Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Bridget's Muse - Hot Topics !

So much has been happening around the world and especially in the part of the world where i am, its been minute by minute flashes of some news story! I will take a different route to my news update this time as there is so much news for me to share, and i want to pick the ones that have been very striking to me personally and make my comments after the news story!

My first story is that of a :

CALIFORNIAN WOMAN WITH OCTUPLETS! - Woah!this happened a couple of days back as the doctors that helped her in delivering the babies said they were expecting seven children and eventually, when they cut her open, they found eight children, six boys and two girls! what a miracle!

some of the children had some medical conditions when they were born due to being born prematurely but are currently said to be okay! Thank God! As i said a little prayer when the news first broke two days ago for them to be okay and live! She is the second person to have eight children in one birth! The first....wait for this...was a Nigerian lady in Houston in 1998 , but one of the children died as a result of medical complications, the other seven are now grown and are alive and doing great!

MY THOUGHTS ON THIS! - Miraculous birth! It shows how awesome God is, the issue of fertility drugs enhancing the multiple birth not withstanding, its a testimony and i am happy for her! i do not envy her right now though, as for me, having just three is challenging but eight coming at thesame time is challenge raised to power eight!she laughs! But i believe God will help her and trust America...the children will not suffer!

I also thought of the fact that if this was in Nigeria, there is a big possibility that most of the children would not have lived because of our facilities and other Nigerian factors! Our doctors are very brilliant, as i know a lot of them are outside the country doing fantastically well in their profession! I look forward to a day....where the simplest of medical procedures will not kill Nigerians, i look forward to more lives being saved as true value is placed on each life no matter how young or old the person is!

THE SECOND STORY IS A SAD NEWS OF A MAN KILLING HIS FAMILY! - .....still in California, is the story of a family of seven that got killed! Apparently, the man sent a note to a TV house informing them of his plans, the letter was sent to the police but by the time they got there, the man had shot his wife, five children of two sets of twins and himself, all because him and his wife lost their jobs! They worked in the same hospital establishment and were sacked....an administrator in charge at their former place of work even told them, they shouldn't have come to work , the day they got the sack notice and they should go blow their brains out or something like that..... and so life ended for that family because they gave up on life because of the economy and lack of job.

MY THOUGHT - I am deeply sad and pained about this, for me, California is gradually taking a status of bad happenings...The Santa killing, i talked about in a post in December, happened in California! Its painful that a whole generation just got wasted because of economic situation and thoughtless words from a heartless person.. I was telling someone..after i gave birth in the hospital that we do not suffer from post natal depression where i come from and even if we do, its minor compared to America.

This is because, you will always see someone to help you or talk with you, family members will come around and help you out, even neighbours will come and greet you, help you bath your child and send you food.....in America, most times, you will age waiting to see this happen! She Laughs! jokes aside, the kind of isolated lives they live, i believe is responsible for the high suicide rate and imagine those innocent children....what a waste!!! People really need to stand in the gap for Americans as the recession is hitting some of them so bad and knowing that most of them are too fragile emotionally to deal with it has resulted to so much evil/pain in the land! People...who no go, no know o! Nigeria is tough and so are the people...if there is a reverse of countries.. Most Americans wont last three months but on second thought, they may just bring order to the country and turn things right side up with their oyibo magic!lol.

We should also be careful how we speak as death and life are in the power of the tongue! Lets try and speak life to people and to situations, God will help us all to bridle our tongues indeed!

MY THIRD STORY IS THAT OF PASTOR TED HAGGARD - a pastor that founded a church and was even President of the National association of Evangelicals at one time in America, he got caught up in a gay/drug related scandal and since then is now an outcast of his own church and has been in self exile. He is now an insurance seller....There is a documentary that was recently done on him, so he is going round media houses, to tell his own side of the story, he will be on Larry King Thursday 29th and Oprah Winfrey show on Wednesday January 28th 2009...am waiting to hear his side... but it just broke my heart seeing him the way he is now...a story of grace to grass!

