Friday, December 12, 2008

Two Choices!

Choice is the power or right to choose or select something, and in life you have two choices on how to react to a situation, its either you react positively or you react negatively,when life throws things at you, your reaction will determine your outcome.
If you decide to react negatively to life pushes, you may end up not getting the best out of life but if you choose to react positively, you will learn from your experience and even teach others how to react too when they get hit also!What do i mean by this?lets assume, you were just told, you will be laid off from work as a result of downsizing, you have two ways to react to this news-

1. Get bitter and curse everyone you feel is responsible for your predicament..from your boss to the company's directors, colleagues, bad policies of the government etc. or
2.You take it in your stride calmly and ask yourself what can decide with this choice to take a much needed break and think of what next to do, reach out to friends that can be of help, spend time assessing your situation and planning the next step to take while praying and believing God for what to do next.
From the above, you can see that if you choose option one, you can end up bitter, depressed, stressed and even sick, you can also end up transfering your pain and bitterness to your family, friends and make everyone miserable but if you choose option 2, you will end up having hope that things will be better, and as you are postive and hopeful, things will definately get better!

I am currently a domestic goddess!laughs!which is another word for a sit-at-home-mum!as i make things happen in the house!lol!I just had a baby and also relocated temporarily from my base to another town, those that know me, know that i am a peoples' person and also very restless, am always on the move!lol!but now, am far away from loved ones, am not working, and get to sit at home with my two and a half year old highly opinionated daughter,(My first daughter goes to school) and a baby...most times, i wish i was not doing this, but i have told myself, this is a new season that i must pass through and my reaction will determine whether i am positive about it or negative and get myself depressed!So i decided to choose the positive option, enjoy this stage and remain happy, knowing i am building up my home and now, am also living my dreams of writing and reaching out to people through the internet via facebook,my new blog,etc.Most times, i get all kind of distractions from my daughter/son but i still manage to keep going and do what i enjoy doing!

You can see Life is a choice and with what is happening in the world today..economic recession, job cuts, etc, one choice is to complain about it and stay unhappy or another choice is to stay positive and position yourself for greater things.My husband said recently that there is scarcity in the world, so we can position ourselves for opportunities!That was exactly what Joseph "the dreamer in the bible did, you can look up his story from Genesis chapters 37,39,40,41 & 42,he was sold by his brothers into slavery but as a slave, he had two choices, to have the mentality of a slave and get depressed /mourn and not do his job well, or the choice of serving his master faithfully.His faithful service got him noticed, that while his master was making him the head of his household, the master's wife was thinking of making him her bed partner!Again he had two choices, lie with her and keep his job as the head slave or flee from her and end up in jail!
Well, Joseph took the second choice which was a very difficult one.....i tell myself most times, if i was a man and in Joseph's shoes, would i have been able to run and not compromise?well, thank God, i was not Joseph!He ended up in jail and instead of lamenting his fate, he chose to be the ideal prisoner and went about cheering fellow prisoners, i can just imagine if it was this present time..telling his co-prisoners.."are we not lucky to have a roof over our heads and have food to eat, while people out there are losing their homes and going hungry",lol!he was doing this and again, he was made the head of the prisoners!He finally got to interpret the dreams of the King's Butler and Baker, while the baker's dream, led to his death, the butler's dream led to his being given back his position with the King and despite Joseph's plea of remembering him when he gets out, the butler forgot him!
He was there for two more years until the King had a dream, that his wise men could not interpret but then this was Joseph's opportunity as the butler now remembered him and Joseph was called up from the prison to interpret the king's dream.
When he was sure he knew he will be the one to decide the choice of interpreting the dream and coming back to jail or interpreting it and staying out, but he took the option of staying out as he got himself shaved, changed his clothes and walked out of jail to be a ruler in Egypt , he was so powerful that it was only Pharoah that was higher than him in the land!All these happened because of the choice Joseph made.

Right now, we are faced with two choices in any situation we find ourselves, so its left to us to give up and react negatively and end up feeling bad /defeated or believe God for a change and joyfully hold on until something good happens or till our change comes
My prayer for us today is we all make informed choices and choices that will position us to live our lives well to be a blessing to our world!


Osa Imasogie said...

This has been very inspirational sis.My prayer is that the good Lord that started this work in your life would be faithful to complete it since you are imparting lives

amen said...

Bridget it has taken me a while to comment on this article because it had a lot of insight and i was not sure where to start. Something finally grabed my attention about a statement you made,concerning joseph being able to resist potiphars wife. I really think joseph was able to withstand her because God had given him clear understanding about this truth;
1. The consequence that action(adultery) would bring. Sin destroys ones destiny, and it seperates us from the presence and protection of God .Giving the enemy an ample oppurtunity to strike as mercilessly and as deadly as he possilbly can. Look at what eventualy happened to samson. with him (joseph) there nothing like God understands my predicament. Or i will ask for forgiveness afterwards. He understood his destiny was at stake , his life, the very purpose of his creation was all on the line. with that kind of clear understanding my sister any body will run.
2.Gods favour and wisdom is all we need to fulfill our destiny in life regardless of what people may say or do to us. There could have been others who would have seen this as an "open door of oppurtunity". They might have thought if i sleep with her, my life as a slave would be easier .She will always speak well of me to her husband,i will have favour in this househould. Infact they would have stuck to her like glue. Joseph had a clear understanding that his favour in life came from God. He so much believed this that he ended up in jail. May God give us all such clear understanding no matter the situation we find ourselves . life is a journey,i have come to realise few travel down this path. But if we edure and not give up, believing that God has not forgotten about us and he sees our acts of faith, the end will always be glorious.