Thursday, December 18, 2008

No Competition!

The best selling and most read book in the World, which is the bible says those that compare themselves by themselves and themselves among themselves are not wise!Yes indeed, there is no basis for comparison with one another, you are unique and have your own path, i am me and you are you!We all have our different paths in life ahead of us, like a race, we are running against each other but in our own tracks!Contradictions?no, You are the only you that God has made, you do not have a copy like you, even if you have a twin, you are still different from him/her,i have sisters and brothers that look like me but are not me, we may have things in common and even do things thesame way because we are related but we are indeed different!

This topic came to mind as i see a lot of people living a competitive life,a life of rivalry, feeling threatened by each other, wanting to do what the other is doing and trying to prove that they are better off than the other person!What i sincerely believe is that we should be complementing each other, celebrating each other's progress and helping one another when there is a need for it!I find this competing/rivalry traits not only in women but in men also and its sad as a lot of friendship have been destroyed as a result of this unwholesome competition, do not get me wrong, it is good to look up to people and want to emulate them, be what you think they are or rather want to live the life they live, especially if they are doing very well, but, to want to be any one other than yourself is a pain for me!

Let me give you an example, i am a big fan of Oprah Winfrey and i love her for what she is doing, i have followed her talk show religiously for almost ten years or more now and i will love to be like her, have my own talk show,Production house,Magazine, Publishing etc and live her kind of life, but be "me" living that path because its a path i see as worth following, but the truth is i CAN NEVER BE OPRAH WINFREY!I can copy her style, look like her, talk like her but can never be her!Oprah is Oprah and Bridget is Bridget!
She has her style and that unique style will always be vintage Oprah!To take this scenerio further, let me use an example of her best friend Gayle King, they have a lot in common and hang out together a lot, they are on radio together and sometimes Gayle is on Oprah shows on Friday Live in Chicago with her, yet there is no competition as Gayle knows she is Gayle and Oprah is Oprah!and you see genuine friendship and sisterhood between them!I have never seen or read or heard Gayle fighting to have her own show just like Oprah, trying to buy a house just like Oprah or wanting to date the same man Oprah is dating!..... i apologise for coming this far, but this is what we have happening today, a vicious circle of wicked competition/rivalry that leads only to pain and bitterness!

Lets sit and evaluate ourselves and know we are unique by ourselves, there is no another you in the whole universe, quit wanting to be like another, quit pulling others down because you are envious of their lives, quit blocking other people's path to greatness because you do not want anyone to make it like you have made it!
You are who you are and I am who i am. There is NO COMPETITION!


Prince Okeoma said...

There can't be no competition!
As controversial as this issue is, the truth is that we are faced with the reality of competition no matter how we try to deny or pretend about it.
Whether we accept it or not, life is all about competition, i would say.
Companies compete for customers just as churches (and other religious movements) compete for members.We better accept this fact.
Whenever one (or a company)strives to maintain his customers, he silently acknwoledges the fact.
I have heard stuffs like, "we are to be creative and not competitive" but the truth is, it is the reality of competition that forces us to be creative. Each creative plain one opens or attains forms the bases for new competition as those behind will surely climb to that plain to share in the spoils this applies esp. to companies.However, being creative puts us ahead of the competition.
There is no harm in a HEALTHY competition. Yes! competition can be healthy and that is where we fail to make the distinction.
A healthy competition is one working on one's self to be the best one can ever be so as to offer the best to those in need (of his services) whenever ocassion calls. In such competition, you don't pull down others, cheat them, envy them or do any thing funny. You only learn from them, if need be, so as to improve on yourself. We can even complement each other to some extent in a healthy competitive.
There are other talk shows working tirelesly to attract as much viewership as orprah and the day orprah fails to accept this fact, that will be the day she starts losing your viewers. They may even invite her to their show to boost their viewership but this does not obviate the fact that there is silent competition (whether healthy or not) between them.
If a pastor invites you to perform in his church as a singer or a preacher, your performers will determine whether or not you will be invited the second time becuase there are other musicians and preachers as well waiting and wishing for such opportunity.
This is controversial i know, but a healthy "competition" is no crime.


Amen said...

This is a matter very dear to my heart. For years i have tried to put this message across. In the body of christ there is no coppetition. This only happens when we begin to feel we are not achieving as well as the next person. But do we ask ourselves at this point in time, is this where God wants me to be? This is a tough one because so many of us have not learned to listen to the vioce of the holyspirit. So it becomes about what we think we should be doing as opposed to what God wants us to do and how He wants it done. if you are sure of your purpose in life and you have found your place in God whatever you have to do, do it well. There is just one person that has to say "well done thou good and faithful servant". I do not recall any place in the bible that says to please God we have to compete with each other weather healthy or otherwise. And isn t that why we are here ? To please Him and do all He requires of us? paul did not have to comptete with peter and the other disciples of Jesus when he was called. what paul was called to do no one else could even if they tried with every devices known to man. let us all apply this to all we do in life .Whether you are a teacher ,preacher,a stayhome mon or high tech executive . The only thing that should stir up creativity in the life of a believer is the holy spirit in the place of prayers. Not copetition. weather healthy or otherwise.

Prince Okeoma said...

We have reduced the term competition to something entirely evil which is not true. Lets face reality! A manager of a bank who does not know that he is in competition with other banks within his locality is not fit to retain his position.
No matter how annointed and Spirit-filled one is, if he finds himself in a football team, he just has to compete with other players for a place in the first eleven. To pretend there is no competition is simply delusional. Infact, it is the competition that most times brings out the best in him.
Remember school days? When we competed with our colleagues who would come first? Then we studied together, tought one another but yet have a target to come out first. What do you call that?
What about our aplication for jobs- 20 applicants for one position?
As an enterpreneur, do you know that each time you tender a bid for a job, you are competing with other firms? By your bid, you are simply saying "look i am better than others", "my price is the most competitive" etc.
What is the essence of, or driving force behing adverts? Even churches today are not left out as most billboards today bear the pictures of thier overseers. Some mounted miles away from their church premises and atimes close to other churches.
We often quote Paul out of context when he said we are not of those that compare themselves with others.But remember that the same Paul on more than one ocassion did compare himself with other apostles and on one ocassion he went a step further to say that he had laboured more than they all even though he was the last.
What the Bible condemns is strife, envy and bitterness.We can provoke (or stir) one another up to greater works and its no crime if i strive to better your records as a chrstian or vice versa. In a church where there are good praise and worship leaders, there are programmes when the Pastor goes for whom he thinks is the "best" or can deliver. What is the message then to the rest, work on yourselves and come up to that level.
We live in a competitive world and competition can be healthy!

@amen, 7:30am
When i said competition forces us atimes to be creative i wasn't wrong.
I know if i had said that "necessity is the mother of invention" or that "challenges are incentives for creativity" you would have agreed. But the truth is, competition has some elements of these and would make a man THINK and use his head, the Holy Spirit has His place in this as well. We have all heard about the "survival instinct". No matter how evil that phrase has been made to look, it is not inherently sinful or evil. it depends on where and how we channel it.

Compliments of the season!

Luv U!