Saturday, January 17, 2009

Appreciation - My Inaugural speech!

Appreciation simply means showing gratitude or a Recognition of the quality, value, significance, or magnitude of people and things. I got this defination from as most of the other online dictionaries i checked, pointed to assets appreciation and that was not where i was going to! lol!

I decided to take time out to truly appreciate everyone that has visited this site to read and let me know in person that i was doing a good job and can do better! lol! those that have taken time to leave a comment, those that have been provoked to start their own blog as a result of visiting this site, those that got me to start blogging and are my resource persons when it comes to issues i write on, as they help me to write better posts, my dad and mum that started me on the path of reading and writing anything, to people of the world that have given me topics to write on, but most especially to my best critic,'bestest' friend,mentor,teacher,cheerleader that has allowed me to live my life under his watchful eyes, taking apart most times my posts with the sole aim to help me think more and be provoked to write better each time with the sole goal of inspiring people to live for our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, my husband of almost six years and friend for over ten years now ! I truly appreciate you, you are a leader of leaders, an uncommon mentor,a secured leader, a radical giver and a blessing to have had a taste of what many writer's spouses go through without look by your side and she is not there but at the computer pounding away at her keys as usual! lol! Thanks for the laptop dear, that was one of the best gift i received in 2008! she laughs!

I also want to appreciate my dear daughters that have had to learn quickly why mummy can not play as much as she use to as she now has a job to do!( My darlyn, almost five year old daughter said a couple of weeks back that i do not have an office to go to like daddy and later added that my office was at home! boy, was i amazed and pained at the same office to go to indeed! Being a domestic goddess is one of the most challenging job ever...tough but a very fulfilling one that has opened new doors for me to walk through careerwise!).

I appreciate my baby son, who often times is mummy's P.A as he always find it in him to demand attention, just when i want to start typing my post and so i end up with him on one arm and typing with the other, so he gets to see all my posts first and approves before i publish them! lol !very funny now but not funny most times! As my husband will say to me, you choose to do this, so anyhow you can do it, you must work round it and achieve your goal!
Sincerely from the bottom of my heart, Amenze dear, you are one friend and prayer partner that has been there for me, we challenge each other every time we speak on the phone.My Pastors, Friends - Muyi,you and countless other Elizabeths that are too numerous to mention here are the ones that are encouraging me to keep on keeping on! (The name Elizabeth is a term i use for Vision/Dream Supporters, Elizabeth in the bible with her words helped Mary the mother of Jesus to birth our Saviour and Lord Jesus Christ - I can not remember who preached this sermon, but its one name and phrase that has stuck to my brain like super glue and we all truly need supportive people to achieve our life goals).Thanks all for being a blessing!

I also want to appreciate all the fantastic and wonderful inloves that i have, (I call my inlaws, inloves because it is love for their son and brother that binds us together and not the law, because the law will put asunder but love will keep forever,(i also learnt this from a dear friend when she got married years ago -Rev.Laurie Idahosa, thanks for this). Happy birthday to all my inloves that celebrated their birthdays this month, may this year be your best year ever and may you all truly arise and shine to God's glory.

To my siblings, you all make being a big sister fun and i have been blessed by all your love for family,your lifestyles and above all love for God and humanity! To my darlyn and dear brother that got me thinking about writing this post...Dalo father! I celebrate and appreciate you as you mark another birthday today, you were my first best friend until other children started coming to our parents, you were my fighting mate and boy! did we fight! W.W.F was always re-enacted in our house with two of us being contenders!lol! you made me competitive in the best of ways, you taught me forgiveness in the true sense of the word as i always had to forgive you for us to start off again and vice versa, you taught me how to apologise to people even when you are not wrong!lol! You taught me how not to keep malice as till today, i can not do it, no matter how bad a fight/arguments gets with anyone! and you taught me to be strong as even when i was crying at some of your painful pranks, i still stood my ground to let you know i was the older and not the other way! lol!Boy, you are a true blessing and i thank you for being you, as you celebrate today January 17, I wish you more of God's wisdom, blessings, promotions,riches and above all, that God will teach you to number your days and have fear as the foundation of your life.

Above all else, i appreciate the first and the last, my maker and yours, the one that is bigger than the biggest, better than the best, mightier than the mightest, He is the Almighty Lord, giver of life and all things, indeed it is in you, i live, move and have my being!Thank you Lord!

NB-Tough speech but i made it through! She laughs

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