Monday, December 8, 2008


Yes, now I am living my dreams and loving it, not all of my dreams though but some are beginning to manifest and I am so, so excited.
This blog is a dream come through as I have always wanted to write and share my thoughts with as many people I could reach but as always I had one excuse or the other, why I couldn’t start and after sometime, I just let all the opportunities I had of having a blog slide, but it was still there waiting for the right time to manifest…..yes that’s the power of a dream, there is time attached to it.
You may have the dream in your heart, head, on paper, where-ever but it will take time to manifest, some just as soon as you have the dream while others may take days, weeks, months and years. For some of my dreams, it has taken years to manifest but now that some of them are starting to manifest, I now see that if they had manifested earlier, I may have been my own dream killer! So how do you live your dream as I am living mine!

1. Dream-This does not cost you much to do; the truth is you don’t need money to dream and to dream very big! All you need is to “think” of what you would want and want it so much that you sleep, wake, think and live it!

2. Process and Plan towards it-This works for me, not for everyone, you need to chew the dream like a goat chews the cord! I learnt that in my Agricultural science class in secondary school that goat eat grass and bring it back to re-chew. You play with the idea over and over again and plan toward making it a reality.

3. Commit to a friend-Hmm! This may be risky as some friends can end up as dream killers, but if you have real friends like I have, they will hold you accountable and make sure the dream comes to pass! This blog is a dream come true and a fellow dreamer, who is also my blog partner and guru in computer issue-, made it a reality! Ariyo, thanks for this .Thanks to fellow bloggers that have helped through their writing to keep this dream alive-Deolu Akinyemi, Dipo Tepede,Tunde Shittu and Osama Iyawe,-Osama, you wont believe it was through Deolu's website that i saw your blog /your comment and that fired me up!lol!

4.Be Passionate about it – Your dream must drive you to go on and it must push you to live it with all you have in you.

5.Live your dream – Yes, just live your dream, walk the talk and as i will say like the Americans -I am living the BridgetElesinSpeaks dream! To be whatever, whoever I want to be and I love it!
I am Bridget Elesin, a mother of three lovely children- Wise girl-Grace O, Blessed girl-Davina T, Great boy-David J and wife to my most favorite person in the world-Tunde O. A Domestic goddess and I support this blog and this message!


OnlineBiashara said...

I like your dreams Bridget. Hope you'll keep on posting regularly

Total Consulting Inc said...

The begining of greater things to come
Keep it up

Unknown said...

This is a beautiful write and pray that people who read this will fine true meaning to life. This is what I call Faith based Initiative. Keep up the good work.


Unknown said...

Nice one Bridget. Eme and I have often use the words "thank God its free to dream;" no matter how tall or unrealistic the dream may seem, its yours, its free and it can come true.

Adababy said...

What a unique and talented person you are. This write up is well loaded and am so so impressed. Keep being you!

Bridget Elesin said...

@OnlineBiashara, you are my very first commentator and when i saw your comment, i was truly encouraged.i will do my best to post regularly.Thanks so much everyone for the encouraging comments, may you all live your dreams too!

Prince Okeoma said...

A very big welcome to a world of endless possibilities.
I was fired up by the likes of Dipo and Adeolu as well.

Dreams don't die, they only lie dormant and if nothing is done, they pass on to the next dreamer and on until it finally becomes flesh. Obama's case is MLK's dream becoming flesh years after.


Adesoji Adegbulu said...

Welcome to the world of bloggers..You have a greater day ahead..All da best in your journey. You are already living this dream..There are more dreams to live out..

Thanks...Lotta Love


Unknown said...

So nice...i eventually got to read your blog.
Very beautiful,hope to come here and read and share thoughts together.

vic4laryn said...

Good on ya Bridget! The human being, unlike any other of God's creatures, has the uncanny ability to imagine and long for a different reality-to dream! Our hopes and dreams are the primal connection between the sacred and the secular...and I think "dreaming the impossible dream" is the conception of the prayer impulse or what Robert H Schuller calls 'embryonic prayer'. People who practice this mental/spiritual exercise called 'dreaming' are practicing the art of Prayer more than they realize. I discovered that whenever the human hunger for hope takes you over the secular edge into the sacred circle of a divine dream. You are leaping beyond the human realm to touch the divine level of living which makes you want to call out for "Help!" to the God who connected with you in your dream.
Thus, what some call the "impossible dream" is God's way of setting us up to call on Him for help! The first step of the process of prayer is the opening of a sealed mind to envision and respectfully receive a positive possibility-a dream while the second step is crying out to God for help.
So go Bridget! Keep on living the dream, keep on touching base and connecting with the Dream-giver and yeah, keep calling out for His help!

Unknown said...

Bridget..good to know i fired you up.:) But if i may ask, which of my articles/comment did the Cos i have been so busy i barely keep up with blogging these days.