfrey Show.I also enjoy watching Today's woman By Adesuwa Onyenokwe,Moments with Mo by Mo Abudu,Agatha Amata's talkshow,Larry King Live on CNN,Tyra Banks Show and recently The View on ABC, where Whoopi Goldberg,Barbara,Sherie,Elizabeth and Joy, women with diverse views as night and day co-host!I love all this talk shows for various reasons but most importantly, i love them for adding to my knowledge bank with issues and topics discussed daily by the hosts and their guests.

Recently, like i said in my previous post on You and your finances, Oprah Winfrey had her Best life week, where she had guests talking about various issues, from weight, relationship, spirituality,finance,health etc, and in one of the days, she had a group of three, a lady and two men to discuss spirituality.I did not start watching from the beginning as i took a much deserved nap!and woke up about 15 or so minutes to the end of the show, where i heard them discussing issues on being gay!I was shocked by one of her guest, a Reverend, who i know to be so because of the collar he was wearing to show he is a Minister, saying to one of her satallite audience that being gay was a gift from God!whoa!and he had a hand slap with the other male guest!I was in Shock!even Oprah, am sure was shocked and she made a comment about not hearing that before (or something in that light!).I was so disturbed by all this and truly concluded that many Christians in America were living a truly compromised life of Christianity!where in the bid to accept everyone, they condone so many things they can not back up scripturally and for me as a Born again Christian, this is not acceptable!(As one of my beloved Oga will say!).
That same evening, i think! lol! Larry King had an interview with Bishop T.D.Jakes who happen to be the Pastor of a 30,000 member church in Dallas Texas, a best selling Author, Teacher/Speaker of God's Word, and a Co-producer of a soon to-be released movie titled 'Not easily broken' from his best selling novel of same title!I was very thrilled to see him on Larry King Live as a guest as he is one Pastor i admire and listen to.He talked on various issues and i was more thrilled at his frank answers and Godly Opinions,and some of the things i learnt that day from him helped me to settle in my heart the disturbing words from Oprah Winfrey's Reverend guest!

1.He said America is not a Christian Nation but is guided by Christian tenets because most of their Presidents have been Christians!so they co-exist with other religions and allow freedom of association etc.
2.That he does not support being gay!

For once, i felt like clapping, shouting and giving him a hug, if that was possible to do through my T.V set at home! lol.My take at the end of the day from this was that for once, here is a Christian leader that is able to say the truth no matter what!I believe that being gay is a lifestyle or an habit you decide to pick up along the way and God does not hate the gay person as He made them in his image and likeness but he hates what they do or the lifestyle thay have chosen to live, God is a God of choice, because if He was not, all of us born on earth would have been Christians and living the Christian Godly way from our mothers womb or from birth, but He gives us a choice to choose what we want to be and how we want to live our lives.
From my little knowledge of the bible, the first time being "gay" was seen clearly was a case in Genesis 19, where the men of Sodom and Gomorrah came to Lot and told him to bring out the two male guests he had, for them to have sex with(NIV),Lot begged them to take his two daughters who were virgins and do whatever they wanted with them, but they refused and wanted to forcefully bring down Lot's door, but the men being Angels of God struck them with blindness, so they could not find the door and God later rescued Lot and destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah!
Another clear case in the bible is in Romans1-26-32(The Message translation),in fact the whole of Romans 1, shows us clearly what is going on in the world today and the clear message is God did not create people so and is not happy with what they are doing/lifestyles they have chosen to live in that path.My prayer is that God will help us to stay with the truth and not accept what God sees as sin to be politically correct!He does not hate the gay man or gay woman but He can not condone their sin as He is a righteous God!He is also willing to accept anyone that will truly want to forsake this kind of lifestyle and help them to live right according to His will and way, all any one in such a situation should do is simply accept that this kind of lifestyle is a sin and ask Jesus to come into his/her heart and be the Saviour of their life and help them to forsake such lifestyle, this i believe He will help them achieve through the help of the Holy Spirit, like everyone of us that wants to have a right standing relationship with God!I pray God will help us all in Jesus name amen!


empower yourself said...

I am in support of your stand. The Americans started out right. However they took freedom and liberty too far. They have bastardised "choice". Thank God for the few Americans who still stand for the truth.

Oluyemi Adeosun

Unknown said...

This is one issue that really disturb me too. I agree with empower yourself that they have taken freedon too far.Remember that the bible said "and even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind, to do things which are not convenient"
Christians now relate with God in a "tag along" fashion. They don't want Him in the driving seat because they feel they know better and can handle things better, however, our world keeps slidding away from good. We need to really teach our children the fear of God so that they wil put their minds to wisdom very early in their lives. May the good Lord help us. Amen.