MY THOUGHTS - What happened to Christian love...what happened to the church in its work of giving hope, life and support...why is it non christians that are trying to see him get help...why does the church kill his wounded and allow unbelievers to say...you do not need God! its painful...i used to hear of cases then when people sin i.e get caught in adultery and other vices...they are brought to the front of the church and the whole church will hear from them...in some churches..in Nigeria i hear, they are even flogged and the devil beaten out of them in front of the congregation...very funny!lol, and then they are prayed for and kept in the church to sit at the back or outside the church, they are still allowed to come to church and are loved until they get back on their feet....

What do we have now?..... a church that is quick to condemn, give up on people, judge them and leave them bruised and battered for the devil to finally gloat over... i sincerely pray that the church will be what Christ intended it to be, a place of love and fellowship, a place of prayer, reconciliation, hope, help and above all, a place where people are not given up on and are loved to change....who can really stand if the truth be told...our daily thoughts, actions etc are enough to condemn us forever if not for God's grace...so why do most of us think...its okay to point at the one who is falling instead of helping and making sure they truly stand and make it back on their feet and eventually to heaven!

May God help us and help me to be an extention of Christ unfailing love and love people to heal and stand again...Indeed, He is God of a second chance...He proved that with King David in the bible! I thank God for Ted Haggard's wife who has stayed with him despite all the scandal, may God continue to bless her and help her to keep him in the Lord...am sure he would have thought of suicide if not for her love and support! I sincerely pray that he will be restored in Jesus name amen!

MY FOURTH NEWS STORY IS THE COME BACK OF ACTOR MICKEY ROURKE - He is an american actor that was prominent years back in the acting/hollywood scene but as he couldn't handle the politics of the industry, he fell out of favor and was at his lowest.....probably left to rot and die! but someone somewhere remembered him and brought him to take a lead role in a film titled the "Wrestler" and Mickey is today, the latest come back kid, he was down but now up! he has won a golden globe award for his role and has a nomination for an oscar award too. Hope kept Mickey going, he lost his job, wife, respectability, everything but this film, a similar story of his life gave him hope again and now he is being celebrated! I pray for those reading this post that are down, to know that God's thought towards you are thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a hope and a future!

MY THOUGHT - He is the God of a second chance! Mickey said his bad boy behaviour days are over as it took him fifteen years to get back on the saddle! just realising he cost his own trouble by his style of living is half way healing and putting actions to change has made all the difference! I pray God keeps him and take him forward!

MY FINAL NEWS STORY IS PRESIDENT OBAMA'S INTERVIEW WITH AN ARAB STATION - He told the muslim world, that the Americans are not their enemy! This is the first time an American President is addressing and showing respect to the muslim world and it shows that President Obama is a messenger of change and hope indeed, may God continue to lead him aright! indeed the man is an enigma and is a refreshing change from other past leaders of America and the world!

MY THOUGHTS - Its time to dialogue, hear other people's side and show them respect! Jesus Christ is the prince of peace and He came for everyone, to reconcile them to His father, only delibrate action of love will make people know they are important and valued, their feeling matters and no man is superior to the other!

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Adesoji Adegbulu said...

Hot Topic indeed.

I am more concerned on Ted Haggard and Obama.

On Ted Haggard..I don't really know what to say about the charges because i was not there when it happened. I believe everything should work out fine for him even has he will appear on TV shows. That is his journey back to grace.

On Obama..I have a inclination different from the general belief. Some times i ask myself "His he not the anti-christ?" Pardon my judgement but i have to say what is in my mind.

His unity with the Arabians signifies one thing...THE END OF THE WORLD IS TRULY KNOCKING AT THE DOOR. He that has hears let him hear and live a life worthy of making heaven.

The situation of the worl right now justifies my taught..Go check prophesy about the end in the Bible.

This is my own MUSE...LOL

I'm serious ooo