Friday, December 26, 2008

Your Written and Achievable Goals for 2009!

Time truly flies when we are having fun, its 96hours or less than that to the new year and its time to set goals that you will truly achieve, I do this every year and in my church in Lagos-Daystar Christian Center,Our Senior Pastor Rev.Sam Adeyemi, makes it compulsory for every church member to have written down and achievable goals that we all come with to the New year eve service and together we agree and pray that those goals become reality, as we achieve our set goals we tick them off the list and praise God for answers to prayers!

The end of year 2008,brings much excitement to me, its a year that was tagged "a year of New Beginnings", "Anything can happen" etc, indeed my family and i saw all this theme happening in our lives, we have had awesome testimonies that we are still recovering from and we really give God thanks for helping us achieve our written goals.
I will encourage all my readers to take time out if they have not been doing so, to get their pen and notebook out and write down their goals for year 2009...The bible says in Habbakuk 2-2-"And the Lord answered me and said,Write the vision,and make it plain upon tables that he may run that readeth it".

To write down your goals, you need to know the ABC of goal setting and this means A-Achievable,B-Believable,C-Concrete, All this helps us in setting realistic goals, Achievable means this goal can be attained within specific time frame.
Believable, you can agree with it in your heart, that is you see it working from within and then it happens physically.
Concrete means you can create a step by step action around the goal which is a plan!

The areas you should consider while writting your goals for year 2009 are
1.Your Spiritual Life -Choose to spend quality time reading the word of God in year 2009, you can get guidelines on how to read some chapters of the bible each day so that at the end of the year, you would have gone through the entire book, also spend time praying and doing other spiritual things that will be beneficial to your body,soul and spirit
2.Your Career- Take time to write how you will better yourself career wise, it may be through attending trainings/seminars on areas that will help you further your career, or even something as simple as resuming early to work everyday as well as dressing corporately to the office.
3.Your Family-Write down specific things you would want to do with your family i.e, as a family,we pray together every morning before my husband leaves for work, we have also agreed that we must take a family vacation every year, this we have been doing for some years now, this helps you bond with your family, it can be a goal as easy as having dinner together everyday or having family time, together with your spouse and children.This could also be a goal for singles to set for getting married and having a family of their own!
4.Your Health-This is very vital as we must all stay healthy...Your goals in this area can be eating right, getting some form of exercise everyday or thrice a week, having a general check up,quiting smoking and drinking etc, setting health goals will help you in keeping a healthy lifestyle!
5.Your Finances - This is very key as money is very important, you must set goals on how to make money,invest and also save money for yourself and family members, its recommended that you put money away in savings that can last up to six months in case you get into a crises situation!
6.Your Personal Development - This is also very important, take a look at what you really want to do and set this goals to suit it, it may be buying and reading books, attending the seminars that will help improve your life, or even taking classes on how to improve your dressing, speaking and general outlook.
7.Your Service to Humanity - For Most Christians, this is what we call your ministry.Who will you be a blessing to in year 2009, who will you help achieve their dreams etc, the truth about this, is as you bless others, God will bless you too.
8.Your Social Network- This for me is a simple way of keeping intouch with friends, mentors,protegees and people that you think you want to add to your network, i have decided to put my friends into various categories and reach out to them as much as i can, for those that are my prayer partners, we must touch base with each other at least once a week and just encourage each other, share our thoughts and visions and then pray, those that i see as important to my career path, i need to also reach out to them at least twice in a month, so as to tap knowledge from them.
There are people i am also looking forward to adding to my circle of friends, i have to do my best in year 2009 to reach out to them.

There is so much to write about goals but i will truly ask that you keep it simple and achievable and believe God to truly bring it to pass.Have a blast writting your goals and get the terrific feeling i get ticking off achieved goals!Year 2009 is indeed a year of unlimited possibilities!


Amen said...

Time managent is key to achieving set goals. Writing down our goals gives us a sense of direction and helps us remember what we need to do. No matter how achievable our goals are, if we do not manage our time well, our best efforts to achieve all our set goals will not bring the desired outcome. God's grace with your goals for 2009! I am excited to see all baba God has in store for me. May we be good stewards of our time in 2009.

dupetoriola said...

i find your write up on written and achieveable goals very educative. In your own way you are giving back/watering the lives of the people reading your blog. I must confess that i actually shared this piece with a collegue as i was blessed by it and wanted to pass on the message. Do have a prosperous 2009