Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Today, history will be made as President Elect Barack Obama is sworn in as the 44th President of American.He is the first African American President in the history of America but if the truth be said, President Obama is an African to the core as his biological father is a Kenyan, from the country of Kenya in East Africa and in Africa,the father owns the child, though some part of Africa, a child can be named from the mother's side and will bear the mother's maiden name, but generally, in most African countries, a child bears the father's name or surname just like President Barack Obama! From the way President Obama won the Presidential race and his journey to the White house, you can see the following African traits in him :

1.He is a true Kenyan - As one Kenyan Comedian said on D.L Hughley breaks the news on CNN, Kenyans are long distance runners and they can not be beaten in a Marathon as they are known for their world records in the Marathon race, so a race that started for President Obama nearly two years ago has ended today with the White house as his noble price and the title of the President of the United States of America.

2.President Obama is a born leader and knows when opportunity knocks - He knew that he was a child of destiny, so he could challenge the status quo! he saw his opportunity and capitalised on a failed economy with an unpopular Incumbent President to make his carefully planned and thought out moves! he did not care who he was running against, He was focused and this can be seen in the proverb that the son of a lion is a lion!, in Africa, if your family is known for a particular trade, and a child is born into that family, as soon as the child can comprehend things around him, he starts going to learn the family trade or business, so the African child is taught focus from an early stage and i believe President Obama's father challenged him when he last saw him that he was destined for great height as he should not let his skin colour be a barrier!- I still need to read his book, DREAMS FROM MY FATHER: A STORY OF RACE AND INHERITANCE to find out more about his African dad who came to study and dared the status quo in marrying a white woman as at that time!

3. He is a people's person - This is a strong trait of a true African as an African believes in people, Africans live as close knit families,and relatives and friends show up unannounced at your house to banter and chat with you without any guilt of wasting your time or invading your privacy! They believe in being family and thats all there is to it! Even President Obama said during a 2006 interview that the gathering of his family and extended family during thanksgiving or Christmas looks like a mini United Nations! with relatives of different colour as family, it shows the African in him!

4.President Obama is a born actor with the World as his stage! - Africa as a continent is rich in folk lores and tales, Most of the spiritual songs, dances and plays started with the African slaves sold into slavery. The African act of story telling makes everyone a character in the story as they listen to tales by moon light told by grandparents, parents, uncles and aunties. From his acceptance speech at the Democratic convention, to the 'Yes we can' speech after he won the election to his train ride to Washington and the final inauguration where he has chosen various people(some controversial) to play key roles, he has proved himself to be the Director/Producer of the show and the lead actor too!...OBAMARAMA!!!, LOL!

5.He is a team player - An African will always involve the people around him in whatever he is doing, He has selected the best of the best to work with him as he undertakes a job seen as challenging as he knows he will get the credit when the team works as indeed together everyone achieves much!

6.President Obama is a Family man - Africans believe in marriage the godly way with children as the fruit of the marriage and they believe in the extended family's role in children up bringing, that is why Mitchell's Mum will be at the White house as First Grandma and one day distant cousin Bridget will appear on the door step of the White house! in my dreams! she laughs!

7.He is a born Communicator and a grass root man, thats why it will be an herculean task to get his black berry phone off him. An African man wants to reach out and talk when he wants to without any protocol observed!

8.President Obama loves his game of basket ball and hanging out with his basket ball buddies - Africans believe in friendship and having friends around to play with, sometimes this friendship develops from compound to compound story telling, fetching of water at the stream etc, but there is great belief in friendship and keeping things real!

9.President Obama is not easily provoked, nothing during the campaign in terms of name calling got to him, in African, people are patient and believe that what they want will surely come, if they just believe and stay on, so even when people resolve to name calling, the African man shrugs it off like a duck shaking off water from its back and adopt the silence is the best answer treatment!

10.President Obama believes in succeeding very well in the job of being the Commander in Chief, so also do Africans believe in succeeding and having a successor!(Whispers....Most African Leaders stay as President forever and when they vacate the position, their wife, sons or daughters take over...so Americans be ready to see generations of Africans as President!!!This is a laugh!)

11. President Obama believes in not removing the ancient land mark and finding a mentor among the fore fathers, he has chosen to have Abraham Lincoln as a model as he was one American President that did a lot for America during his tenure as the 16th President of the Country. Everything about President Obama's inauguration today has a Lincoln theme round it,he is also sworn in a day after Martin Luther King Memorial day! This is also a great belief of Africans that to do well in future, you must look back at past predecessors and follow their steps to get to where you have not gone before and succeed better!

12.President Obama believes in his message of change and hope and a unified country!he wants everyone involved, big or small, thats why, he took the train, so that a lot of people will be part of the ceremony of his inauguration, he had a a concert hosted by his wife and children to include children and families of Military personnel...This is typical of Africans, if there is something worth celebrating, drums must roll and everyone, big and small will be part of it! So President Obama has shown more of his core African side! We wish him a successful tenure, we look forward to him delivering on his promises to the people of America and we await the testimony of him being one of the best President ever and to proudly say at the end, our African son did very well and deserves a second term!....can i get a witness....she laughs! God bless President Obama, his family, cabinent and God bless Africa and America!


Adesoji Adegbulu said...

Good post...You can't exhaust Obama because he is an enigma. He represents a total human being.

You can read his inaugural speech here


..I'm inspired

Unknown said...

Obama may be African, but his values and ethics are far away from a typical Africa.He is a man in his own class who refused to accept the dauting odd against him. Anyone can be Obama if we follow principles. Nice and great piece here though.

campusxcellencemag said...

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empower yourself said...

You have done a thorough analysis of Obama. Our expectations are high. I pray that Gods grace will see him through.