Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The King, a Child!

Its two more sleep to Christmas!am so excited about it, December brings with it an unusual excitement for me, once the day dawns on the first of December, i am unusually high and get into the mood of Christmas,interestingly, I was secretary for the Christmas Carol committee in my church in Benin-Church of God Mission Faith Arena, a church where my Bishop is a "Man called Mama",one of the sweetest and most amazing woman on planet earth. Bishop Margaret Idahosa, was the one who really got me towing this line of unusual excitement for December and Christmas to come quickly as this happens to be one of her favorite time of the year, when she can decorate and also make sure she gets the church decorated in an unusual but very beautiful way, its also a time for her to reach out and be a blessing to widows and the less previledged in the church and outside the church.
Ever since then, i have cultivated the habit of being over excited to see Christmas come, as we always had the best of Christmas carols with a lot of fun/surprises that i have never experienced any where in the world!For real!i had the best of chairmen too, Rev.Oviasu and Rev.Oisamoje who never spared me and trained me on writing/accountability and best of all was the personalized letter from the office of the Bishop...saying My dear Bridget...Thanks for the best Christmas Carol ever with her signature that reads 'Melosa'!!it was always like hearing Jesus say...welldone Thou good and faithful servant! lol!
December and Christmas for me is always a time to share, to love and to give to loved ones and the less previledged, its also a time when most of us throw our diet plans to the wind and enjoy the variety of food set before us!(Indeed as a friend Pastor Osas will say it..Food is God's love made edible!lol, This happens to be another friend's favorite quote!Pastor Tobe,i know you will laugh when you see this),anyway, Decemeber is always a relaxing time for me and my family, as we take time to appreciate ourselves and wish ourselves the best of the season, but the best part of the Christmas is the reason for celebrating it...Jesus Christ, the King of Kings that came as a babe in a manger, all other kings are first children before they become Kings but this King was first a King before he became a child!Indeed, He is worth celebrating this season and the best way to celebrate Him, is to invite Him into your heart as your Lord and Saviour and see your life transformed forever!

I think, i now know that the reason for my unusual excitement and that of my mentor and Mama,Bishop Margaret Idahosa is the joy of celebrating the truth that the King became a Child just to reconcile us all to God, His Father!Indeed, Jesus is the reason for the season!Enjoy your Christmas!

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Amen said...

That Jesus though he was king, came as a child shows humility. God constantly in His word reminds us to be humble. I am going to use this season to seriously relect on this. What does humility really mean? And why is it so important to God? Hope your christmas celebration is all you want it to be. lol